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Working! [Solo/Job]

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1Working! [Solo/Job] Empty Working! [Solo/Job] on 18/01/16, 12:59 pm

Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola

Job Name: Escort
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards:100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: You meet a young courier clutching a letter and looking nervous as he steps out of a merchant's building. This teenage child is carrying an important shipment invoice to a client, who is near the docks. The courier is known for carrying important ledger information for the various merchants of Balbadd, and does not like to travel alone. The courier requests your help as a bodyguard, and sure enough some thieves attempt to rob the courier while you are guarding.

Protect the courier until the letter is delivered.


   Enemy Name: Thieves x5
   Rank: D
   Needed damage to take down: D
   Description: Thieves move at 15 m/s and deal D-tier damage with their daggers.

The wind blew gently, combing Noir’s hair with its invisible fingers when the girl was walking around the city. She was trying to find some things to do, perhaps she can do some available missions that were posted on the job board. The black haired girl sighed just before she stood up in front of the board, wondering about the other dungeon’s participants where about, especially her mentor. He disappeared just like a ghost and left her being clueless about the letter’s meaning although it was clear enough that Adrastos didn’t want her to look for him. But for Noir, it was not something that she would want to obey, not until she found him and showed him her gratitude. She sighed again, closing her eyes to just focus on something else at the moment. Her golden eyes scanned the papers pinned on the board and she start looking, until someone bumped into her and made her surprised.

Her liger automatically growled fiercely as if he just to give a warning towards this person but he knew that his master wouldn’t like it and he preferred to just stay still while glaring at the person with his crimson orbs. The person quickly squealed in fear and backed off a little bit while hugging something close to his body, afraid that Haku would attack. If Noir realized, she could see that the person was a female, probably has same age as her or a little bit younger. With a curious stare, the black haired girl began a conversation with the teenage child, “You seem in a hurry…” She said with her usual expressionless face which was full of curiosity. Then the courier gasped, never thought that the female in front herself would speak towards her. She looked around, seemed to be very careful of something. “I-I am in a hurry!” She said in panic and hugged something that looked like a document tighter, “Can you please tell your beast t-to move away?! Someone might catch me ad take this thing, it’s important.”

“Haku.” Noir called, “halt.” And the liger obeyed, sitting still and only stared at the girl without any intention to do something that might harm her. It was clear that she was nervous and scared of something; he could smell it from her sweat and just going to let her pass. But it was different with the female magician, she immediately said what was in her mind towards the teenage girl. “I can guard you…” It made the girl beam her with a delighted bright smile and the courier would began to introduce herself, “My name is Layla!” She said before leaning closer towards Noir to whisper something, “This… is an important shipment invoice and I need to deliver it to a client who is waiting near the docks right now. Think you can help to guard me? I will reward you.”

With a simple nod, Noir showed that she was agreed with it and would like to start guarding her because she looked like she really was in a rush. Probably she acted like this because if she didn’t deliver the letter safely, then Layla wouldn’t be able to make money. But she didn’t really know and didn’t want to question more. Now that she got an interesting guarding job, she would try her best to do it. Noir would ask her black stripped liger who was a fluffy white mane to guard them right in front of them by walking first, letting him to attack anyone that would harm them. He already remembered the dock as well, so they didn’t need to worry at all. Her borg would help to prevent something that might cause them harm from behind and she could attack after that. It has been a while since she did some kind of mission perhaps, the last mission she did was with Lance, the white haired man who was a heat magician. He was a promising one though, the way he commanded the rukh was splendid. The black haired girl thought that he might become someone who would be far stronger than her in the future, but she wouldn’t just back off without a fight, she wanted to be stronger as well.

They began to walk to the dock, carefully as Noir looked around to prevent danger and told Layla to just look forward while clutching her letter tight in her embrace. The black haired girl waited and waited… but nothing happened until now, they were close to the dock and probably the girl didn’t have to be escorted from the start. But even though she thought like that, the magician still keeping herself close to Layla and kept her guard up. Soon, her liger growled and halted his step, he got the feeling of something or someone got closer towards them in an unusual way. It was different from how people usually approached them, it felt like their approach was not natural and Haku was right. Some dangerous masked men were each holding a dagger and it was clear that they were aiming to attack Layla. One of the thieves would say their signature words, “Hand the document!” A threat which would never being granted by someone especially when they didn’t even dare to get close to them, probably because Haku kept growling fiercely like he was ready to pounce all of them fresh meats.

“Go…” Noir said a word that had a solid meaning in her beast’s mind; it meant that he could attack them right away. So he would raise his body temperature and then let out a gaseous heat wave towards the thieves from his mouth, his hot burp successfully made the thieves got burnt damage from the heat wave. After that, they were ready to deal some more damage but the thieves were not moving at all, they were still alive but they lost their consciousness. With a relieved sigh, Noir suggest Layla to hand over the document by finding her client first. After Layla managed to deliver the invoice to her client, the teenage girl would give Noir a hug and rewarded her with some coins. A soft words of gratitude was being told from the black haired girl, “Thank you…”

WC : 1043//1000
Magoi : 290/300

ability used:
Name: Gaseous Heat Wave (Half Cost Ability)
Tier: C-Tier
Cost: 10 | 10
Beast Type: Assassin
Class: Offensive
Range: 15 meters
Cool-Down: 5 posts + 1
Description: Haku raises his body temperature and let out a gaseous heat wave in a 5 meter sphere that will travel up to 15 meters around him at 20m/s, dealing C-Tier damage in the form of burns when it hits the target. This gaseous wave comes in the form of a burp or a fart, giving him two firing points to execute this move


Working! [Solo/Job] GONhvwv

2Working! [Solo/Job] Empty Re: Working! [Solo/Job] on 19/01/16, 01:47 pm

Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola

Job Name: A Helping Hand
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: A local sailor is too lazy to do his job and so has tasked anyone willing to take on the job, to do his job, but for less pay. You, job-taker, will go down to the harbor and meet up with the sailor in question. He will give you a description of what his job of the day is and you will end up doing everything that he details for the rest of that day. In the end, when you finish his work, meet up again with the lazy sailor and he will give you the reward.

Things to do:

   Mop the deck of the ship
   Carry a few barrels into storage
   Organize the storage in any way you see fit
   Tighten the ropes holding down the ship to the port

After helping the teenage girl to deliver an important invoice yesterday, Noir was more than fired up to do some more works. Getting money was fun and she might need to fill in her empty pouch, she wondered why she didn’t try to take something from the dungeon and kept it with her since it would be able to be exchanged with nice amount of money. But she was not a person like that, just having the djinn power and this pretty arm band already made her happy and she knew she couldn’t be greedy and just take some valuable things from the dungeon. Well, the only way now was to work as hard as she could, because she didn’t have money with her anymore, it wouldn’t be enough to pay for her inn room and she wouldn’t be able to eat. It would not allow her to travel to another country as well maybe if she had no money, however, the girl didn’t really mind working. She had been working to much worse thing when she was a slave before and this was a lot better one to be done since she was not forced and she also got some cash. What would be better than this?

There was this job on the ship that interested her though; her view of the ship's life was definitely changed ever since she met the pirate queen. So she took the job and then headed to meet with the requesting sailor at the place mentioned in the mission’s information. When she met him, the sailor surely didn’t waste any time and got down into the business straightly. He was not even care enough to introduce himself and quickly described the black haired girl’s job because he wanted to go take a short nap. He was generous enough since he was willing to pay if the girl did a good job even though the amount of her pay wasn’t fair enough, he would gave her a less pay like what he mentioned to the girl and asked if she still want to do it or not. But knowing Noir, the girl would just nod and took the job, quickly asking him for what kind of job that he wanted her to do. Then the lazy sailor yawned, scratched his hairy leg with his other foot while describing the job that was required to be done soon.

Noir nodded at every task explained and once he finished explaining things to her, the girl would work on it. Luckily for her, all of the jobs were something that she had done before when she was still a slave so she knew how to do it. This would be a quick job for the magician since those jobs were like something that she did every day. She would start from tightening the ropes which holding the  ship to the port and made sure that it was perfectly tight enough before she went to do some other jobs. Next, she was carrying all the barrels into storage, also using Haku’s help so he can train his stamina as well. Then until all the barrels were carried, she would start to organize the storage to make it easy for people if they need to get something from the storage. After that, thinking that all of the jobs were done, it was time to do the last part of the job. She mopped the ship until it was squeaky clean,  wiping away all the dirt and dust from the moved barrel and from some other dirty things. The girl wiped the sweats on her forehead and exhaled a small amount of air, it was all done and she just needed to report. Once the reward was given to her, Noir couldn’t be happier and she bowed towards the lazy sailor before thanking him and off for the day.

WC : 644/500
Stamina : 290/300


Working! [Solo/Job] GONhvwv

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