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Job Name: Zoo Trouble
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 100 XP / 7,000 Huang
Job Overview: Local animal protection place was having a trouble with several rampaging Leopard that escaped out from their cage. Catch all the leopards and take it back!

Enemy Name:Leopards (x4)
Needed damage to take down:C
Description:Leopards can sprint at 10m/s
Claw attack – Leopard can send a sharp claw attack at 10m/s and deal C-Tier damage
Bite – Leopard can bite the target at 10m/s and deal C-Tier damage

The sun was halfway set when Natalia happened upon a panicked girl in the streets of Helioapht. The Imuchakk stood still as the young woman tripped, landing face first when she attempted to turn the corner. This spectacle had earned a few chuckles from nearby spectators. The girl herself now appeared to be on the brink of tears as she silently stood back up, her shock blonde hair now unfurled as a result of the fall. The Imuchakk continued on her path which happened to be in the same direction the woman had attempted to dash in.  

The roads are trickier to navigate when you rushing, reminds me of the time when Sulan was running with a basket of fresh bread and fell flat on hi-” before Natalia could finish her thought her foot encountered the wrong side of a rock causing her to trip and fall on her butt. This startled the women who had recently been running who then proceeded to ask if Natalia was unharmed.

Aww, you don’t have to worry yourself about me.” She would say with the same bubbly tone she addressed most people with as she stood up and dusted her poncho. “I may not look like it but I’m pretty good at falling!” the Imuchakk would say with childlike exuberance. “A-Are you now?” the woman would, her worried look being replaced with one of mild bewilderment. “Of course!” Natalia would say with a smile “You see this one time when I was a kid a friend of mine decided we should race to see who was the fastest.” Natalia would say as her golden hair swayed lightly in the breeze. “… I fell flat on my face the first turn, while he took off with great haste. You know, he was so fast I used to think he was part leop-” before Natalia could finish recounting her tale an actual leopard leaped  from behind her, flicking its tail in such a way that is struck the imuchakk’s glutes and caused her to lose balance.

The leaping leopard had also startled the other girl, causing her to drop a parcel she had been carrying on her person on the same rock Natalia had tripped over earlier. The resulting collision launched the rock towards Natalia’s backside with a surprising amount of force. As result Natalia was sent hurtling towards the ground before she had the chance to even attempt to reorient herself.

It appears my read-end is a high priority target this hour” the golden haired woman thought as she lay splayed out on the streets which were now filled with panicked people. The leopard growled at nearby pedestrians before dashing into a dark corner. “ Ohhh… This is such a mess.” the other woman would say as she picked up her parcel. “Miss, I am really sorry about this, the leopards in my organization's care have escaped and we still haven’t been able to round them up.” “If you have been troubled in some way I can find some way to make amends as soon as I find someone who is willing to recapture them.

I can do it!” Natalia would say as she sprung up instantly from the ground shocking the other woman. Increasingly bewildered the woman would reply “O-Okay, if you are truly up to the task than we will gladly hire you. I must be frank however, we are asking you to capture four adult leopards alive. The monetary reward will come after you’ve returned them but we have accrued a small amount to “break the ice”.” The woman would say gesturing towards the parcel she had been carrying.

Don’t worry, I got you covered. I’ve been in a few fights before.” The Imuchakk would say as she made playful punching motions that would convey the opposite of fighting experience to most people. “Besides I have to teach that leopard a lesson, my buns are sore because of what he caused.” Natalia would say with look on child-like indignance. “Well I suppose you are hired then. If you successfully capture them please bring them to this location." The woman would say as she pulled out a map and pointed to the location. “Hmm … looks simple enough to get to, I’ll see you soon.” “Wait! , before I would like to personally request you use as little force as possible. The leopards were agitated when I let the wrong groomer attempt to clean them so I would rather they not suffer for my mistake.” “Never fear, Azrael is on the job.” The Imuchakk would say before running into the distance.

Natalia followed the trail of panic the leopards had caused for an hour or two until she reached a secluded opening in the area. There she found four leopards playing with what appeared to be a wicker barrel. As soon as the woman stepped into the opening, the leopards turned to her and started growling. “It’s convenient that they are all in one place, now I just need to secure them for transport” the golden haired women thought as the leopards started to circle around her. Suddenly one of the leopards started sprinting towards Natalia pouncing when it was within 3 meters of her. “Now.” Natalia thought almost instinctively as she was about to send her fist into the beast flesh. Just as her arms started to move the Imuchakk remembered the request of the women too harm the animal as little as possible causing her to take the leopard’s Claw attack directly to her abdomen while she pulled back her fist.

The Imuchakk’s mind set the work as, the force of the beasts attack caused her to be pushed back. As she began to run parallel to leopard that had just attacked her at 3 m/s second, she postulated possible solutions to her dilemma. “My abdomen is damaged but still functional, so I should be able to maneuver without too many problems.” She thought as she glanced at her now bloodstained poncho. The rest of the beasts still circled the two giving them a makeshift ring with a diameter of roughly 20 meters. The attacking leopard started to charge at Natalia preparing to pounce again. “Still my condition will only get worse if I stay on the defensive while it’s chasing me. Seems like I might have a tiger by the … tail.” A flash of genius sparked across the golden haired woman’s mind as she struck the ground with her fist in an attempt to throw of the feline’s movements. “Grabbing the tail does seem like a novel solutions but speed of these animals isn’t something I should take lightly.While subduing them outright would be much easier the tail is would be hard to aim for by itself.” As the Imuchakk shifted the direction she was running in towards the center of the circle. “I should be able to do it if I could analyze its movements in fine detail but that is outside my current capabilities.” As the leopard regained its composure it resumed it sprint towards Natalia quickly closing the 15 meters between them. “I suppose I’ll just have to increase my capabilities. The conditions aren’t the most favorable but I have survived worse” the woman would think as she slightly increased the amount of blood that was being sent to her right eye. Unperceivable to most mediums the Imuchakk was warping the entire being of her inner eye.  Ignoring the variety of visual signals the eye was sending her as a result of the manipulation she maneuvered veins around until she had removed the blind spot in the eye. Going further still, the young woman would force the cells on the retina to temporarily multiple and congregate creating another spot of acuity equal to the center of her vison. Natalia barely noticed that the Leopard was now within 6 meters of her but what she did notice was in surprising quality. ” More.” was the thought that crossed her mind in the critical moment as she forced the cells on the retina to multiply and congregate again making another spot of visual acuity on the other side of the inner eye. As the excess blood from the rushed process caused her vision in that eye to redden, she repositioned the nerves in such a way that here brain was able to handle the new found images being sent to it. Finally the imuchakk cleared the false sights the recently activated cells have seen as a result of the process allowing her to focus on the battle in a figurative and literal sense.

Using the newly created Oversight 007, the Imuchakk focused on the leopard which was now fewer two meters away. Watching the movement of its musculature Natalia was able to see the exact moment it lined up to pounce and sidestep its second Claw attack as a result.

Ability word count: (551/500)

Still recovering from the exertion of creating the ability Natalia’s sidestep was slowed and she was struck on her left shoulder as a result. Unfazed she accurately grabbed the beast's tail with a strong grip that would cause C- tier damage it. As the beast yelped in pain another would charge straight for Natalia who again watched its musculature to see when it was about to pounce. As the beast began to jump into the air Natalia performed a spinning dive under it, gripping its tail with enough pressure to cause C tier damage. As Natalia rolled out from under the now subdued beast the last two both charge at her form behind, Biting into both of her calves.

As blood dripped from Natalia body she thought “Cheeky, but they’re in my range now” and with that Natalia would crouch down quickly gripping the ground while proceeding to flip her legs of herself slamming them down with a portion of her imuchakk strength, shaking the animals off. The Imuchakk would then push herself of the ground with her hands and towards the animals were she would grab both of their tails with enough strength to cause C tier damage to both of them.

As all the leopards lay with their tails slightly ruffled, Natalia would say “Okay guys let's go home" ” in a tone of voice not unlike a child finished playing. Plopping herself on one of the leopards, her wounds, slowly closing, the golden haired women began the trip to the agreed location.

WC: 1000+/1000

Ability Trained:
Name: Oversight 007
Tier: C-tier
Cost: 20/10
Class: Supplementary
Range: 20 meters
Cool-Down: 3 posts (sustain+1)
Limbs: Head
Description: The user manipulates one of their eyes in such away that it gains a fovea to the left and right of the original at 15 m/s.This allows the user to focus on a area the size of a sphere with a diameter of 10 meter up to 20 meters in that eye field of view.This allows user see a ultra-high resolution image of whatever is happening in that area. If sustained the user can keep focusing on that area or lock on to a new postion within range.

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