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Utilizing a tool

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Recently Ani had bought a magical tool since she learned of their usefulness the first time she met Yaku. After she bought the mask that had to do with sound magic she quickly learned that by feeding it magoi she could create a barrier of sound. This excited her since it had quite a bit of usefulness. Though after talking with the person bought it from she learned that is was possible to create another magical ability. Though she would only be able to make one so she would have to think carefully of what she wanted to do. After thinking for some time Ani thought a shout-like attack would be quite fitting for the mask and her. After all Ani had a powerful loud voice that could already break a silence. Once she had worked out the details Ani set up a training area outside of town that would allow her to practice without harming anyone. Since this was just training for herself she left Hoyo at home so he could relax. After all her plan was to camp out here until she mastered the ability. So when it came down to it Ani kissed Hoyo on the head before leaving the house with the mask at her side and decked out in her mostly leather and cloth outfit. She tried on the mask and thought it matched the outfit making her look somewhat mysterious. Who knew this might end up becoming her signature loo. After all it was a mask so it made sense for her to wear it.

Once Ani had made her way to the training area she had set up she pulled the mask out and stared at it for a moment. She liked the look and found it quite an interesting mask. She turned it around and slipped it onto her pale face with her eyes closed. Once she felt the cool metal firmly on her face she opened her eyes. It was weird peering through a mask, but soon got used to the sight and feeling enjoying it somewhat. After confirming that it was secure and in place she walked over to the area where she set up targets to fire at. She looked at the first one and concentrated the magoi in her body trying to use the magic of the mask. She felt something tingling and she tried to release it, but ended up knocking herself back with a sound blast. However, sshe soon got up and tried once again. She channeled her magoi and commanded it in her head head to let out a screech. It worked, but it was small and missed the target. Though this made her happy and she kept going.

Ani trained day after day camping out for a total of four days. She didn't need to worry about Hoyo since she left him plenty of food, and one of her friends from the dock checked in on him every few hours. Ani was sure she mastered her new ability and decided to try it out one more time before leaving. With the mask firm on her face she concentrated her magoi before commanding it. She released a loud blast of sound that sounded like the screech of an unholy beast. The blast was ten meters in diameter and traveled for twenty meters dealing significant damage to the targets. With a happy squeal Ani began to pack her stuff ready to go back and find an opportunity to try out her new ability.

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