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Looking for work. (Open)

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Since Ani was a beast breeder she thought that it was finally time for her to begin doing some work. So she had sent out the word throughout balbadd and passed out a few flyers saying that she could be found in a certain tavern near the docks. Though she wouldn't be able to do any work as she met them the point was so she could meet customers who might want their beasts trained, or even possibly have her breed them a pet. After all with her skills and connections she would be able to get them the beast they desired, whether it be to have as a pet, or to use in battle.

Though currently the blue haired woman was relaxing at a table in the tavern while wearing boots, shorts, and thin tank top that hugged her bosom slightly. She had Hoyo next to her so people could recognize her and all she had to do was wait to see if the flyers worked and if she would gain customers.


Looking for work. (Open) 1ZZ5IgG

Looking for work. (Open) LO0Knk3

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