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Meditraining #2 [Private/Training]

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1Meditraining #2 [Private/Training] Empty Meditraining #2 [Private/Training] on 19/12/15, 10:35 pm


After having used Decipher on a serpent not too long ago, Zadi felt it needed some tweaking and tinkering with. Obviously Zadi is thinking about the spell, not the serpent. Not like Zadi's is an evil, chimera breeding scientist. Anyway, Zadi felt that Decipher needed to be sleeker and more efficient. The function could also use some tweaking as having to rely on a reflective surface can be rather annoying depending on the situation. Just because it does the job that it was made for doesn't mean a spell is perfect. The perfect spell wouldn't even require the use of magoi, but that isn't the point of this "downgrading" as Zadi needs a weaker version of Decipher is he doesn't want to waste as much magoi with every use. With that in mind, Zadi got into a comfortable meditating position and activated Spriggan's Aura in order to procure some biological data within a relatively small area around him. Zadi then concentrated on his Decipher spell to try and figure out how to keep it the same 'strength' without weakening it too much such that it was basically not a spell anymore. It would take some time, but Zadi could figure it out. He was able to learn the spell so augmenting its power shouldn't be too difficult, just tedious considering the complex formulas that Clairvoyance relied on. Many factors to take into consideration such as specificity and keeping the truth from hiding itself. After all, if Zadi couldn't look into the past, he felt out of touch.

Zadi's meditation was going as planned, steadily. Not much to decreasing the magoi consumption of a spell, or that's what Zadi once though before staring this meditation session. It was as if Zadi was recreating an entirely new spell! The formula needed to be scrapped and replaced with something simpler and less complex. Can't just lower the number of commands without compromising the function of the spell in its entirety. Decipher was more than just a spell to look into the past. Decipher is a spell for feeling, hearing, and understanding the truth of the moment in order to further the course of events. It wasn't time traveling, not in the slightest. Well, maybe in a way. Rather than legitimately time traveling, Zadi was simply becoming an observer of things that once were. Anyway, Zadi ended up being able to recreate the necessary formula of commands in order to use Decipher at a weaker level. However, now was the time to test it out on the roaming rats. Zadi wondered if the same rodents from his last training session were still around. Zadi used Decipher in conjunction with his already active Spriggan's Aura. Zadi simultaneously saw the past of all the rodents, and various other small creatures, within his room and found that Decipher really was weaker, in terms of magoi consumption. Zadi was able to look into the past as if he'd ingested the creature's biological tag. A disgusting thought, but at least Zadi had Spriggan's Aura to fill in the necessary gap.


Name: Spriggan's Aura
Tier: A
Cost: 40 | 20
Element: Life
Class: Supplementary
Range: 12.5 meters radius
Cool-Down: 7 posts
Description: The caster emits an aura 25 meters in diameter at 25m/s. When a life form is within the aura, the caster is able to make use of a portion of that person's life force - a nail, blood, hair or the like. This brings that person's life force and works as if the user has ingested it or as if the user has that portion in their hand. The aura moves with the caster.

Name: Decipher
Tier: D
Cost: 10 | 5
Element: Clairvoyance
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description: Through the use of this spell, the caster is able to see a desired short portion of a target(s)'s past through their rukh by deciphering the patterns the rukh create. Seeing the rukh flow requires the ingestion of a piece of the target(s) which transmits the desired portion of history directly to the caster and only to the caster. The act of seeing the history is near instantaneous as the information is "downloaded" into the caster's head similar to memory.

WC 500+/500


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