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Absolute Prostration [Job/Solo]

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Job :
Job Name: Lonely Orphans
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: Since the attack during the Festival of the Broken Sun, there has been an increase in the number of orphans. The children are sad and lonely. Visiting them and cheering them up by making them happy through laughter, singing and dancing, telling them stories, or other means, will be rewarded.

It was a normal day in the world as far as Natalia was concerned, the affluent and the impoverished traversed the city, merchants were pedaling their wares, back alley deals were probably occurring, and the city was covered in the noon sun. She herself was perusing the wares of a fruit merchant when she was approached by an old man with a scroll in his hand.

Pardon me miss” he would say in a voice that was old yet full of vigor. “Would you be interested in helping make an old geezer’s dream a reality?” Natalia would turn her body on the heels of her feet, making two complete rotations before stopping to face the man. “I’m willing to listen and maybe help if it’s not too demanding.” Not missing a beat the old man would continue “As you may know, the recent tragedies have turned a lot of kids into orphans. I’ve the light disappear from a child’s eyes as the call out to parents numerous times and reached my breaking point.” Unraveling his scroll he would say “I am just one man and I realize I can’t help all of them but I have collected the names and locations of 30 children and stocked piled enough huang to rent a space large enough for all of them until they are old enough fend for themselves however, they are all going through a tough emotional period and do not seem to have any hope for the future. I was able to convince them all to gather together. If you could somehow restore their drive I could take care of the rest.” his eyes pleading yet full of belief “I can pay you for your trouble. Will you do it?” “Your concern for these kids’ hits me right in my feelings” the Imuchakk would say with rivers of tears streaming down her face “I’ll do it grandpa. I won’t rest until every single one of them grins from ear to ear” she recited firmly putting one hand on the man’s shoulder while using her free hand to give him a thumbs up sign. “I am truly grateful you would even consider. They well be at this location at noon tomorrow. I await good news.

Natalia would show up at a section of the city adjacent to the promised location a little bit before the determined time. “Revitalize their drives was it, well it should not be too difficult, if they only lost their parents they have not had the chance to taste true despair.” She would think as she walked to destination “Causing them feel a sense of catharsis with each other should be simple if they are children. With a great many topics to “bond” over, a near immediate effect should manifest if I play my cards right.” Recalling the old man’s vigor as she stepped into the square she thought “Such an earnest desire… How amusing, perhaps I will go the extra mile to imprint the value of “brotherhood” into them to increase the chance that they actually excel in their circumstances.

As the scene came into view the young woman would see the sad faces of children who had lost their parents. It was a fairly diverse group t,he youngest members seeming no younger than three and the oldest seeming no older than nine, the average age being six. While they were all in fairly close proximity of each other, none seemed to have any interest in conversing with their neighbors. “The time to act has arrived” she thought. “ Umm… excuse me, does  anyone know where a girl could find a---” she would barely get out before she preformed a calculated trip, executing an A- grade face plant and hit the stone flooring with a thud so audible it was almost visible.

Nearly everyone present winced at the sight and the area entered a different kind of silence as the imuchakk’s limbs and golden hair splayed out across the floor. Several exasperated moments would pass as Natalia laid one the floor still as stone. This continued until a young girl whispered “Do you think she’s ok?” “How am I supposed to know?” a young boy would reply. “What if she’s hurt” another child would interject with. “Maybe she just taking a sleepy on the floor” an especially young lad would utter. The quiet statement sparked a mild roar as the children conversed about how to deal with the current situation. After much prodding a boy around the age of nine was made to go and check on the woman’s health. Mustering a sizable amount of courage the boy walked up to Natalia and was centimeters away from poking her face when the Imuchakk sprang forth into the air, causing the poor lad to fall flat on his back. Natalia would land in the center of the gathering in an expertly executed dogeza pose.

I’m really sorry for tripping in your gathering, I will hold this EXACT position until I am moved out of it at which point I will do my best to thank you for forgiving me” the girl would say as her poncho slowly sank to the ground. “Time for the game to begin, I can function for roughly an hour on a single breath without losing consciousness (roleplay-wise), and if I focus I should be able to still any noticeable movements.” She thought to herself as she used part of her Imuchakk strength to anchor herself to the ground through her hands.

The area was silent for a few moments before someone noted how still the Imuchakk looked. Eventually through a mock diagnosis, the scene they had just experienced prior and, the imagination of children, it had been decided that she had fallen asleep and forgotten how to breath at the same time. This prompted the children to find a method to move her from her spot and wake her for fear of her health and the repayment she had promised.

After much trial and error with various kids pushing, pulling, tickling, and even jumping on the Imuchakk they eventually stumbled across the concept of cooperation. Soon after, one of the older girls proposed all the big kids should try and lift her at the same time. After a few coordination failures, the group’s synchronization as well of cohesiveness had noticeably improved with even the smallest child pitching in to help stabilize the lifters. With one swift yelp, the children applied upward force in unison to Natalia’s dogeza pose.

That happened faster than I expected however, the feeling of “brotherhood” can probably be firmly implanted if I complicate things. Time for phase two” the girl would think as she used the full extent of her arms’ power to grip the ground with her only her fingers as she rose. The children would stand their awestruck at the sight of a dogeza which had become perpendicular to the ground.

The scene didn’t last long as Natalia shifted her weight slightly, placing her in original orientation with a loud thud. Though only thirty minutes had past the children were disheartened due to invalidation of their prior effort, with some of the little ones starting to cry. “Don’t lose hope … keep moving until every fiber of your being quits on you and then go a little more.” One of the older children would say suddenly. “My… My mom told me that before she “left”, at first I didn’t understand what she was talking but after working with all of you it’s become a bit clearer. I now think of all you as friends and I want my friends to be happy now and in the future, I don’t want our circumstances to drive the course of our live like this, and if this golden narcoleptic lady is blocking that path then I’m going to do my best to wake her up until I fall asleep.” The child would say with his eyes beaming. “I would like us all to wake this lady up together. Are you with me my fri….. No, are you with me my comrades?” While it was a struggle for even the older kids to decipher what his words meant, the passion and intent was crystal clear resulting in all the children nodding and a rising spirit that was almost palpable forming.

After twenty more minutes the kids had completed an intense synchronization session as well as formed a battle plan. “My oh my how … Romantic” the Imuchakk mused to herself. As the children began to execute the plan, the beginning stage was mostly similar to their first attempt except that had a smaller number of kids try and lift Natalia. Again Natalia was gripped the ground with her fingers to preform vertical dogeza. “It’s not over yet!” A young girl with a slight tinge of red in hair yelled as she slid into one of Natalia hands while someone who appeared to be her brother slid into the other simultaneously. “They’ve adapted in such little time … unfortunately that isn’t enough” Natalia thought as maintained the lock on her body causing her entire being instead of just her arms to shift, thus keeping the integrity of the dogeza.

Now!” she would hear someone say as she began to feel a small yet focused breeze in front of her. Opening her eyes slightly, Natalia was faced with the sight of a boy and girl who were in an excellent form to execute what would be known as a boxing straight side by side. “Rise and Shine!” the boy and girl would say as they drove their fists into Natalia’s abdomen simultaneously. While Natalia had a high pain tolerance, and attack was executed by children, Natalia could do rough comparative gauges of forces affecting her and this one was surprisingly, if not scarily, large. The girl, being at her time limit for holding her breath as well being caught off guard by the smoothness of the assault, let out an audible gasp for breath as she slammed back first into a wall 15 meters away from the center of the gathering.

As the two that delivered the coup de grace raised their fists into the air there was a loud cheer from the crowd of children, along with so much hugging and merry making all of them had forgotten about the apology prize. The old man would walk by Natalia as he made way for the kids, dropping a bag of Huang near her as well as pastries and a few other confections. The Imuchakk herself didn’t take much notice as she sat against the wall, looking up at the sky with a melancholic gaze.

WC: 500+/500


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