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Dealing With Trashes IV [Job/Hiro]

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Mikazuki Tenma

Mikazuki Tenma

Job Name: Dealing With Trashes, Pt IV
Job Rank:B-Tier
Job Location:Heliohapt
Job Rewards:200 XP, 15.000 Huang
Job Overview:After interrogate them, you will know that they have a fortress, quickly head there. As you enter, you explore the area and will find the room filled with women, make sure they are safe. But some of the women were brainwashed and ready to attack all of you, be careful to not hurt them and knock them out. You will also encounter some bandits in the area, deal with them and find out that the bosses are heading out to crush the village.

Enemy Name:Brainwashed Hostages (2x)
Needed damage to take down:C-tier
Abilities:Dagger attack deal C-Tier damage
Surprise Cut : The woman will send cuts at 15m/s to their target and deal C-Tier damage
Deep Stab : They will deliver deep stabs at 20m/s and deal B-Tier damage
Body Block : They will use their own body to accept any attack up to C-Tier damage

Enemy Name:Senior Bandits (3x)
Needed damage to take down:B-tier
Abilities:Blades deal B-Tier damage
Parry: The Bandit deflects an attack that deals up to C-Tier damage at 10 m/s.
Thrust: Thrusting his sword forward at 20 m/s, the Bandit deals B-Tier damage.
Slash: The Bandit slashes at his opponent at 20 m/s for B-Tier damage

The pain… he couldn’t bear it… he just wanted it to stop… why did he have to feel this pain…

‘…this cursed eyes…’

Suddenly he heard the cracking sound from outside, wondering if that was another bandit. Tenma stood up as the pain was not that painful anymore, it was still affecting him but he could still fight. Now that Hiro had left the place, the swordsman was certainly alone and he could just hope that he was not outnumbered. The black haired man would stand beside the entrance and tried to listen to the movement from outside, he guessed that maybe there was only one or two people out there judging from the footsteps. He could hear they were getting closer… and closer… and when the door opened, he would stay still before confirming that the one who entered the place was really the bandit. “They really did messing up the place!” One of the bandits said to another one who seemed standing behind him, and the moment he suggested the other man to report it to their boss, Tenma wasted no time and swung his Katana. Blood burst from the decapitated head and neck, painting the wall with its crimson color and echoing the room with a horrified scream from the other man.

As if he was pulled into the void by unknown hand, he screamed as loud as he could, horrified by anything that had ill intention towards him. But Tenma didn’t stop, he gave a sinister smile that matched well with his bloody eye, making the bandit pissed himself. “Where do you come from, poor creature?” He asked with a mocking tone, tightening his grip on the man’s neck a little bit. “Are there any other hideout…?” He kept asking, not giving the chance for the man to answer. “Hey…” He called, tightening his grip again on the bandit’s neck, “Answer me… Where is… your main hideout? Don’t lie to me or I will make you feel pain…”

This bandit was weaker than the previous one, look at how easy he gave in… He gave all the information about the fortress whereabouts, including the place where they kept all the hostages. But there was no guarantee if the bandit was giving the right information, considering the previous one lied to them… Oh well, he could just try to find another clue… and with that, he gave him a little mercy by maneuvering his hand to reach for his Wakizashi and stabbed the man’s neck over and over again. Once that he satisfied with making holes on the man’s neck, he let the man to peacefully lie down on the ground, sleeping forever…

Tenma would head out to the tavern, assuming that his companion would be there to enjoy some drinking. His crimson eye was no longer revealed as he already put his eye patch back on, but his body was still smelled like blood and his clothes was all drenched in blood. But he didn’t really care; he just took off his coat and continued walking until he arrived at the village.

If he found the Fanalis inside the tavern, he would sit beside him, “I found the other hideout… It’s a fortress this time…” He would start to spill all the information he knew, hoping that the redhead would want to continue to finish the bandits. But even if Hiro didn’t want to continue, the swordsman could just go alone and that was not a wise thing to do. He saw the Fanalis strength and again, fighting beside him would give Tenma motivation to become stronger. After all, his race was the best of the best in the terms of fighting; perhaps he could implement something that he learned from how Hiro fight.  What would they do, would be up to the Fanalis man. If he chose to proceed to the  fortress, Tenma would be more than ready to go.

WC: 655/1500


Dealing With Trashes IV [Job/Hiro] XNsy1xt


Hiro rises his right hand up to run his fingers through his hair, his fingers ran through his hair and once he saw the stream coming from hot bath from the inn he was staying in, Hiro got himself inside the hot bath and sorted himself out, hanging his head down just to the water hit the back of his head and making its way down his back, as he picked up a bucket and poured down. He again pulled his fingered through his hair as the water hit him again and again.

"Who are you little red head?" The warrior thought as his mind wandered to the woman that kept appearing into his mind more frequently than before. "Damn..." He whispered.

After spending some time in the bath, Hiro finally got out, dried himself off and grabbed a casual robe and his ankle armor. He might as well go out and jog, maybe that would help with his troubled mind. The warrior could always punch trees, or something else. Hiro moved to down, starting to make his way to the woods, once there the warrior began his usual training regiment.

Hiro dropped down and started to do some push ups, he didn't bother counting when it starts to hurt is when he starts to count, but of course that isn't so easy when you start liking the feel of pain but it will get there soon. After doing his push ups he has then done sit ups, after getting himself all warmed up, he then went towards a thick, huge and strong tree. He started to give light one, two jabs, then started to speed it up. Hiro of coursed mixed up by giving a few left knee jabs, and right knee jab, before he started to punch, knee and kick the tree. Hiro started to pick up the pace now, doing faster jabs and kicks, he stopped to move his body side to side and throwing in a few elbows now and then. After his training he went back to his room at the inn to grab his armor and weapons then moved to the inn.

Hiro sat on the stool, minding his business and drinking his drink. The warrior downed the drink. "Again, and keep them coming." he said in his low stern voice to the tender. Of course the warrior didn't look so happy, but it was the face that told people to back off, unless you wanted to pick a fight and lose. Hiro looked to his right and left now and then to check out who was in the bar, and who was coming in.

Hiro raises his glass up towards his lips and downs his drink again. He waved the glass around and swallowed the whiskey. "Ahhh, another...." he said as he placed the glass down. He waited for the tender to refill his drink. "Wait there." he told the tender. He downed his drink again and used his left index finger to tap his glass, he waited for it to be refilled again, and once again he tapped his glass. He has done this a few times till he just took a small sip. "Hmm...." he said to himself.

Downs one more drink and waved his glass. "Do you have anything more strong?" he called out. Before he knew it, Tenma made his apperance and took a seat next to the warrior and in turn Hiro let out a sigh. "Fortress of bandits this time huh?" He said as the tender poured him another drink and he again downed it. "Let us go then." He said standing up and grabbing his spear and shield clapping them against fierce. "Let us take care of these fools." He said quietly, little more talkative than usual from the drink. He took in a deep breath feeling the warmth of the drinks made in his warm breath course through his throat down to his lungs.

"I will regain my strength, my memories, and battle does this for me...What ever it takes.....I will remember everyone I once held dear." He thought to himself and he clasped his grip of his spear and shield. "No matter what..."



Dealing With Trashes IV [Job/Hiro] Hiro%20Banner_zpsy2rbxrz2

Mikazuki Tenma

Mikazuki Tenma
‘…His act is a little bit different than usual…’ Tenma stared at the Fanalis, noticing something different from the man, but maybe that was just because of the alcohol that affected it so the swordsman just reached his hand to give Hiro a pat on his back. His throat was a little dry and he craved to drink something, but staying any longer at the bar would just ruin the moment as now they were so ready to fight, to finish all those trashes. So he reached into the small pocket behind his coat that was hanging on his arm and took out his steel flask that has Sake inside, the liquid made its way into his mouth, flowing down into his throat and gave him this satisfied feeling as he licked his upper lip.

The day still long and they might have the chance to finish it all by the end of the day, so they would travel deep into the forest after bringing along some things that would aid them in the battle with those bandits. It was not easy to find the fortress actually, but by putting some thought into the location whereabouts by judging from the previous hideouts location, they managed to find it pretty quick. Would it be where he could find his sister? He hoped, he longed for her, the only one at the moment who could keep him sane. The black haired man did a mental sigh and then proceeded to sneak into the fortress, hoping the redhead would follow him. It would be not a wise thing to do if they just charged aimlessly into the fortress without actually knowing more information about the inside. He was not really a fan of sneaking actually, but if it was necessary then he got no other choice.

So far the sneak went pretty well, they managed to avoid some of the bandits while trying to go deeper into the fortress. But this felt strange… could it be that they had waiting for them inside like a spider that want to attack its prey, waiting until they got in the trap? He was not sure at the moment and he was not alone as well, so he nudged the Fanalis and asked for his opinion to know what they should do. But whatever they would do, they would find themselves standing in front of area that has two ways to go. One of it was a big steel door that looked like a warehouse’s door, it looked obviously strange and it was big enough to store something in a big amount. Another way was a passage that led to only Ra and the bandits knew where. Maybe they should split up? Tenma wondered. He imagined the possibility of his sister whereabouts inside that room, knowing that that room might be used to have a lot of slaves stored there even though, strangely, there was no guard in front of the room at all. But he continued to think about the possibilities; what if Hiro opened the room and some of the slave misunderstood about his good intention then tried to attack him. What he would worry was just the safety of the poor slaves that would get beaten by the Fanalis himself, and what if his sister was really there and was the one who tried to attack. Things would get messy…

“Hiro.” The one eyed man called with a very calm tone, but his gaze was not calm, it was as cold as the ice and the smile on his face was just making him look like a psychotic man who was ready to kill. But no, he was not aiming that for the Fanalis, he was just storing the darkness inside for later, when he could let loose of his dark side on those trashes. “I’ll open this door.” He said, gambling with his own choice. There was another possibility that the whole troop might already waited for them behind the door. But it was not use to keep making assumptions… so the one eyed man grabbed the handle and pushed it down to open it.

As they saw the room that was filled with women with fear flickering from their eyes, Tenma would stay still as he tried to scan the room to find someone that looked like his sister. He couldn’t find her… but he was not sure and tried to look once more by entering the room. As soon as he stepped, Tenma could hear the sound of steel brushing against its sheath and at that moment, the swordsman pulled his Katana from the sheath and swung it to where the attacker was standing. He managed to clash the Thrust attack from the bandit who was hiding inside the room by sending four diagonal clashes. Without wasting no time, the black haired man used the distance between him and the bandit to throw 2 of his knife, successfully hitting the bandit and made him unable to attack any further. A warm smile decorated his face when he stared at the terrified women and using the chance to look for his sister.

Meanwhile, from behind the Fanalis, someone was ready to attack. She attempted to deliver a deep stab to Hiro’s back, wanting to be sneaky and finish the big man in one attack. But if the redhead noticed her presence and attacked her, she would block it by using her body. If the Fanalis gave a better look of the woman, he would notice that the woman had this kind of slave tattoo on her neck and her gaze was not normal as she stared at the man with blank stare, like she was in drug or controlled by something. The woman was clearly a hostage, but probably the bandit did something to brainwash her.

As for the swordsman, when he think that the room was already clear and they can try to save the woman, one of them would stand up weakly. Tenma would look at her, waiting for what she would do by standing up. Perhaps she wanted to escape from the room? But it didn’t look like she would do that. Much to his surprise, that woman approached him by running and opened her hand, instantly giving him a hug as if telling him that she was grateful he came by her gesture and look on her eyes. “…” Only silent came from the swordsman as he keep gazing at the woman, wondering why she was brave enough to do that while the other women still cowering in fear… Her eyes looked blank… and her smile was empty… The other thing he knew was just a scream from another woman, “Nooooo!”

WC : 1500+/1500
Magoi : 270/300
Ammunition : 8/10

Ability Used:

Name: Joho Giri
Tier: B
Cost: 30 | 15
Weapon Type: Katana
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: The user will send 4 diagonal slashes at 20m/s, each slash dealing D-Tier damage.

Weapon Used:

Name: Mu
Tier: C-Tier
Type: Throwing Knife
Material: Shock Resistant Carbon Steel
Appearance: The color is black and it has 13cm for the total length, weigh 59 grams. It also has 3mm blade thickness and has 10 ammunition. The knife has two section, the sharp half for the blade and the grip which is not sharpened.

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Dealing With Trashes IV [Job/Hiro] XNsy1xt


Hiro walked with Tenma to the Fortress. He clenched his spear and shield in hand readying him from for the skirmish that was sure to soon come. He looked to his one eyed from and gave him a nod as he stated what he was about to do. "Ready." The warrior states letting out a tispy hiccup from the drink. He watched as Tenma made his skillful attack and quickly Hiro followed in to finish what the young man started.

But as the warrior ran in, the battle disappeared, the room disappeared. For a moment his mind went else where. The usually brutal and concentrated warrior was actually distracted. Why was this? Another random memory had come into mind. He took in a deep breath as everything went into a white light and the sounds of the fight went silent. There was a slight ring in his eye as he began to go numb and yet feel a warm sensation. The silence was killed with the sound of his hollow yet full breath.

This feeling was strange, as Hiro could see himself from another perspective. Yet he could not say a word and only hear and understand what he was feeling at this time in his life, whenever this was. The sounds of steps...The feeling of peace...

There was a freeing sense to the walks he was allowed in the temple and sanctuary. Gave him the opportunity to explore, be acquainted with his new home. Relegated to minimal guard presence, he had the peace of mind to feel the slightest sense of independence. For his time spent here outside his prison cell, he enjoyed the gardens the most. They were peaceful, natural, and largely a bubble of tranquility in an otherwise chaotic and changing world. But not today. Today something felt off, a sense of foreboding that washed over the garden like a calm stagnate wind. The sort that preceded the deluge.

Young Honey brown eyes lifted from a downward look. He had been watching insects running across their forest of dew covered grass, infighting of tiny tribes spread mere meters apart. He appreciated that clarity and juxtaposition and wondered what it might be like, if much larger beings looked down upon the large world and measured the importance of all this squabbling. He wondered if they would find it as interesting as he once found these insects. But his attention shifted to the tone of people with blurred facing approaching him, the one who had taken the time to speak with him in his cell. Provide him reading material. He owed the man more than most others in this place.

But as he looked upon the expression of intensity, purpose heightened to pure gesticulation and body language, the tone moved beyond owing someone. It was a matter of what needed to be done. He wasn't sure what it was but Hiro felt that sense of certainty creep back in. Like knowing a book was worth the read before ever having lifted it up. He also got the impression that he didn't have choice. But if he did, the result would have been all the same.

"Do you know why you are here?" The familiar voice called out to him.

"No." He responded.

"Do you remember who I am?" The voice asked him.

There was a pause and the feeling of uncertainty.

"No." Hiro responded.

The warrior looked at himself and the figure, confused but in a wonder of what was going on. But this was his chance. Whatever this was, it may be the answer he needed to know more about himself. But a fog began to cover his gazed and the figures began to blur out competely. "No...NO....NO!" The warrior cried out with a monstrous roar. His sensations were regained and he could feel something warm, something wet and dripping from his back. That sensation was then followed by a piercing pain from his back. He was just stabbed. Bodily pain was the least of his worries though, his mind was enraged. "No..." The warrior whispered. He dropped his shield and spear then clenched his fists for a moment. He did what he could to contain himself but his eyes went blood shot.


The large man let out a monstrous shriek as he pulled out the blade from his upper back and threw it at a bandit piercing his head. Then turned to the woman a picked her up by her head with his hands. His thumbs on her eyes as she screamed and struggled with her feet dangling from the floor. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" The woman cried as her has grasped his wrists. "I won't ever--" She said get cut off by her own screams as Hiro began to push down on her eyes. "Do you know.....What....You....Ughh" He growled under his breath at her. She could not respond from the sheer pain but before long with a heavy breath.

A soft voice entered his mind. "Artemus....This isn't you. Remember..."

"No." He thought. "But...I want to..."

Hiro dropped the woman before he burst her eyes in her head. Her went down and curled around the man's leg begging for forgiveness and thanking him for his mercy. The warrior's blood shot eyes went back to it's glazed but older and experienced dark brown.  The warrior took another deep breath and picked up the crying woman. He took out a knife and raise it over a flame then gave it to her. "Put it over, not into my wound. And I will forgive you." He command, the woman cried but nodded and did as commanded. The last bandit saw what he though was an opened as she tried to fix his wound and made his charge.

The bandit ran at him but was stopped as Hiro swift raise his fist and pressed into the man's throat as he ran. Hiro whispered to the woman. "Close your eyes until we leave here." The did as commanded. The bandit fell over out of breath then Hiro proceed to stomp continuously on his face and walked out of the fortress. "Let's go Tenma." The warrior said walking out with the woman over his shoulder.



Dealing With Trashes IV [Job/Hiro] Hiro%20Banner_zpsy2rbxrz2

Mikazuki Tenma

Mikazuki Tenma
“…” He kept staying quiet until he heard the woman’s scream as if she was trying to alarm him about the incoming danger. He whimpered a little bit, seemed to be in pain as the other women could see one of their comrade had something gripped in her hand and it was right on the swordsman’s stomach. They were expecting blood to flow out from the black haired man’s stomach and was preparing for the worst to watch their ‘savior’ to wither by the attack. But all the watch was the pained expression of the hostage that did it, she cried in pain and tried to struggle. With a dark chuckle, Tenma who was gripping the woman’s hand tight lifted it up, making sure he inflicted enough pain so she would let go of the dagger from her grip. She growled to the man, didn’t want to lose to his strength but it was clear that the man’s strength overpowered her as she couldn’t even managed to move her gripped hand. “You will kill us all! I need to kill you!”

With a warm smile but eyes as cold as the tundra, Tenma chuckled and said, “N—“ The woman slapped him with her other hand, but that didn’t make the swordsman loosening his grip. He would give the woman 2 slaps on her face, making sure it was not hard enough but to calm herself down. “I apologize to slapping you, but from what I see… you are under control and seemed to be brainwashed. I had no choice other than to do it, but I hope this small kisses on your cheeks would make the pain wear off soon.” After that, he leaned closer to the woman and pecks her cheeks with a soft kiss, making the woman speechless by his action and yelped when Tenma lifted her bridal style. “W-what are you doing…warrior? You should focus to defeat those wretched being!” But with a bright smile, the one eyed man replied, “Your safety first, milady.”

It happened again, as of something had taken control of the Fanalis, Hiro had fallen to his own rage. Tenma wouldn’t lie or being hypocrite to not admit that sometime he could be the same too. He would fall to his own rage and started to craving for blood. Oh, how he loved how it felt to have blood drenched his face, how he loved to hear the beautiful melody of his victim’s scream… and how he enjoyed cutting them into pieces as if they were nothing. Sometime, there was the day where Tenma would be a very uncontrollable one, only seeking to kill and to slay for his heart’s content just like a superior beast. He would just nod when Hiro said something to him and walked away with the Fanalis. This was not the end, he knew it but looked like he needed to find another way to find information. But it was not long until the woman in his arms began to speak, “Warrior… I… have to thank you for snapping me out from those madness.” She would then cup her hands on Tenma’s cheek before continuing with teary eyes, “They did unspeakable things to us, even go as far as brainwashing us. But please do us a favor, they are heading to our village, they will crush the village….purge them, save our village… please… I’m begging you…” Tears began to flow from her eyes and she was trying to say something but was stopped by Tenma, “It was enough milady, I understand. We will do our best to make them stay away from the village… but now, you have to rest, as I can see that you are weary and tired of this ‘madness’…” He planted a soft kiss on her forehead before his making his smile as the last thing that the woman saw, “Good night, milady…” He said softly before laying her down near the tree and asked the other hostages to take care of her.

‘Now is the showdown…, eh?’

When he just wanted to walk, he stopped a little bit as if he finally remember that he forgot to do something. He looked at the woman on Hiro's back, at that time, his Fanalis friend was giving her a mercy. He was not sure if he woman was fully sane or not ot maybe she was still in the brainwashed state. So Tenma approached the redhead and pulled the woman from Hiro's back before landing 2 slaps on the woman's cheek, only to make sure that she was not controlled. The moment she cried and whimpered in pain, the one eyed man sighed and ruffles her hair, saying his apology while explaining why he must slap her.

WC : 1500+/1500
Magoi : 270/300
Ammunition : 8/10


Dealing With Trashes IV [Job/Hiro] XNsy1xt

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