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Run Away Restraint (Job/Solo)

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Job Name: Master and Slaves
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 100 XP / 7,000 Huang
Job Overview: Several slaves ran away from their master! Now the master is asking you to chase the slaves and bring them back to him, as he plans on teaching them a lesson.

Capture the slaves and bring them back for a reward, or assist in their escape and be approached by them later to be rewarded for your assistance.

If you choose to let the slaves go away, you will face the slave master’s rage

Enemy Name:Slave Master (x1)
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: Slave Master can sprint at up to 9 m/s or fly at 5 m/s through Gravity Lift, the spell.
Firewall – Slave master can cast a wall of fire which is 5 meters long and can move up to 10 m/s up to 10 meters away. It will deal B-Tier damage if hit.
Fireball – Slave master cast 4 fireballs which is 5 meters in diameter that will move up to 20m/s up to 15 meters away and deal B-Tier damage.

Or if you choose to chase the slaves.

Enemy Name: Slaves (x4)
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Slaves can sprint at 7 m/s
Punch – Slaves can send a powerful punch at 10m/s and deal C-Tier damage
Kick – Slaves can send a powerful kick at 10m/s and deal C-Tier damage

So you want me to locate and capture some runaway slaves?” Natalia would ask the man sitting across the table.  “Yes, nine escaped during some confusion of one of my hunting escapades.” “Johann, my now late slave sacrificed his life to save me from a giant snake. I would guess they during the window of time directly afterwards. All of the escapees are young and don’t know much else but a life of servitude. I would be indebted to you if you could bring them back before any unseen danger gets to them.

He is worried about their wellbeing and remembers the name of the slave how saved his life. He is either one of the kinder masters out there or exceptionally good at putting on airs. Either way it doesn’t sound like this escape was very well thought out.” Natalia would think to herself before asking for details like height and notable features, and last known location in her usual bubbly tone.  “If you encounter any resistance please make every effort to avoid killing them, they have already lost a companion in Johann and well need time to grieve for just him alone.” The man would say as his dark brown hair hung over his eyes hiding a look of regret. “I’ll do my best!” the imuchakk said with an amount of enthusiasm that could be perceived as insensitivity. As she exited the tavern the conversation had taken place in her mind began to work.

It seems like they have lived near as comfortably as a slave can hope for. If the escape happened thirty six hours ago they should be that they need supplies before they can actually make any progress. Food and water are probably a top priority for them right now and they will need enough to sustain nine people for at least a day. Since a few of them are young women and children they will most likely send two pairs of “siblings” to act like orphans to secure food through  populace’s empathy or petty thievery.  Going by their descriptions they all seem to be in good health physically and emotionally but stress will most likely cause them neglect covering their tracks. All I have to do then is wait at the market place and until I find them or at least someone fitting the description. After that I can locate the rest of the group by following the trail.” satisfied with her plan Natalia made her way to the market she thought “It’s always surprising to see how experience makes things predictable. How many slaves have I seen try escapes this impulsive just to end up in terrible situations? I suppose this group is fortunate to have a master so strange he will grieve over broken “property”.

A few hours after Natalia arrived in Helioapht market district, she saw a pair of cloaked figures make their way into the district. The two walked towards a fruit vendor’s stand their faces concealed by tan hoods. When they arrived the shorter of the two began to beg to owner for food with her voice giving away her youth and gender.  The man distracted by the young girl did not notice the taller figure nimbly tuck an entire fruit basket under a tan cloak. The child aware of this course of event walked away with the taller figure, sulking for good measure. The fruit vendor quickly sent guards after them realizing that a significant portion of his wares had gone missing. Just as the pair started to run Natalia quickly relocated to the city rooftops.

If I sprint I should be able to keep up with them.” The imuchakk said remembering the fact that most children could beat her in a foot race. “Fortunately, my parents gifted me with an amazing body so if my natural max speed is enough, sprinting through the rooftops should allow me to easily keep them in sight assuming they trained aren't in the art of dashing.” The girl would think as she recalled some of the benefits her unique physiology afforded her.  As the guards chased the pair for half an hour Natalia followed close behind the rooftops giving her a bird’s eye view and the commotion preventing anyone from noticing.

I’ve think they slipped past us.” The taller figure would say in a feminine voice while she clutched the stolen fruit basket near her.  
Lucky for us we lost them just as we reached the hideout. Now let’s go and check in with everyone else.”  As the two entered the building Natalia followed close behind them noticing the large vacant space inside as well as seven other figures. “It seems I hit the mark, or at least something extremely close to it.” The imuchakk mused to herself as the group took notice of her presence.

Hello everyone, my name is Azrael and I was sent by a slave master to locate and secure some lost slaves.” The golden haired woman would say in a childlike manner “Is that you guys, oh and if it isn’t can you help me look for them? I really want to get paid you see there is this amazing book on the ….” As Natalia blabbered on the group started to whisper among themselves. “Bradly… are you sure we shouldn’t just turn ourselves in we don’t even know where to go and the worst punishment the master has every given is an hour of tickle torture, scaring ye but definitely survivable.” “Vienna what are saying? After we've come this close to freedom, No the only standing between us and a clean break is this idiot woman who is currently blabbering about clothes and a reliable mode of transport.” “What about food and water, Shiva and Lulu almost got arrested for stealing and only have enough to feed us for the rest of the day.” “Well take care of that later, right now we need to take care of this lady since she knows are location.” I don’t like this, she hasn’t even attacked us” “If you don’t want to do it sit down, me and the guys will take care of it."

As Natalia continued spouting nonsense four men from the group got up and surrounded her. Pretending to have just noticed her situation the imuchakk said “Now now, let’s not escalate things. I just bought a new ribbon and would rather it not get” Before the imuchakk could finish her sentence one of the men charged straight for her. “It would probably be wiser to take a few hits and see how serious they are before I actually do anything.” With that thought Natalia took a punch to her abdomen which was followed up by a kick from a different male which landed squarely on her left upper thigh. The resulting clash fractured the woman’s thigh bone and lower rib cage however the level of pain was unable to actually stun her. “Well I guess I would put that a fairly serious or maybe deadly serious but too weak to actually hurt anyone.” “Now let’s finish her off!” Bradley yelled with a voice that held a hint of rage. Following Bradley’s signal the third man punched Natalia from behind damaging multiple muscles on her back and sending her a few steps forward into an incoming kick from Bradley which was aimed at her skull.

Freedom is that enticing to them? It seems the verdict is deadly serious but too weak to do anything. They don’t seem to be accustomed to fighting so I should be able take them down without seriously injuring them. ” Natalia thought as she moved her arm into position and used RTB , neutralizing the kick’s force and stopping the leg. “I haven’t flexed my muscles in a while. Its play time boys.” the imuchakk thought to herself as a small smirk formed on her lips. In the next few seconds Natalia activated Footwork to back up from Bradley while aiming and firing Skin Graft towards the first man who attacked, hitting him directly on the ribcage.  Before any of the men could move Natalia quickly positioned herself in line with two of the men and used Flick on the one directly in front of her sending him crashing into the man behind him. The golden haired women closed the created distance in a second using the speed bestowed by footwork and lined up to hit them both with a basic punch to the abdomen with just enough force to inflict C- tier damage on the two.

Bradley and the non-hostile slaves were shocked by the swiftness of the assault. As he got his senses together he sprinted straight for Natalia tried to connect a punch. The imuchakk having seen the attack twice before used her speed to dodge and maneuver around the arm before striking it with her open palm. “ My… how unfortunate for you.” the woman would say with a noticeable bit of apathy as the strike caused a major fracture almost breaking the bones in Bradley’s arm.

As the young man crumpled to the floor in pain Natalia batted away thoughts in her mind as she slowly advanced towards him. The use of her abilities in rapid succession has caused latent parts of her psyche to reawaken and keeping those at bay left little room for reasoning based on society’s norms. “I wonder if you really think your actions have no consequence.’’ With that sentence the golden haired girl nonchalantly kicked the young man in the stomach, the force easily moving him a meter away, winding him and laying him flat on his back. “Your attack back there could have killed me if I did nothing, but let’s ignore that. I would rather like to focus on how pathetic this situation is. What did you ever hope to accomplish by escaping the way you did. You don’t even know a fraction of the hardships the average slaves goes through every day, hell I’d wager my left eye that your master has a harder life than you. But you couldn’t take it could you, not surprising however most slaves dream of freedom. Your “Freedom” however, is worthless. Think Carefully. Ignore my part in this. What have you accomplished since you left? Half of this party of yours is made up of women and children who have had little interaction with world. Without proper planning they would most likely end up as some well to do citizen’s plaything if not slaves for a cruel master.” Natalia momentarily stopped her critique to kneel beside the man and clasp his throat in her hand gradually increasing the grip strength to mildly uncomfortable. “Perhaps I’m selling you short. Maybe you would have made it past the guards who would come after you for stealing, the rigors of unprepared travel, group tension due to stress, or any other undesirable event. Yes, maybe you would even start a small family and own a homely cottage on the outskirts of town in a few years. Sound downright pleasant… for you at least. The other dozens of slaves you guys conveniently ditched not only have to deal with a death in the ranks but any harsher treatment that would result from slaves escaping.” At this point combination of physical and emotion damage had tears streaming from Bradley’s now closed eyes as he endured in silence. “It’s is not my place to judge you. It was actually rather brave of you to run away in the aftermath of such a tragic scene, most people would actually focus on the tragedy or so I’ve heard. Still, I was hired to bring back slaves. It looks like most everyone will go with me but you tried so hard to reach this “freedom” you’re so fond of even if it meant abandoning everything you already have.

Fear not young man, I have determined away to reconcile this.” As the Bradley eyes opened in response to the previous statement his gaze was met dead on with a void, hollow gaze from Natalia, any previous sign of emotion ever existing on that her face gone. The young man barely had anytime to process the blank expression in front of him when the imuchakk said “I will liberate you from this mortal coil and return to your former master with your companions and your corpse.”  In the instant those words left Natalia’s lips, the imuchakk grip on Bradley’s throat turned vice-like.  The young man was not even able to yell as he watched Natalia fist accelerating towards him at full force.  “Please don’t kill him!” a small voice yelled breaking the silence that had fallen over the slaves. The voice allowed Natalia to regain the rest of her composure and change her fist course before it was too late.  A loud crack resonated throughout the room. A crater seven times the diameter of Natalia’s fist was now present next to Bradley head.

Tsk, this “instability” will be the death of me if I’m at the brink after only this much effort” The golden haired imuchakk thought to herself.  “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry my broker said that I should try a be a bit more intimidating if I want to make money since all the good jobs are dangerous. I didn’t mean to actually hurt anyone.” Natalia would say in her usual tone of voice. “Wait a minute, If you thought I was going to kill him that means I did it!” “Now I can take on the good jobs and make enough money to buy a hair tie for every day of the week."

Natalia led the group back to the master who then proceeded to thank and pay her. Natalia then disappeared into the city, her body already having healed a fair bit of the damage she sustained and her pain tolerance allowing her to ignore the rest.

WC: 2000+/1000

Magoi: 100/150

Abilities used:

[b]Name:[/b] Flick
[b]Tier:[/b] D-tier
[b]Cost:[/b] 10 stamina/ 5 stamina
[b]Class:[/b] Supplementary
[b]Range:[/b] Close
[b]Cool-Down:[/b] 2 post (sustain+1)
[b]Limbs:[/b] Arm
[b]Description:[/b] The user increase the elasticity and extension force of the muscles near the hand and flicks the with a single finger at 10 m/s. This cause D-tier knockback sending the target back 5 meters at 10 m/s.

[b]Name:[/b] RTB-Real Time Blocking
[b]Tier:[/b] D-Tier
[b]Cost:[/b] 10/5 stamina
[b]Class:[/b] Defensive
[b]Range:[/b] Close
[b]Cool-Down:[/b] 2 post (sustain+1)
[b]Limbs:[/b] Arm
[b]Description:[/b] The user oscillates either arm at 10 m/s in such a way to create an force negating effect on its surface. This ability can block up to C-tier damage.

[b]Name:[/b] Footwork
[b]Tier:[/b] D-tier
[b]Cost:[/b] 10/5 Stamina
[b]Class:[/b] Supplementary
[b]Range:[/b] Close
[b]Cool-Down:[/b] 2 posts (sustain+1)
[b]Limbs:[/b] Leg
[b]Description:[/b] The user balances on either leg and alters dexterity of their toes to allow for movement speeds of up to 10 m/s in a combination of horizontal directions.

   [b]Name:[/b] Skin Graft
    [b]Tier:[/b] C-Tier
    [b]Cost:[/b] 20/10 stamina
    [b]Class:[/b] Offensive
    [b]Range:[/b] 20 meters
    [b]Cool-Down:[/b] 3 posts (sustain+1)
    [b]Limbs:[/b] Arm
    [b]Description:[/b] The user expands the muscles in their finger at 15 m/s until a piece of skin is launched from their index finger. This is shaped like a sphere with a diameter of .01 meters and deals C-Tier damage.

OOC : Purple, an emotionally savage color for an emotionally savage Natalia


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