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Helping to pay debts

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1Helping to pay debts Empty Helping to pay debts on 31/12/15, 07:47 pm


Job details:
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: A trader needs money from a man who refuses to pay him because he doesn’t agree with the quality of the product. Try to get the money from him; force will be necessary, but the trader with pay you in return.


Enemy Name: Beatnick
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: The Beatnick is a gruff man who moves at 10m/s and does B-tier damage with his two-handed hammer.
Crush: Beatnick slams his hammer into the ground at 15 m/s creating a shockwave in front of him 3 meters wide and 10 meters long.
Guard: Beatnick brings up his hammer at 15 m/s to block an incoming attack up to A-tier
Swing: Beatnick swings his hammer at 15 m/s in a circle around him, inflicting up to B-tier damage to anything within 1 meter.

For Ani today was supposed to a simple day where she was going to eat lunch, go out for a walk, and then go swimming for the rest of the day until it would be time for dinner. Her plan after dinner was to relax back at her place while reading. Though everything changed when she had stopped by the docks to say hello to some of the friends she made there, but when she was there one of the traders she became well acquainted with stopped her before she left. After having a short conversation he asked for her help at first Ani thought about declining since she just wanted to relax for the day. After fifteen minutes of begging and offering her money Ani eventually agreed to helping him out. She was annoyed when she was given the details on what she had to do, but the money was well worth it in her eyes she as she was trying to save up money. Once she was given rough details on what she needed to do Ani decided that she should go back home, grab Hoyo, and change clothes so she should we be ready for what ever was to come.

Within the next hour Ani had changed from her simple white dress into something more combat savvy.  She was wearing leather strapped boots that were somewhat heavy, but durable so they were perfect for her as an Imuchakk. To match the boots she was wearing she had on leather and cloth bottoms that were flexible and strong, Her top was a bound leather top that wasn't thick, but it was durable enough. Even though she was a beast user she was wearing leather gloves which she got from one of the workers at the dock. After she was sure that she had everything Ani woke up Hoyo who was taking a nap and woke him up with a smile on her face. "I know you wanted to sleep all day, but we have a job buddy." She said smiling softly as her sleepy beast nodded softly before standing up ready to leave with her. She felt a somewhat bad about ruining Hoyo's day of rest, but she would make up for it soon enough with a dinner composed of all of his favorite foods. Which mostly consisted of seafood, but she thought it was the least she could do for him. Once Hoyo was fully awake she motioned for him to follow and walked out the door so they could hurry up and get this job finished.

With the info Ani was given it seemed she would be able to find the beatnik in an alley gambling, or trying to shake down people for more money. It bothered Ani slightly that he might be trying to get more money for himself when he still needed to pay of a debt to the trader. She sighed and cooled herself down after all she was helping a friend with payment at the end of it there was no need to let her own feelings get into this job. So following the details she was given by her friend she kept walking through the alleyways trying to find someone who fit the description of the beatnik she was supposed to get the money from. So far she was having no luck finding anyone who fit the description. She found a lot of gamblers, but none of them were the right person. She was about to give up for the day, but then she had an idea. Maybe there was other people here who were pissed off at him and would give away his location. So after looking around for around half an hour she found a girl who was pissed off at him since he stole her bread. After getting the location where he usually spent his time counting his money, or relaxing she nodded to Hoyo and began to make her way to the alley he was supposedly in. Soon enough she found the alley and found him there counting the money he hand in his hands. This made Ani smirk as she approached him her beast by her side.

"Hey beatnick give me the money you owe my trader friend." Ani said simply knowing that he wouldn't simply hand the money over, but she wanted to at least give him a chance. Though without warning the beatnik grabbed his hammer and took a swing spinning around in a circle to attack Ani hitting her in the shoulder. She flinched for a minute, but soon smirked. Even though she had taken the damage Hoyo was a bit farther away so he was unharmed. Ani quickly used this as an oppurtunity to attack. "Hoyo lockjaw!" She commanded and the beast attacked, but the beatnik put up his guard and was able to block Hoyo. Though this still benefit Ani since she was close enough to attack. After he pulled his guard down Ani swung punching him once in the gut once to knock him out. Ani thought that he was to easily knocked out, but then soon remembered that she was an imuchakk and stronger then most humans. With a shrug she rubbed her shoulder and winced figuring that the hammer fractured her shoulder, or even possibly broke the bones. She decided she would get it checked out later, but for now she needed to finish the job. Crouching down she took the amount of money that was owed and left him there to be at the whim of anyone who found his body.

Once she made her way back to the docks she gave the trader his money. It was interesting scene since he was crying as he thanked and payed her. It made her blush slightly from the amount of praise she gave him, but soon enough she was able to shake him off and leave the docks. Even though she wasn't able to relax like she wanted Ani thought the day was rewarding and she would end it by going home and relaxing with her beast until she would pass out into a relaxing slumber.


Combat details: Took out the beatnick with b-tier damage
Stamina: 130/150
Abilities used:
Name: Lockjaw, Beast:Hoyo
Tier: C
Cost: 20|10 Stamina
Beast Type: Brute
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 3 posts, + 1 for sustain
Description: Hoyo bites into the target at 15 m/s to deal D-tier damage, holding the target in place for 1 post.


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