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Going back "Home"[Travel]

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Lance Knighthunter

Lance Knighthunter
Lance had brought nothing with him to Balbadd except for his staff, Pestis, his three disciples, and Shevika so he naturally had nothing to pack when getting ready to head out. He had already paid for his ships fare a few days before so there was no need to worry today. Shevika jumped onto Lance's shoulder and let out a small yip. Amber, Drake, and Rose walked out of the abandoned warehouse rubbing their eyes to adjust to the bright light of day. Amber, his blonde disciple, groaned a bit as she came up beside Lance "I mean, I know going back to Reim to check on the church is important and all but did we really have to get up this early?!" she complained as Rose came up beside her and rubbed her on the head "My dear, it is the middle of the day." she said as Drake and Pestis followed silently. Today was the day they would be heading back to Reim, the place where Lance made his first friend, met the person he loves, became a god. Although he was born in Balbadd he would later come to know Reim as his home. As they reached the docks Lance took a deep breath and let it out "It feels good to be back on a ship!" he said as he boarded and it wasn't long before him and his little group set off on another journey back to the west.

Lance leaned over the rails as he watched the blue waves roll past the ship with Shevika on his shoulder watching with intensity. Lance glanced backwards as saw Drake silently leaning on a nearby rail with a grim look on his face. When Lance saw this he sighed and grimaced a little as he put Shevika on the ground and walked over to Drake quietly. He leaned on the rail next to the black haired boy for a few seconds in quietness until finally Drake raised his voice "So what now?" the two didn't make eye contact with each other but Lance shrugged a bit "We are going to head back home. He said simply. Drake shook his head "I am talking about when we get there. I mean you have no reason to fight anymore... the person you wanted to kill is dead." he said in a sharp tone that made Lance tighten his grip on the rail a bit "My reason to live now is to protect the people I love and free all of the slaves. I will rule this world." the white haired mage spoke in an even sharper tone than Drake did as he glanced at the ribbon that Noir gave him which still lay tied around his wrist "I made a promise to someone." he said as he pushed off the rail "Now stop being so sad all the time and cheer up a bit." he gave Drake a playful tap on the head before venturing off to talk to one of his other members. He spent the rest of his day making his rounds before signing off and heading to bed.

As he lay in bed he thought about the people that he would like to talk to back in Reim. Lagi, Noir, even Solomon the Immuchak he had only met once. He smiled a bit as he thought of them "I think I finally have a real home." he said as he went to bed.



Going back "Home"[Travel] Lance%20Sigs_zpsnurfpyvo

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