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A Crippled Scavenge

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Diego Namez

Diego Namez

Assignment Name: A Crippled Scavenge
Assignment Rank: B-Tier
Assignment Location: Imuchakk
Assignment Rewards: 200 XP, 15k Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Ranger; Pirates and Shipwreck
Assignment Overview: Now that you have a shelter, you will need to scout out the surrounding lands to learn what resources you have available. During your exploration, discover and collect a few different varieties of vegetation. Return to home base with them to test their properties.

Diego woke up in the middle of the night with a start. At first, he didn’t recognize where he was, but as his eyes fell on the sleeping bodies around the fire, he started to recall the previous days. Calming down, he noticed Celese sitting cross-legged before the fire, staring at him with a small smile. She patted the ground next to her, motioning him to join her. ”You’ve been asleep for some time,” she whispered softly, careful not to disturb the others.

Without a word, Diego stood up and stretched the sleep from his limbs. Once he felt limber, he walked over and joined her by the warmth of the fire. Once he settled down, Zanzibar skittered over to nap in the Fanatiga’s lap. Silence settled between the two for a few minutes before Diego finally spoke up. ”You know, I’ve found it strange that you guys came to Imuchakk. None of you are even dressed appropriately for the weather.”

Celese let out a small chuckle as she poked at the fire with a stick. ”That’s a long story.” Diego arched a brow to her reply and gestured around the cave, as if asking what else they would do. ”Good point.  But, before I tell you about us, you have to promise to tell me your story.” She fixed him with a hard look, the seriousness in her eyes making it clear that she wouldn’t budge.

Hesitant at first, Diego’s curiosity got the better of him and he agreed. With a satisfied smirk, Celese shifted a bit closer to the fire before beginning her tale. ”It all started a few years ago…” For what seemed like hours, Celese spoke in a low whisper, telling Diego about the adventures she had been on. An orphan from a young age, Celese had learned to survive as a thief in the streets of Balbadd. It wasn’t until she had met Hawk-Eye—who Diego thought had been the Captain, but was actually the Quartermaster—that Celese had been able to leave that life. Hawk-Eye was part of a small crew, made up of orphans that she had banded together from all across the world, called the Snails and Tails Brigade. They worked for a rich merchant in Balbadd, named Marsupial.

It was through Marsupial, that they had been ordered to “recover” two rare ships from Reim. The ships had been designed with a new type of sail that allowed for better maneuverability. Called a ‘Junk Ship’, these ships had been constructed around the time of Kou’s takeover of Reim. The Merchant had information that suggested a pair of these Junk Ships had been gifted to a certain pirate group. So it had been up to the Snails and Tails to find the ships and steal them. What was supposed to be an easy job, however, had become quite troublesome. Soon after stealing the ships, they had quickly learned that the ships belonged to Madam Trixie, the Pirate Queen.

Before the Junk Ships even managed to pull out of the dock, Trixie’s crew discovered their state-of-the-art ships being stolen and hurriedly chased after them. The Snails and Tails had divided into two teams, so they decided to separate to throw off the chase. Jayce’s team went north, thinking that they could quickly lose Trixie’s crew in the sea surrounding Imuchakk, while the other team headed back to Balbadd. Unfortunately, they hadn’t expected the Ceres’ Roar and Madam’s Fury to know the area so well. By a stroke of luck, the wind shifted, leaving Trixie’s ships dead in the water, while the Rusty Spoon was able to continue on by adjusting the new type of sails.

”, a few days later, we found you floating in the water and here we are.”

Celese let out a yawn as she finished telling her story. She wondered at the pained expression Diego made whenever Trixie had been mentioned, but otherwise was happy to see that he had been captivated by her story. ”Now, you promised to tell me your past.” Celese laid down on her side, propping her head up with one hand, while she waited for Diego to begin.

Diego etched a circle into the ground with a claw, while he decided where to start. Exhaling softly, the Fanatiga figured he should begin with the reason for his quest to kill Jagang, where the deepest emotional wounds still festered. ”I was raised in the plains by my tribe…”

The cold, northern winds buffeted against Diego’s body as he trudged through knee-high snow. Zanzibar clung onto Diego’s back, using his body as a shield against the wind. The Fanatiga was currently scouting out the surrounding lands for any resources which could prove useful. Even though both Tamer and Beast could feel the icy chill through their thick fur, they were better suited for the harsh climate of Imuchakk than their human companions. However, that wasn’t exactly the reason Diego had left the cave, just his excuse.

After sharing stories with Celese, Diego had experienced a ‘small’ freak out. Azaelea had shifted in her sleep, disturbed by her dreams and ended up rolling onto Diego’s foot. Her head ended up resting half on his foot and half on her staff. Being touched by both magician and magical instrument had sent a shiver of fear down Diego’s spine. In the heat of the moment he had pulled his foot back, repulsed by the sensation of her snuggling, and thrust it square into her face.

Azaelea woke up screaming, blood dribbling down her nose, causing the others to wake up in turn. Celese watched Diego in part horror and part sympathy for both parties, understanding Diego’s feelings on magicians. Jayce rushed to Azaelea’s side to comfort her, while his eyes shot daggers at the Fanatiga. Hawk-eye on the other hand, simply sat up, facing Diego, and bore her penetrating gaze into his soul. Frustrated and embarrassed, Diego had mumbled something about needing to survey the land, before hurrying out of the cave, with Zanzibar in tow.


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Diego Namez

Diego Namez

While having to overcome walking through the thick snow, Diego was startled to notice that he was moving in a somewhat normal fashion. He had thought he would never get used to his rewired brain, but throughout the past week Diego had begun to relearn how to walk. There were still occasions where he picked up the wrong leg and fell crashing into the snow, but those instances were growing rare.

He built a mental map of the environment, using his surroundings as landmarks and his uncanny abilities to judge the distance between two points and always know which way was north, with near-perfect accuracy. It was a helpful trait to have as a Ranger, able to be utilized in many situations.

A Crippled Scavenge P3WInQE

Tall trees with trunks the size of his arm grew in the forest surrounding the cave. With the vicious wind whipping between the trees, Diego would have expected them to snap in two. Yet, the trees were particularly limber, swaying with the wind to maintain support. He approached the nearest one and studied it for a moment. Running his hand over the trunk, Diego muttered an apology before pulling off a few pieces of bark. Afterwards, Diego proceeded to dig out the snow from around the base of the tree. Once the area was clear, he began digging into the dirt till he uncovered a tangle of roots. Using his nails like a file, Diego gathered a handful before covering them back up. He placed both the bark and roots into his pack before moving onward.

A Crippled Scavenge Gf49l0c

A few hours of walking led Diego to the outskirts of the forest, where the trees had branches all the way down, growing steadily larger in size towards the bottom, like a cone. The leaves along the branches were thin and spiky, which Diego took a few of. As with the previous trees, the Fanatiga stripped off some bark and roots, which he put in his sack. One other thing of note that he found with this new tree, was that the leaves created a barrier against the wind for anyone who climbed inside.

Looking up into the sky, Diego's jaw gaped open at the sight of vibrant lights dancing in the air. Enraptured by the sight, it was several moments before he recalled a story Jagang had once told him about the northern lights. That's right, he must have seen them while he experimented on Ilirran's tribe. Once he was done marveling over the brilliant hues twisting up above, Diego started to head back to the cave. Along the way, he discovered a strange, glowing moss growing off the side of a large rock. Scraping some off, he wrapped it in a handkerchief and placed it in his sack, before continuing on.  

When he arrived back at camp, he noticed that their reserves of wood were running low. He set his sack down without a word, ignoring the terse stares from the pirates, and walked back out to gather more wood. Once he was done, Diego took a seat to adjust the fire. Placing fresh wood in the most strategic spots to obtain the best airflow, he fanned the flames. He waited till the fire was burning hotter to pull out what he had gathered.

"Hmm...this would be easier if I had a mortar and pestle...maybe a bowl too..." Diego muttered to himself as he looked through his sack to take an inventory of what tools he had.

While he searched, Azaelea shyly crept closer, until she was standing right behind the Fanatiga. There was a thoughtful look in her eyes as she bent down next to him to see what he was doing. Seeing the plant-life that Diego had gathered, Azaelea quickly grasped what he was trying to do. Grasping her staff, Azaelea whispered to the Rukh to conjure a wooden bowl next to a mortar and pestel. The bowl was fashioned in such a way that it could be heated over a fire to boil water.

The sudden appearance of the conjured tools startled Diego and he looked at the magician with fear. She looked back at him with a cheerful smile and grabbed the bowl before skipping outside to fill it partially with snow. Diego watched her leave before turning to the others confused. Jayce seemed irritated that Azaelea was helping Diego and sent him an angry glare. Hawk-Eye sharpened her sword, acting as if she hadn't seen anything while Celese laughed at Diego's incredulous look. None of their reactions helped the Fanatiga understand Azaelea's actions. How can she be so eager to help me after I stomped her face in?

A voice whispered into Diego's ear, sending a chill up his spine that made his ears ring. Perhaps they aren't all alike.

Diego's head whipped around to see who had spoke, but didn't see anyone. He looked back at the others, "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Jayce asked in a gruff tone.

Diego shook his head, "Nevermind." He knew he had heard something, but no one else seemed to have heard anything. The thought was soon struck from his mind when Azaelea returned with the bowl of snow. She set it to the side while she cast another spell, which created vines to hold the bowl over the fire. She then nodded at Diego to continue. "Err...thanks..."

Azaelea watched Diego begin to use the ingredients to create several concoctions with a botanist's curiosity. He was testing their properties to see the effects they would have if consumed by eating, drinking an infusion or absorbing it through the skin in a salve. Whenever he needed something, Azaelea was right there with a conjured cup or extra hand. She shared his love of plants, which gave her a natural affinity towards life magic, so she was the perfect partner.

Through trial and error, Diego quickly learned that the moss and roots of both trees gave someone the most noxious farts known to man. The bark of the first tree was soft enough to chew if soaked in water, making for a make-shift snack, though it caused indigestion. However, the bark of the second tree boiled into a tea soothed any discomfort. He had found a means to sustain the group for a little while, at least until he could hunt some game. Which was next on his list of things to do. A long list at that, but to pay off his blood-debt, it was worth it.



Geo-mastery: Rangers can tell the distance between them and anything they can see, and can always tell which way is north.


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