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Back to the Desert (Travel)

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Cyrus Argentum

Cyrus Argentum
He knew what he had to do. Cyrus would return to Heliohapt and try to find his mother. She wasn't in the dungeon in Balbadd but he knew that she would be somewhere in the world and hopefully in Heliohapt. Had to take the boat from Balbadd to Heliohapt it would be a long journey but to find his mother, it would be worth it if he could see her again. However, as Cyrus walked onto the boat the beautiful shimmering ocean, an azure jewel stretching on for miles in his eye line, he wondered why his father was so cold about his mother. Thinking about it now Cyrus realized that there was something strange about his father’s actions. He was more or less the same but he seemed more hopeless and defeated. Haunted by something. He put it out of his mind as the orange haired traveler went to his cabin for a brief nap. He would have many weeks to figure out why his father was acting in such a way. The lapped the boat rocking it back and fourth. In his mind Cyrus was back with his family again after all those years of being apart, wandering the world. Sharing stories of their adventures perhaps, when the time is right going to capture a dungeon together, as a family. That dream was etched in Cyrus’s mind for the many weeks at sea, unfortunately he would have to wait even longer. He was still very far away from any land nothing but the briny blue of the vast deep ocean and a clear blue sky above. The winds were kind to Cyrus and his boat moving them from with its guiding hand. He was lucky there had been storms in that area between Balbadd and Heliohapt. Slowly but surely they finally started to make it. He could see the golden sands that were distinctly Heliohapt. Cyrus was so excited to be back to a country that he had been immersed in for so long. He would be able to meet old friends and perhaps even make some new ones. I wonder if they would recognize me? its been almost two and a half years since I was here last. I hope no much has changed so that I can visit my old haunts. New prospects popped up in the travellers mind but he still had one goal to find his mother.



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