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Pirates Life part 2 [Chain Job 2/2] [Noir]

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Lance Knighthunter

Lance Knighthunter
Job Info:
Job Name:  Give me that Booty [Pirate’s Life, Pt II]
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 200 XP | 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Pirate’s Life, Pt I
Job Overview: The second group of pirates has made their way to the same island as the last group, where they were planning on meeting up with their allies. These men are much stronger and rather angry that their men have been killed. They need to be killed before they gather more men and attack the city.


Enemy Name: Pirates x8
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: C
Pirates move at 10 m/s and use D-tier swords and D-tier bows and arrows. The Pirates prefer to fight in a swarm and will avoid fighting 1v1.
Parry: Pirate moves his sword at 10 m/s to deflect up to C-tier damage.

Enemy Name: Pirate Captain x1
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: Pirate Captain moves at 8 m/s and deals B-tier damage with his sword. He has a bow and arrow with projectiles that travel at 15 m/s. He often times will send his men out in waves to handle the problem than fight.

Lance stared at the pirates as he looked down then back up at Noir who had appeared. He sighed “I guess Amber didn’t do a good job…” he said with a chuckle as he leaned against a wall and looked at Noir in the eyes “I was actually planning on heading back their once everyone's wounds had been healed.” he nodded as he spoke. As he spoke Drake came running over to him “S-Sir we have trouble!” he said as he pointed off to the side of the shore line. Another ship had been put there “Crap…” Lance muttered “They said something about reinforcements… but i didn't think there would be this many…” He stared at the ship and met eye contact with the captain of it. His eyes got wide for a second “Noir back me up.” he said as he hopped off the boat and ran over to the other boat. “Hey!” he yelled at the captain. The captain was big and had white hair. Lance opened his mouth a bit but then started to panic. This man looked like his father but his father was dead. He saw him die this time for sure. There was no way “N-No…” he said as he backed up “You died… she killed you…” he said as he shook his head. Lance had been a slave all his life leading up to when he finally retaliated against his father. He fell back on the sand and buried his head in his knees for a bit “No. No. No. No. No” He said as he shook his head “Not here!” he yelled. The Pirate captain cocked his head in confusion for a second before shrugging “Crew go handle him while he is in this state. He won’t cause trouble this way.” he said. Four of the men ran off the boat and came towards him.

While they were coming towards him Lance’s staff flashed his eyes were still closed “THIS ISN’T FAIR!” he screamed as he cast Sunny Day. A bright ball of flames started to form around around the four pirates who who were running at him. They got caught in the flames and the last thing Lance heard was screaming coming from inside the giant fire ball. When the ball disappeared Lance opened his eyes to see the bodies burnt to the point where they were unrecognizable. He smiled a bit “No… That's right… You’re not him because he is dead…” Lance laughed a bit as he took another step towards the ship “Just as dead as you’re about to be…” he muttered with a cold stare on his face. This face had no emotion whatsoever on it. The captain took a step back and looked to the rest of his crew “What are you guys doing?! After him!” he said as he pointed his sword at the white haired mage that drew closer to the ship every second. Lance’s staff flashed bright as the men came running to him. When they got close enough he swung his staff and cast Flaming Strike. The crescent shaped flame knocked all of the pirates over. He had beaten the crew now all that was left was the captain.

As he drew near to the captain Lance felt a hard hit to the head then everything went black. Drake had ran up behind him and thumped him on the head hard enough to knock him out “You need to control yourself my lord…” he said as he gently picked up Lance’s passed out body and carried him off the ship. “I am going to take care of him just make sure you take care of the captain.” he said as he walked back onto the beach and set Lance down in the sand gently. He stared at Lance with a calm smile on his face as he remembered the first time that Lance had found him.

It was a rainy day in Heliohapt and Drake was going around stealing things from local merchants. He used to be a real street rat until Lance found him. Drake was sitting on the edge of the road. Every Time someone passed by the same thing would happen “C-Can you please spare me some food?” the teenager would ask but every time he would either be ignored or just be told to leave them alone. His stomach growled and just when he was about to give up and head back inside he heard a voice from behind him “Hey.” the voice didn’t sound too much older than him so he turned around. A white haired boy stood in front of him and threw an apple into his hands. “Here eat it.” he said with a grin. This was the first time Drake had met Lance. Lance had saved his life and yet people still saw Lance as someone who did only bad things. Lance cared about people but had a hard time showing his affection. This was the first time that he had ever met anyone who genuinely cared about his well being and in his eyes Lance was a God.

Back on the beach two girls came running up to the two men. Drake had called for Rose and Amber as immediate backup just in case something happened to either him, Lance, or Noir while they were fighting. Amber knelt by Lance’s side and smiled “You know…. I remember the first time I met our lord…” she muttered as she played with his hair. It was a dark night in Reim and the little blonde girl found herself getting into some trouble with the wrong people. Her parents had died right in front of her and she was about to be captured by some slave traders when suddenly a bright light flashed through the darkness and a ball of flames sent the traders flying. Next thing she knew she was met with a white haired boy walking towards her, explaining how their was a church, a safe place, for people just like her. She would have both family and friends over there. Rose nodded “Yes… he saved me from some mean people who were beating me…” All three of his disciples showed great love for Lance whether or not he was a God. He still saved them in their times of great need and for that they owed him their lives. It was not just one sided though, Lance would do anything to protect the three of them. They were like family to him and for Lance, A true family never quites on each other.

Lance’s eyes fluttered open and he shot up “The Captain! I must-” he started to head back towards the boat before he was stopped by all three of his followers, each putting one hand on his shoulder for comfort “Don’t worry… he will be dealt with… Let’s just get you home…” He said as they boarded their little boat that they came on. Drake took one last look at the pirate ship before giving a thumbs up to Noir and setting off on their journey back to Balbadd. “Noir… Sorry for leaving…” Lance muttered under his breath “But I think you can handle one guy… After all… you saved my life…” he wore a wry smile as he looked up at his three followers “Guys… I am going to do my best to help each and every one at the church. I will build a church in every city I go too… Because I love yall.” He said with a smile. He looked at all of them and extended his fist “I promise that I will protect you all even if it means that I will die myself.” he said as they reached the shore of Balbadd.

The Sailor ran up to him “Is everything ok?!” he yelled. Lance nodded and smiled “Yup everything is handled over there so no worries about the pirates.” He gave the man a thumbs up and laughed “We handled it.” he said as he gave a salute and started and walked away from the docks and headed off in the direction towards the Warehouse and smiled. This was a fun little job he took but the time was coming for him to leave Balbadd soon as his vacation was coming to an end. “Man this vacation was pretty crazy…” he laughed as he opened the door to the warehouse and walked in.

He lay down in his cot and smiled as he looked up at the ceiling “It’s happening mom. I am slowly making our dreams happen one by one. A world without chaos caused by other people. I will rule.” he said as he thrust his fist in the air and smiled “Just you wait! With the help of my friends I am going to change the world for the better… whether I lose my life or not.” he looked towards the three followers and had a smile on his face. A true smile.

Word Count [1500/1500]
Magoi: 80%
Name: Sunny Day
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Magoi
Element: Heat
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 meters
Duration: 1 post
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description: A sphere, between 5 and 10 meters in diameter, absorbs all heat within it, dealing C-tier damage via dehydration. The sphere is formed and moves at 15 m/s and can be freely moved by the user within 20 meters of himself.

Name: Flaming Strike
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Magoi/ 10 Sustained
Element: Fire
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 Meters
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 3 posts or sustain+1
Description: A bright light emits from Lances staff as he swing it through the air, swing utilizes the heat in the air in order to cause a crescent like flame shoot out from the staff. The flame is about 10 meters in diameter and travels at 15 m/s. It deals C-tier damage and creates 2nd degree burns to his opponents.


Pirates Life part 2 [Chain Job 2/2] [Noir]  Lance%20Sigs_zpsnurfpyvo

Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola
The black haired girl would tilt her head, waiting for the heat magician’s response after she asked if he would like to go to Reim if he already finished all the business in Balbadd. The reason was very simple, she would like to invite him for another fun time with Solomon as well and maybe asking even the king or her mentor to join the small party as well. It would be fun to spend some time with all of them as she didn’t really get to spend fun time with friends before, so she would be really looking forward to it. She wondered if the king and her mentor would get along with Solomon and Lance, but she hoped so and hoped that they would get along well.

She was a little bit weird though today, first she was having a dream of her past but she woke up like nothing was ever happened. The black haired girl then had a sudden thought to talk with Lance about going to Reim and without any other thoughts, she decided to follow. Could the dream that she had made her like this? No one knew… she could be weird sometime since she lacked of common sense. But it might just because she saw a lot of friends died on the ship in her dream, she knew that she needed to cherish and treasure the moment before it was too late. No one would ever know about someone’s life length and if it was the time for them to die… then it couldn’t be helped as they only can accept it… unless there were some kind of resurrection power that could bring someone back to life just like what happened with Ariella. She missed her, hoping that she could talk with her more considering she was the fellow lightning magic and probably can teach her a lot of things.

She was just nodding when Lance asked her to back him up when the white haired man looked like he was cowering in fear. The black haired girl could notice the reinforcement of the pirates and didn’t really show any expression as she only stared at the reinforcement with a flat expression and empty stare while she gripped her wand tightly. Then, when she saw the captain, she knew what was making the white haired man panicked. It was true that the captain looked like his father in some point because both of the men had white hair and also big sized body, however she was certain that this was a different man by judging from the face feature. Lance’s father had this kind of negative vibe that looked like it would devour people, tainting them with fear and even making them fall into depravity. However, this captain was different; he was not as evil as what she saw from the heat magician’s father. The captain looked wiser and strong willed, he knew how to lead as well but it was not as impressive as the greatness of the Pirate’s Queen. When the captain commanded his crew to go handle the white haired man, she just watched, wanting to see what Lance would do.

It was a magnificent sight to see him fighting back, the beauty of the fire that he produced couldn’t be described by words as it was simply amazing for the black haired girl. The bright ball of flames soon engulfed the pirates, four of them. She could hear the scream from inside the flames and she looked at Lance only to see that he was smiling, his black rukh were fluttering around him. She wondered if he got the pleasure from all the killing, yet, she didn’t say anything more because in her judgement, Lance did giving back the favor by making it equal. They did bad things and the heat magician punished them, it was not a bad thing to do yet, she just didn’t really understand on why he smiled while doing that since her mentor did the same thing too sometime. For her, killing was not a pleasurable thing, but sometime it was a necessary things to do, it was more like something that needed to be done sometime and not as the source of seeking pleasure. But it was not her place to say such things, as long as she had no problem with it, then she didn’t really want to discuss about it.

The coldness inside Lance’s eyes made Noir remembered about when she met him for the first time, it was when she needed to fight lions if she remembered it correctly. She remembered the sinister smile from the white haired man when he finished the lion off, yet his spell was always dazzlingly beautiful as it had burning red color. The male magician was definitely stronger than before as he finished all the pirate crews by himself without even breaking a sweat, however, without any warning, Drake thumped Lance’s head and whispered some words to him. The black haired man would pick up the heat magician’s body before asking her to deal with the captain before he walked back onto the beach. Noir was lost, now they left her alone with the captain and she needed to deal with him by herself. It was not that she couldn’t handle him, but it was just she didn’t really have any reason to fight him. However, the captain glared at the girl and yelled, “How dare you little brat finishing off my crew?! You need to be killed, by my hands…” He started to run at her and ready with his sword, wanting to swung it to cleave the female magician, however, Noir was not even scared a little bit. She lifted her wand and cast Lightning Whip before swinging it and strike the man with the electrocuting rukh which forming a whip shape around her wand.

“Ouch!” He grunted in pain and became angrier than before as he reached out his hand, attempting to break the black haired girl’s neck. But the girl wouldn’t let the man touched her, so she whispered to the rukh and produced a lightning strike that will descend downwards to the captain and struck him up to death with the crimson lightning. Done, she took care of the pirate and then looked around before stating that the area was clear. She sighed and didn’t stare at the captain for any longer as she walked back to the beach. Just when she stepped on the wooden board of the dock, her liger was already there and ran to her only to greet her by rubbing his face on Noir’s feet. The black haired girl smiled at her beast and petted him before walked towards the white haired man who seemed to be conscious, but there was a very nice scene to be watched as Noir noticed the true smile on the white haired man’s face. It was not a sinister smile, not a fake smile, but it was a true smile that was straight from his heart. The black haired girl decided to stay right where she was standing and looked at her beast, showing him a small smile before motioning him to go back to the inn.

It was a fun vacation for her as well as she got to witness and learned about a lot of things, however, being surrounded by people with mostly black rukh made her wondered about it. Her own rukh was white colored, yet some of her friend’s rukh were black. Perhaps there was something that trigger that black rukh but she had no idea about it, some said that black rukh people were mostly not as good as white rukh people. However, she didn’t agree about that as she knew some of her friend was not evil, at least that was what she thought. But maybe she needed to go back to Magnostadt soon to learn more as well as taking the first Kodor test, she was probably capable and strong enough to pass it at the moment. She just need to be ready and kept striving to become stronger…

But despite of wanting to pass the test in Magno, she preferred to go back to Reim first because she wanted to meet the researcher who might help her with her learning of Torran Language. She wanted to understand it because she believed it might give her access to some more knowledge, mostly about ancient knowledge though. But that was not a problem as the thirst of knowledge that she had was what made her to kept wanting to live, she wanted to learn about the secret of this world and also the power which helped to running it. However, she knew that there must be some boundaries of what she could know or learn for now and she was still weak if compared to all the people that she met, that could be another point that would become her own boundaries. Learning something new was always fun though but she needed to remember that sometime curiosity might kill the cat.

WC : 1519/1500

Magoi : 250/300


Name: Parafulmine
Tier: B-Tier
Cost: 30 | 15
Element: Lightning
Class: Offensive
Range: 30 meters
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: The caster will produce a 1 cm in diameter and 15 meters long lightning strike that descend downwards to the target up to 30 meters away at 20m/s inflicting B-Tier damage

Name: Lightning Whip
Tier: C-Tier
Cost: 20|10 Magoi
Element: Lightning
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 meters
Cool-Down: 3 posts or Sustain+1
Description: The user creates a lightning whip around it which is 10 meters long and 10 centimeters in diameter that can be moved at 15m/s to inflict C-Tier damage on impact when the target being hit by the lightning whip directly.


Pirates Life part 2 [Chain Job 2/2] [Noir]  GONhvwv

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