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Let The Memories flow [solo/Travel to Reim]

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Hiro was there fighting the group of bandits. They were around eight people in the group of enemy and they all have swords in there hand and were ready for the battle. He was standing there with his weapon divided in half to be like two swords but it was that of a shield and spear. He twirls both of her weapon waiting for them to make the first moves. Their leader was behind the eight men. "Tell us your name and the reason you are here or get your guts spilled on this desert sand." Cried out the leader to him. He had both blade and shield ready and did not speak, he felt no reason compelling enough to speak to them. But the reason was he just wanted to make his way to Reim as a few of his sleepless night his mind filled with the wanting need to head to the golden country.

The bandit leader let four of them men attack first leaving the four other get ready just in case that she was a better fighter that he seemed. The four bandits were around him and started to swing at him. He blocked all of the enemy blades. The enemy swing once more at his were he dodges the blades by dropping on his knees fast making them stab the one that was in front of the other. He then jumped in the middle over the three blades which placed more pain on her enemy then slashed each one of there heads in one movement watching the heads fall down on the floor then the body with each a sword in there stomach.

The four other bandits then ran away from fear of the enemy and the commander was not happy. "You cowards, come back here and kill him" The leader looked at the large man and then realized that he was stronger then his whole group alone. "You know your power would be good in my command. We shall kill all of those people that tries to destroy are goals of being the richest in the land." the leader said to him and Hiro merely shook his head able to smell the stench of fear leaking from the other man's body.

Hiro walked up next to the bandit leader standing up straight and cracked his neck showing his real height looking down upon the man. The monster sized man said nothing merely stared into the eyes of the leader, fresh blood of his men splattered on his cheek dripping slowly down. As if Hiro was staring into the bowels of the bandit's soul. With a wave of his head the warrior signaled for the man to stand aside and like a dog, he moved out of the way and fell to his knees on the hot desert sand. With that Hiro continued on his way to Reim in search of his old memories.



Let The Memories flow [solo/Travel to Reim] Hiro%20Banner_zpsy2rbxrz2

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