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Silky Smooth Story (Job/Solo)

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Job Name: Reliving Glory Days
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3000 Huang
Chain Bonus: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: An old soldier is drunk at the local tavern, telling bawdy stories of his better years. The customers are getting annoyed and the tavern keeper wants him out. Either escort the man home and listen to a story or put him out of his misery.

It was an hour past noon and the sky was partly cloudy in a market district of Helioapht. Natalia was traversing the city as she usually did at this time of day, occasionally stopping to take note of some of the more expensive wares and question their quality. Gradually and unintentionally, she made her way towards a small tavern that was frequented often by locals. She was however, preoccupied by a traveling salesman and a particular item in his wares.

Oh my Ra, is… is that silk?” She would ask with a slight childlike curiosity. “Why yes. Straight from Kou in fact” the merchant would say a little shocked that a citizen from Helioapht would be able to recognize it so quickly. “You interested? You can inspect it if you like.” The merchant would say while a slight twinkle appeared in his eye. Not one to ignore a chance like this Natalia quickly unraveled the crimson roll of textile and was more than partially impressed.

The texture, luster, weave pattern, plasticity, and toughness … it’s still a fair shot from a master work but if definitely a quality product.” Natalia would say aloud recalling her experience with a certain doctor’s clothing. “Such a high quality ream with so few defects, you could make an entire accessory set from this.” The Imuchakk would say as her face began to glow with awe which quickly turned to “subdued” shock as she internalized the salesman’s possible connections.

You’re pretty good.” She would say as preformed a hand gesture of praise towards man. “Eh, pays the bills. Anyway, would I be correct in assuming you would like to purchase this product?” Checking how much huang she had, the golden haired women realized she had just enough to barter for it at the cost of the entire week’s income. “Savings or silk … silk or savings, such a tough decision. Sure I don’t need this but it’s so pretty.” She would say as she vocally wrestled with the choice.

Okay silk it---” before she could finish her sentence she would be hit and carried by a running lariat to the abdomen from an unknown individual. “Wait the silk!” she would say as she was translocated every closer to tavern by the unidentified assailant. The salesman sensing incoming shenanigans slowly backed away with a deadpan face. “MY CRIMSON SOCKS!” She would yell as the mysterious individual stopped just past the tavern entrance. Natalia was carried by momentum into tavern proper with tears forming on the surface of her eyes, landing on her butt just in front of the reception counter.

Heh mastered that technique fighting on duty.” A middle age man would say in surprisingly smooth voice. “It’s strong enough to carry a person and send them fly--- you guys got a new customer?” referring to Natalia who was now whimpering in the fetal positon. Unaware that he was the one who brought the “customer” in he continued “Well prepare to be amazed missy, cause I have stories that will leave you in awe”. A universal groan hovered in the air and the entire tavern was filled with immense dread.“See, they are already affected by the mere mention of my experiences.” The man would say either unable to read to mood or uncaring of the patrons continued serenity. “Let’s see what would be a good tale for a cloudy day … yes this should be suitable. Now back when I was a solider, I was quite the fetching young lad and a hot topic in some circles of upper class women. So when I was returning from my rounds on a day not unlike this, I found a note in the barracks to come to a predetermined location so my admirers could properly thank me. Not one to turn down a chance to connect with citizens I quickly made my way to the location.” “After an interesting conversation with a guard, I entered a room to find seven beautiful women waiting for me n----” before the man could finish his, likely racy, sentence the tavern owner would yell “COULD SOMEONE GET THIS MAN OUT OF HERE!” “You!” the owner would direct towards Natalia. As the Imuchakk, who was still depressed by the fact that she wasn’t getting knit incredibly comfortable socks, slowly turned to face the owner she was belted square in the face with a bag of huang. “Take that and take him somewhere, anywhere just --- just not here.” “What, oh come on Dave everyone here loves me and my stories, right guys?” the entire tavern proceeded to nod in disagreement. “I see how it is.” the man would say with a surprisingly strong poker face. Before he could say his rebuttal a patron who happened to be a strength magician discreetly pushed both the man and Natalia out the door. Flabbergasted and slightly disappointed the man paced around the tavern entrance pondering his next move.

Well if you don’t mind mister, I could walk you home and you would have someone to tell your tales to until then.” “Oh, walk me home and listen to my … my stories. That actually sounds rather pleasant, thank you for offering miss…” “Azrael!” Natalia would say with vigor due to the acquisition of a bit more wealth. “I see. Well Miss Azrael shall we get going, I know the perfect story for a woman your age.” The man would say with a warm smile “Now back when I was a soldier I knew this guy named Joe. Joe was a … unique man.” The man would recall fondly as the pair made their way towards the man’s home.

When they arrived Natalia saw the man off and left in deep thought. “Absolutely astounding, I never would have thought that you could use a scimitar for that. The investment scheme as … true genius is what that was. Still how does one turn camel fat, branches, and some string into blazing arrows that can curve mid-flight?” “It’s good to see I still have a lot more to learn.” she silently whispered with a small grin as she headed towards the market square. While she had gained knowledge, the silk had eluded her grasp and the Imuchakk was not going to give up silky socks without a fight.

WC: 500+/500

OCC: The hand gesture Natalia made. I would say she's... pretty good.

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