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Travel from Imu to Bali.

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1Travel from Imu to Bali. Empty Travel from Imu to Bali. on 25/11/15, 04:42 pm

Eve Will

Eve Will
Balbadd -> 400-word count thread (travel via sea directly to Balbadd from Imuchakk).
Traveling with her dear friend, Rebbeca Wilson on board the ship named after the tragic event crossing paths with both of their history The Swallow. Eve makes way from the era snow lands and Ice caps of the Immuack lands where she didn't make much of an impact, unlike when she visited Reim battling in the arena. Though the environment onboard was a little distasteful and Eve wasn't expecting it to be so boring.

Eith all members of the small crew doing their own thing with very to little communication between them at all, which would cause eve to simply stay at the front, of the ship letting the sea breeze flow through her hair, as her mind enters deep thought as the long sea journey had barely started.  During the first half of the Journey taking over a couple months as they were crossing the trade sea the environment wouldn't chance to much at all apart from the odd moment between Eve and Rebbeca but she was a bit busy trying to recruit the Bandit in the vessels small prision below deck.

Finally Eve had taken enough of this boring environment "I Finally find a positive light in my heart, and you guys are frigging ruining it!!, could you be more dull like really, the fish are more entertaining than you guys".She marches down into the deck of the ship and kicks open the prison door and stares into the bandits eyes.  "I FREE YOU, YOU WORK FOR ME ...GOOD GREAT" Eve forcibly frees the prisoner Xena from her constraints, and drags her and Rebecca up deck and call for a meeting in the center of the boat. "Right everyone sit down in circle cross-legged right now". Everyone a little worried that eve has completely cracked decide to follower her request. Ok right we have like one more month of traveling to do, and to hell with being bored the netire way from now on we are going do something. Eve gives each person a fishing rod and starts a competition about catching the most fish, which would lead to her achievement of getting everyone competitive and bonding with each other.\

And so the journey would end, with the final month passing by as they docked into Balbibad with a vessel filled with so much fish, for a nice profit of trading instead of a wasted journey based on a rumor. Since the main goal was to follow up on a lead, about a possible lost member of their old crew popping up around here.



Travel from Imu to Bali. 33k69mc
Travel from Imu to Bali. Eve%20Sigs_zps2rnh7zok

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