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Problem Solver Г Mission | In Search Of Caches

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Tai Black

Tai Black

Job Name: In Search of Caches
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Imuchakk Village - Imuchakk
Job Rewards: 50 xp, 3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:
Job Description: You have found a Cache that was likely disturbed and uprooted from the avalanche that turned over much of Imuchakk, bringing it back to the town, it holds details about a number of other cache's it seems this could be used to try to locate more of the abandoned caches, though each have slight details that some are more risky to reach but may lead to greater reward.

ГHuff..Puff..Huff..As the cold breath could be seen coming out the mouth of the handling Imuchakk. He was back on his grind and was on the road trying to resolve some issues that had been occuring in Imuchakk. The avalanche had greatly affected his tribe, so he had to get to the bottom of everything. It was the least he could have done since he was gone forever. He had get to meet face to face with the Chief Asiak, but if he did he wasn't prepared to have any sudden discussion with her especially since he conquered the Dungeon and didn't let her know of his whereabouts.

He found himself walking almost near the middle of Imuchakk it was near the tribe. Tai was surprised that the sabertooth warriors had even got caught in such natural disaster. Tai gave much doubt that they didnt even make an attempt to escape. Still he was going to make up for the great lost by actually finding what happened. He wasn't really exact where the incident happened but he could automatically tell from the large amount of snow flooding the portion of an area. He calmly walked through the snow pushing the branches out of his way.

He glared up eventually finding himself in front of a large amount of snow that hadn't disappeared or at least started to be spread out evenly. One thing Tai knew was avalanches just don't happen especially in Imuchakk something had to lead to it. He silently thought about it but the thoughts weren't valid enough for him to be accurately true. So he started to search around looking for any sort of evidence that he could possibly examine. As he continued to walk around, only if he has started this sooner he would've known exactly what happen, but as soon as he thought of that..


He had just tripped over some hard object that tripped him face planting into the ground. "WHO DID THAT!" he shouted as steam blew through his ears and nose. He looked left and right just making sure no one saw him fall. A glance to see a Cache, a machine that Tai had no idea to even use, but he knew exactly how it shouldve looked. Unfortunately this one seemed banged up and disrupted. This probably had led to the avalanche, anything counted as evidence so he didnt hesitate to take it with him.

After a few examinations he learned that the Cache had a few numbers that could probably lead him to abandoned Cache's. This was a good start but for some reason he could tell it would be a big hassle especially in imuchakk being that the wild animals sure knew how to always disrupt everything. He didnt give it much second thought and quickly came out his hut to continue the mission. He needed to get out more anyway ; thats what all the old folks said. So where could the other cache be?

word count: 500/500
thread status: mission | chain
tags: avalanche, imuchakk, cache
character mood: n/a


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