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The Light Magi Steps In [Dungeon Summoning; Closed]

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The brown-haired female hovered above a fairly barren plain. Gears and all sorts of other machinery littered this wasteland, however Sanarya still managed to find some beauty in it all.

The much kinder soul brought up her staff slowly and started to twirl it mid-air. She'd never really done this before, so at the moment the Magi was hoping that luck was on her side.

She closed her eyes and focused as hard as she could, whilst simultaneously channeling the rukh through her staff. "Rise up....Dungeon!" She yelled in a slightly awkward manner due to the pause.

Sanarya spread her arms to the sides, and to her content the ground below started to mix up and change shape. For several minutes it would do so, until it formed into a structure.

Now off at the same time Basil was probably summoning his own Dungeon. Sanarya never really took a gander at what the previous one looked like, so she assumed her's was just fine.

In short, she had created a building which was similiar to the greatest structures of Reim! It had several columns lifting up beautiful stonework and architecture. Blue flames lit up the majority of cauldrons set up and around the Dungeon.

"Seems good enough." The Magi said whilst exhaling a breath of exhaustion and placing her hands on her hips.

After mesmerizing her creation for several seconds, she would snap back-to and fly off to spread the word.

Sanarya would send messages to all of the kingdoms, asking for brave warriors to conquer the new dungeon which she had arisen, in hopes that they would bring peace and prosperity to the world.

The Light Magi Steps In [Dungeon Summoning; Closed] VassagoGate_zps6d619f8d
-The Third Dungeon Rises-

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