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Taming the Iweths [Solo/Job]

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1Taming the Iweths [Solo/Job] Empty Taming the Iweths [Solo/Job] 28/01/16, 10:51 am

Lilithia Galavant

Lilithia Galavant


Job Name: Tribe Protection
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Imuchakk Village
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: None
Job Overview: The village is under attack by beasts called the Iweth. Protect the village at all costs and make sure no civilians get injured. Get rid of the beasts by either chasing them off or killing them.

Taming the Iweths [Solo/Job] VG2vZRa
Enemy Name: Iweth (x3)
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Standing at almost 2m tall, this beast is very similar to that of a lion, though its fur is white and is mane is slicked back. On the right side of its flat face, there are strange red markings that glow mysteriously. The Iweth move at 10 m/s and deal passive D-tier damage with claws and teeth.
Roar: The Iweth unleashed a mighty roar that travels up to 5m with a speed of 10m/s. If hit, it causes Disorientation for 1 post.
Chomp: The Iweth bites down with a speed of 10m/s within 5m causing C-Tier damage if hit.

The snowy weather in Imuchakk never had any significant different whether it was night or day, the snow still fell swiftly on the ground; slowly covering everything with white. Only the sky color changed from the bright daylight into a dark sky and the temperature slightly decreased at night. The Imuchakk leaned her back on the rooftop of her home, relaxing herself while bending her own arm to be her head’s pillow. The star was a lot today, making the usual dark sky which was only accompanied by the lonely moon became a little bit bright. It was as if seeing the river of the sparkling diamonds up there, seeing them swimming freely there to somewhere which Ilah and the stars only knew.

It was almost becoming a peaceful night if only the roar of the gruesome beasts were never come, they made all the villagers alert with their presence by roaring once again. Lilithia could see from above that those beasts were still far away from their village, yet their roar was already this loud. She couldn’t imagine what they would be if the beasts roared again right when they arrived, so she jumped down and ran towards where the Iweth’s were with a haste. But they were faster than her, she could hear their roar again and this time was even closer than before. It only gave her some kind of alert that they were already causing chaos in the some part of the village. She could see several poor villagers lying down on the ground while holding their head, looking confused on what they should do. The blue haired woman clicked her tongue and planned to finish this, couldn’t wait to taint those Iweth’s white fur with their blood color.

Two of the Iweth were going to chomp her but she had something under her sleeves to prevent that. With a smirk, the woman reached at the pin which was attached on her shirt collar and used its ability by increasing the gravity in 5 meters area before crushing the creatures into the center of the sphere. When one of the Iweth was damaged, the blue haired woman got ready to deal with another two beasts. She ran towards the nearest one and then quickening her pace so it would be a dash before crushing its face with her passive strength kick. The remaining one pounced her and then bit her, but it didn’t bother her at all as she ignored the pain and punched the Iweth until it didn’t move anymore. Her prideful Imuchakk strength helped her to get rid of the beast and this automatically saved the village from their attack, but she was still late to help because there might be some damage to both the villagers and their house. So without wasting any more time, Lilithia went to check of there was any injured villagers and would help them if there was any. Fortunately, there were no injuries at all and all the villagers were safe. So with a pleased sigh, the Imuchakk female went back to her home.

WC: 531/500

Magoi/stamina : 90/100

item used:

Taming the Iweths [Solo/Job] KPdoMt2
   Name: Elven Jewel
   Tier: C
   Type: Pin [Magic Tool]
   Magic Type: Strength
   Appearance: A simple pin approximately 15 cm across with a green gem in the center surrounded by golden vines and green leaves. The magic circle is located on the back.

  • By paying 10 magoi, the user may increase the gravity in a 5 meter area, crushing everything towards the epicenter of the sphere to cause C-tier damage. 3 post cool-down.

   *This does not take up any of your item/weapon slots

   *Must wait 24 hours from the initial post before being able to purchase the item.


Taming the Iweths [Solo/Job] MzH8gu

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