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Rings For The All Mighty Г training × private

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Tai Black

Tai Black

ГRecently Tai has found himself walking around with an very interesting ring that has many moon cresants images around it. He found it interesting because after taking it off he examined the magic circle within the inner band. Anything with a magic circle had some kindve ability. He was fasinated and so he placed it back on his finger. Sitting in piece an quiet he just didn't stop glaring at it. Attempting to probably learn how to use it properly with his own will. It didn't seem to cooperate properly and when he tried to infuse his magoi with it a sudden spark came, but Tai didn't expect that to happen.

"what the neck was that?"

He felt like it was dangerous to do it but as he looked at his finger he noticed that it wasn't harmed or scorched from the spark. Probably if he had went about what happened something greater would've happened. He calmed himself down by taking numerous amount of deep breaths. As he sat there meditating trying to maintain his magoi so that the ring could work. That's when he was disturbed by an annoying fussing sound that easily irrated him.

With the twitch of his eyebrow Tai opened one eye and angrily aimmed his finger towards the fly , that's when magoi released from the ring letting off a projectile that caused the fly to fall. It started to walk instead of flying. Tai wondered why it wasn't walking it was probably paralyzed of some sort but he knew he had finally mastered a new ability with the ring and so he named it...

"All Mighty Force."

word count: 273/250
thread status: Г training x private
tags: training, item ability
character mood: n/a


Name: All Mighty Force
Tier: D
Cost: 10 | 5 Magoi/Stamina
Element: Strength
Class: Supplementary
Range: 10 Meters
Cool-Down: 2 Post Г +1 Sustained
Description: The users ring will let out a decent amount of magoi that will be pushed forward towards the target limb like a projectile (one projectile) which was the size of 5 meters and moved at 10 m/s accurately targeting one of the selective limb vital spot to cause paralysis for 2 posts and having the movement speed of that target reduced by 5m/s.


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