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Problem Solver Г Mission | In Search Of Caches 1\2

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Tai Black

Tai Black

Job Name: The Route to Caches (Repeatable)
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Tundra - Imuchakk
Job Rewards: 50xp, 3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: In Search of Caches
Job Overview: You decide to search for one of the cache's from the cryptic details the notes give you are able to get a rough location from landmarks on where the cache is, it is in a less dangerous area so you are unlikely to find any predatory wildlife.
Possible Contents: Bone Fragments, Herbs and Compresses, Dried Food, Feathers, Tinder and Fire Lighting Equipment..

ГTick Scrrib Scribb , went the sound of the paper being written on with notes. Tai stayed up all late night planning where he could find the next Cache. The numbers that were on the last cache he found had some kindve relationship of what caused the avalanche. He was trying to plan the next location but it wasn't all making as much as sense as he wanted it to. Tai was an activist, the kind that was argumentive and defensive, not the kind to have to solve problems. He got so frustrated and just out of nowhere, TICK ! Went the snapping of the horn he used to write with.

That's when he suddenly got the idea of bone fragments. Where would bone fragments in Imuchakk be found? Glaring at the little camp fire he had going on within his hut. He glanced back down at the coordinates and gripped his spear hoping that what he was thinking of was right. He didn't hesitate to pursue the route cause he was sure no wild animals would be lurking that area anytime soon, in fact it was mostly a quiet spot for campers, well that's unless you was a very skillful huntsmen.

Tai had walked out of the village and found himself with the Tundra. He wish he had never had to be back here because of all the events that could possibly happen. A sudden urge came through his body to continue on to find the location as he rushed through mountains of snow and leaf less trees that had branches that had resemblances to old people arms with claws of a vulture. He speeded through the tundra and then....


Staight on his face into the snow. Luckily for him the Tundra had plenty of snow that would soften his fall. He looked towards the ground as there would be broken fish bones and a shovel with rocks that had burn marks as if campers been here. He had reached but now he had to find the Cache where could it possibly be..crickkk crack snap, went the sound of bones breaking underneath his feet. Tai had glanced some dried up food on the ground and it hit him that there was something covered by a bunch of wild bushes that was covered with snow and human bones on top of it.

Tai give it a kick dusting off the snow and he had pulled and pulled until he fell on his back after pulling up the large Cache. Rising to his feet he looked down on the machine making sure it was just like the other one that he had with him. He didn't waste no time to grab the Cache and rush back to his hut so that he could continue following the other coordinates.. It was better that he had got all this done this moment before later. Hopefully nobody found it them.

He knew next time, it wouldn't be easy finding it..

word count: 500/500
thread status: mission | chain
tags: avalanche, imuchakk, cache
character mood: n/a


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