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Reim to a New Place [Travel/ Heliohapt]

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Solomon was not exactly sure how far he would have to travel he really only knew the direction he would have to go, but having Largo around was convenient as he knew it would have taken twice as long if he were just to do it on foot. Largo knew too continue straight as long as Solomon told him so Solomon was able to take the opportunity to watch his surroundings change. It took awhile and many stops to rest so that they both could eat and Largo could regain his stamina but he found it pleasurable to be able to watch as the land began to look much more desolate. Finally coming up to the gates of the city he would lean back and take it in, he would see the sun shine of the buildings within the city and could feel the moisture of the nearby water but looking back all he saw was sand. Walking into the city however the heat and the desolate land around this city did not stop it from having many citizens, he would look at the stalls which looked very similar to those in Reim a lot of them held fruit and vegetables which Solomon thought would have been brought in by traders because the environment didn't look like it could harvest much.

But now his next step was to find a place he could stay his nights and something that would not cost him a arm and a leg, but still somewhat in the city allowing him to find jobs within the city as that is the main reason for being here. He would first start by looking at many inn's but the price was not exactly what he was use to, and he started to think why not just build himself another onyx house however he thought that it might be some what too hot for that. So after a little more searching and just slightly out of the main roads he was able to find a single room closer to his budget.

Travel Word Count: 343/300

Largo Mount:

Reim to a New Place [Travel/ Heliohapt] JAlbBFv
Name: Largo
Type: Dungeon Mount
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: This tiger is 3.5 meters from head to base of tail, and stands a meter and a half tall; quite large, when considering others of its species. It has been trained as a mount, though is incapable of riding into combat. This tiger is known for being able to maintain speeds for long distances.

  • 25% Travel Thread Word Count Reduction for one person.
  • Can carry one person up to speeds of 15 m/s.

*This does not take up any of your item/weapon slots


Reim to a New Place [Travel/ Heliohapt] Sk_sig10

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