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A Pirates Life [Job/Chain 1/2][Noir]

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Lance Knighthunter

Lance Knighthunter
Job Info:
Job Name:  Shiver Me Timbers [Pirate’s Life, Pt I]
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: A ship with some black sails has been spotted a few miles off the coast. The city is sending out any mercenary who is willing to go hunt these guys down. Make sure that they are not a threat to the city or the trade routes in the ocean around it.

The pirate group is rather small since the main fleet is still not there yet; there is only a single ship found on a small island about 6 kilometers away from the city. There are 5 pirates there that will hold no quarter when they see somebody approaching.


Enemy Name: Pirates x5
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Pirates move at 10 m/s and use D-tier swords and D-tier bows and arrows. The Pirates prefer to fight in a swarm and will avoid fighting 1v1.
Parry: Pirate moves his sword at 10 m/s to deflect up to C-tier damage.

Lance lay in the warehouse that he had been in for the past few days since the incident happened with his Father Noir had killed his father and yet he did not feel sad or mad at her for what she did. He felt like a weight had been lifted off of him. He sat up in his little cot and leaned his back on the wall. He gripped his staff with his hand as he stared at the ground. It was silent in the warehouse but with all the chaos that had been going on it was better this way. Just then the door slammed open and Drake came running in “Lance, I was walking around the docks and I heard some people talking about a ship being spotted on an island near the town.” Drake said out of breath. He had ran all the way over to the warehouse in order to inform Lance that something was up. The white haired mage picked up his staff and smiled a bit “What does this ship look like?” he asked Drake. “Black sails sir.” he said in a low voice. Lance chuckled and closed his eyes, bringing his staff to his side and pushing off the wall “Indeed, it does sound like trouble…” he nodded and started to walk towards the door “Amber, make sure she doesn’t follow.” he told Amber to watch out for the other mage who had been present the day his father finally died. Amber nodded at him as he and Drake walked out of the warehouse and headed for the docks.

Once they reached the docks he heard some commotion coming from a few sailors “What shall we do?! They may attack us!” The Sailor said. Lance approached him and bowed “If I may, I would like to use your boat to investigate these rumors.” the sailor looked at him for a second and scratched his head “Are you sure? No offence but you don’t look the the type of guy to fix these types of problems. You seem kind of suspicious… like you would enjoy hurting someone…”. Lance’s eye twitched for a second before giving a innocent chuckle “I assure you. I have done harm to no one.” he said with a kind smile as the sailor thought for a second before shrugging “Very well. You may use my boat.” he had a bit of hesitation in his voice as he allowed the two men to climb on the boat. Before heading off, Lance saluted to the sailor “Don’t worry we will have your boat back to you in one piece.” Lance untied the rope as he said this and they headed off towards the island where the ship was supposedly sighted.

On their way the the island Drake and Lance decided to have a little talk. “So, what do you think about Noir?” he had a sly grin on his face when he asked. Lance did not turn to look at the boy as he talked. “I mean she is a cool girl. Strong one at that.” he said in a calm tone. Drake laughed and shook his head “No I mean your feelings for her.” Lance blushed a bit at Drakes question and looked down at the floor of the boat “W-What?! I- I mean she is cute and stuff but I don’t hold any feelings for anyone! I am an evil man for crying out loud! I kill in cold blood without a problem man! I don't need things like love!” his protests just made Drake burst in laughter “Mmhm sure you don’t Lance.” he said as he laughed. The boat got silent for a second before Lance muttered under his breath “You’re right… I do have feelings for her…” he muttered to Drake. Drake smiled calmly and nodded “I thought so.” he said with a smile as he looked up and saw that the island was in sight “Land Hoe!” he shouted in a bad pirate accent. Lance groaned a bit at the failed attempt “You’re so dumb.” Lance said with a chuckle.

The Island was lush and green but yet it didn’t seem like there was anyone on the island and Lance probably would have thought that were it not have been for the huge ship that sat near the beach. He looked around for a bit before sighing “Hey Lance, there is a cave up there. How about you go check it out while I go and search the island some more.” he said and Lance nodded to him and started to hike up a hill to reach a cave that Drake had spotted. The inside of the cave was lit up by a fire and he heard some laughing up ahead. He ventured deeper until he saw a group of pirate clustered up near the fire. He hid behind a rock and listened to them talk for a while “So we planning on raiding the fishing town right?” a scruffy pirate said as the young one next to him laughed “Yes but we must wait for our other members before making the plan.”. Lance closed his eyes and the orb on his staff started to glow  “Not if I have anything to do about it…” Lance muttered as he slowly stood up “Hey guys!” he said as he cast Flame Strike. He swung his staff though the air, creating a crescent like flame that shot towards the scruffy pirate. The sudden appearance of the mage and the flame caught him off guard and he was hit with it. The pirate stumbled backwards and screamed like he was dying “W-What the hell?! My body is burning up!” He said as second-degree burns had appeared in multiple spots on his body before falling. Lance laughed a bit as his staff started to glow again “That’s what fire tends to do.” he said to the pirate who he had taken down. The four other pirates looked at the body then back at Lance for a second before two pirate drew their swords and charged at Lance with a battle cry. When they got close enough to Lance the orb on his staff gleamed “Can’t have you touching me with those filthy things” Lance said as he cast Fiery Aura. Lance’s body pushed a wave of blazing heat off of it. One of the pirates Parried his attack while the other one was met with the same fate as the first guy. He started to scream and fell down to the floor. Lance laughed at the two who had fallen before getting hit by an arrow that flew his way. It caused him to bleed from his arm a bit and opened a wound that hadn’t yet healed from his father the other day. He winced and held his arm “Shit…” he muttered as he shook his head “That hurt a little…” he chuckled as he stepped back. He looked at the three remaining pirates with a grimace before gripping his staff “I will take you all down!” he yelled.

Word Count: [1179/1000]
Spells used:
Name: Flaming Strike
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Magoi/ 10 Sustained
Element: Fire
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 Meters
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 3 posts or sustain+1
Description: A bright light emits from Lances staff as he swing it through the air, swing utilizes the heat in the air in order to cause a crescent like flame shoot out from the staff. The flame is about 10 meters in diameter and travels at 15 m/s. It deals C-tier damage and creates 2nd degree burns to his opponents.

Name: Fiery Aura
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Magoi / 10 Sustained
Element: Fire
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Cool-Down: 3 posts or sustain+1
Description: Using the Magoi around him, Lance starts radiates and pushes heat/fire away from him at 15 m/s, dealing C-tier  fire damage to anything within 50 cm of his body.


A Pirates Life [Job/Chain 1/2][Noir]  Lance%20Sigs_zpsnurfpyvo

Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola
It was a cold night at that day and the rain which was falling to the ground swiftly only made thing became worst for the passenger on the ship. The sound of thunder roared and made everyone who heard it quickly covered their ear, wishing the weather wouldn’t be so bad when they were sailing on the dark sea at that moment. The wind and rain were strong enough to be called as a rainstorm; however, the crew of the ship was not as busy as they were supposed to be. They were only holding whips, observing all the slaves that were on board to do all the work. If they spotted someone who was not working either because their body was too weak or even too freezing to move their body, then those slave masters would not hesitate to punish them even though they knew that the slaves couldn’t take it anymore. Their body was so in pain to the point many of them ended up falling on the ship board, but they were still receiving the painful smack from the leather whip that the slavers held.

Noir, drenched under the heavy rain, keep trying her best to carry all the heavy boxes. She fell on the ship board several time because the ship was too slippery and the boxes were too heavy for her to bring; however, the slave master wouldn’t want to know about it and decided to give her same kind of punishment. That was not a nice thing to be remembered actually but the black haired girl couldn’t help it and ended up remember about all of it, as if it was something that she treasured, as if it was something to identify herself. Nevertheless, that kind of thing didn’t continue for any longer for the black haired girl. She, with her small hands, was holding a blood covered knife. She had enough of it, she wanted her freedom. The birds were the creature that made her envious, she envied the bird because they looked free and not isolated. How long has it been since the first time she felt the envy in her heart, she didn’t know because it just happened like that and when she realized it, she already have the envy feeling in her heart. Those birds, flying around the ships just like a free creature. They chirped happily as if celebrating the freedom that they had while she could only look and watch them dancing around in the middle of the air and let out a happy tune.

The gasp from the man who was in front of her didn’t even make her hesitate to continue, she had stabbed the slave master right at his chest. With the right timing, she managed to pierce his heart and saw how the blood began to pour from the wound and how he coughed blood. It was his fault, yes, for punishing her by carving her body with whip. But not only that, she remembered how the man forced her into an inn room and then started to look at her with a sinister smile before threatening her to become a sex slave. At that time, she knew that she needed to protect herself, she remembered what her last master said to her as his last word, that she needed to be brave and protect herself by using any kind of thing that she need to do but still holding to her common sense to not use people to achieve that. Her last master taught her that they had no right to make her as a sex slave and she listened, understanding each word and always remembered it. So there she was, protecting herself by stabbing the sharp knife that she hid with her every time to the man’s chest and killed him right there. It was not long until she sneakily ran away into the forest, wanting to run away for her freedom like she always craving for. Noir did some necessary things to get rid of the blood on herself, so she wash herself as soon as she found a river and then stole some clothes for her to wear. However, she knew that she needed to run and she kept running until she found a hut and--.

The female magician gasped as she opened her eyes widely before sitting up only to notice that she was only dreaming about her past. She gulped hard to calm herself and tried to breathe steadily, knowing that it might be only a reminder for her. Then she noticed Amber not far from her, sitting alone. She looked around and couldn’t find Lance anywhere even though there was something that she wanted to ask. So she asked the little girl and found out that the white haired man was heading to the dock, at first, she noticed the little girl was not really happy if Noir wanted to follow Lance but she only let out a light sigh and motioned Haku to come with her before catching up to Lance. Alas, she was too late because the boat that the white haired man and one of his followers were on, which she noticed from afar, was already sailing off. She decided to use the carpet and asked Haku to wait for her while she catching up to Lance only to see an interesting event happening on the boat. It seemed that a fight had begun and her friends were fighting five enemies, so she decided to give a helping hand. Just when Lance said his word to take his enemies down, Noir would landed in front of Lance and then cast Onda D’urto II. A static energy appeared and struck all the remaining three enemies on the ship with it, instantly knocking them off.

“…I am sorry for that.” She bowed to the collapsed bodies and then turned her back to see the white haired man before asking him one thing with her innocent eyes, “Would you like to visit Reim after you finished all the business you have in Balbadd?”

WC: 1017/1000
Magoi : 270/300


Name: Onda D’urto II
Tier: B-Tier
Cost: 30 | 15
Element: Lightning
Class: Offensive
Range: 30 meters
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: The user produces a static energy and it will discharge in a 15 meter area within 30 meters of the user at 20m/s, dealing B-Tier damage.


A Pirates Life [Job/Chain 1/2][Noir]  GONhvwv

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