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Vavantine's Wish

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The casual chatter of a family during dinner was always pleasing to Vavantine, but she felt thick tension looming over her head. Tonight would be the night she would tell her parents that she wished to leave and travel the world, to learn about the other countries. Her parents were understanding people, but given that they were Imuchakk and lived by way of the sword or spear, they were a little less understanding about the outside world. For the past few years, she had secretly been receiving letters from her uncle, Sebarara, accounting what happened in the outside world.

Sebarara, her father’s brother, had been shunned by the family for wanting to leave Imuchakk to travel abroad instead of staying to join the Sapphire Templar, the family order of warriors that tried to protect Imuchakk. They never called him by his Imuchakk name either, resorting to just Sebar, and that was only if they had to speak of him. According to her parents, Vavantine was too much like her uncle. She had made her interest with the outside world apparent, but her father preoccupied her with learning how to fight, granting at least one wish even if it was to selfishly keep her in the country.

Vavantine cleared her throat. “May I speak freely?”

Her parents, Yulilia and Klimement, stopped their discussion to direct their attention toward their daughter. Their eyes were a mixture of emotions stretching from attentive to worry. Vavantine almost froze. What if they disowned her? Stopped talking to her altogether? How disappointed would they even be? The Imuchakk almost lost her voice. “Well… Um… I would like to travel─”

“That’s good, sweetheart."

“You mean around Imuchakk, right?”

Her mother’s words meant nothing after her father clarified with his stern voice. Already the disapproval was evident in his eyes. You better not have followed in your uncle’s footsteps, those blue eyes said.

“No, sir,” replied Vavantine with a bow of her head. “I have been receiving letters from Uncle Sebarara about the outside world. So much goes on out there, and it all seems so interesting. I don’t understand how or why we are isolationists. Are the Imuchakk so proud in their own abilities that we think we are superior to others? Do we think we are okay with what we have? Why do we not like outsiders coming here? Are we afraid─”

Klimement slammed his fist down on the table. Nothing but splinters remained and food was now all over the floor. His eyes turned to ice, freezing Vavantine into place. “How dare you even utter the word ‘afraid’ when speaking about our race,” he began, growling in a deep voice. “We are Imuchakk, Vavantine. Warriors. Your uncle, which is no longer an Imuchakk and a traitor to our people, is someone we don’t speak of. I made that clear when he decided to abandon us! And now─”

Vavantine’s father trembled with rage. Her mother was distraught; a shadow covered her face, hiding her features.

“This conversation is over. I will not hear anything more out of you. If you continue with this ludicrous notion of leaving Imuchakk, you will no longer have a place with us, your title in the Sapphire Templar will be revoked, you will no longer be our daughter.”

Those were words that stabbed her heart. She held back her tears though. “Very well,” she said, "I will leave your presence." Vavantine turned on her heels to leave the room. It was time to pack.


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