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End of Eden I

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Job Name: Web of the Spider
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Great Plains
Job Rewards: 200xp/15000huang
Job Prerequisites: Nomadic Odd Jobs: Saving the children
Job Overview: Something is happening with the farming tribe your caravan just visited. Tribal warriors comes to get you because the tribe elder asks for you specifically. You ride back with the Tribal warriors only to find out the village is gone and only blood remains.

Black Spider Torturer:
Enemy Name:Black Spider Torturer
Rank: B-Tier
Needed damage to take down:B
Description: Have a B-tier hook and chain as a weapon and moves at 10m/s

  • Where are you going? : Torturer throws his hook at a distance of 10m for 20m/s and pulls the enemy toward the torturer.
  • Lacerate : Torturer uses his hook to try and disembowels enemy causing C-Tier damage and bleeding for 2 posts
  • No Escape : Torturer uses the chain of his hook to wrap the opponent and causes immobilization of the arms for 3 posts.

Black Spider Assassin x4:
Enemy Name:Black Spider Assassin x4
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down:C
Description: Have a C-tier poisioned dagger that does passive poison damage on ability or attacks. Moves at 15m/s

  • Flash Step: Black Spider assassin moves the distance of up to 10m almost instantly at the speed of 15m/s to dodge attacks.
  • Slash Attack: Black Spider Assassin attacks at the speed of 15m/s slashing twice with their dagger doing 2x D-Tier damage causing D-Tier poison damage as passive.

Hohotaro is still elated with the impromptu festival they've had the day before. Hohotaro is thinking about after he's done with the dungeon, he would go get Kirara and have her meet Ahmed and the kids. If possible he wanted her to meet the whole caravan crew. After months of travelling across the plains Hohotaro formed a bond with them that is comparable to a family. He miss his little sister of course, but being with the caravan people helps reduce the longing by a lot.

Hohotaro's contract with the Caravan leader has ended as soon as they delivered the last package to the third village. He was given the payment for the work and a pat on the back from the Caravan leader for a job well done. He then returned to Ahmed's wagon for some well deserved rest.



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The next day Hohotaro was awakened by Khaleel, he was excited that Hohotaro is out of being a caravan guard. "Brother Hoho! Let's go! Do you remember your promise?" Khaleel shakes Hohotaro until he wakes up.

"Hmm huh? What? I'm up! I'm up!" Hohotaro sits up from his sleeping position. He is still groggy and half asleep after being awakened so abruptyl by Khaleel.

"Now now kids. Let your Brother Hoho get some more sleep." Ahmed turns from the driver seat of the caravan after hearing them trying to wake Hohotaro up.

"It's alright..." Hohotaro said as he pats Khaleel on the head. "I did made a promise I plan to keep it. That's what a real man do!" Hohotaro gives Khaleel a thumbs up.

Kheema pouts and say. "Girls keep their promises too Brother Hoho."

Hohotaro laughs "Yeah yeah of course. Girls always keep their promises that's why it's doesn't need to be said haha!" Hohotaro pinches Kheema's cheek lightly. Kheema smiled and chuckled.

Hohotaro heard a commotion outside. A rider atop his horse is asking for Hohotaro. He said it was about the farming village, they need help. Hohotaro looks outside and he recognize the rider. He was one of the tribesmen that helped Hohotaro to save the children when they were kidnapped.

Hohotaro agrees to go with the rider towards the village. He borrowed one of the horses of the mercenary guards and rides toward the farming village. The rider said that it was not far, they would only need to ride for an hour in full sprint to reach the village.

Hohotaro and the tribe rider reached their destination. What welcomed them is a scene right out of their nightmares. The once golden fields now turned crimson with blood. The sky is painted black with the smoke coming from the fires of the village. There are screaming and wailing that seems to surround the entire area. Hohotaro's companion was pale with shock and burning with anger.

The rider shouted. "This isn't part of the deal!" The rider dismounts his horse and stumbles toward the Village. "You said you're not going to harm the village." The rider's knee buckled and is now on all four and gritted his teeth in anger. Blood trickle spurts out of his torn lips as he shouts. "We had a deal!!!"

Suddenly a blur rushed out of the bushes and appeared in front of the rider. It was a person draped in black. It's face is hidden from sight with only the eyes is exposed. His eyes clearly smiled in front of the rider and said "I guess we lied... hehehe" The black garbed man chuckled slashes his dagger two times towards the rider's throat careful not to hit the jugular. The black garbed assailant kicked the rider aside before the blood bubbles out of his throat. The rider gargles, covers his throat and gasps for air like he was drowning. The assassin crouched to look at the rider more closely in his futile struggle to survive. When the rider became completely still the assassin looked at Hohotaro with the same smiling eyes and chuckled as he flash steps away back towards the Village.

Hohotaro was frozen with the events that happened in front of him. The assassin have a blatant disregard for life, no that's wrong, he enjoys the sight of death. He could have ended it quickly but he chooses the way that's the worst for his victim. At least now Hohotaro has an idea of the people he might encounter in the village. The ones who destroyed the once beautiful and peaceful farming village and turn it into a bloody and burning hell.

Hohotaro dismounts his horse and walks towards the rider. "I'm sorry, I couldn't do anything." He closes the rider's eyes and continue forward running towards the village.

Hohotaro noticed something as he enters the village. All he can see are corpses of men and the elderly. There are no children or women anywhere. Hohotaro went straight towards the Village elder's hut. It's not much different for the scene across the village. Blood is spilling out from inside, Hohotaro cautiously opened the flap and peeks inside ready for any attack. But there's no attack, only the sight of Oscar's body on the ground. It's naked from top to bottom, wounds are raw suggesting he just died recently. His back is covered with wounds that might have come from lashes. There one deep cut across his back. It's a messy cut that's not made with a sharp object, it was more torn than cut.

Hohotaro heard a scream from nearby. It was a scream of pain, it was continuous. Hohotaro races towards where the scream was coming from. It was coming from the hunter's lodge. Blood and gore is not foreign around the hunter's lodge premises but Hohotaro was taken aback on what he sees. Hohotaro thought that he have prepared himself for anything he might see, but nothing can prepare him on what he saw. In place of the animals that was hunted in the plains, tribesmen are hanging on hooks completely naked like beasts. Hohotaro almost lost himself when he saw the elder hanging by both her ankles and her belly was cut open and her intestines are resting on her face.

Hohotaro composed himself by biting deeply on his lips enough to draw blood. He is confused, why is something like this happening? This is not a normal raid, it's like the attacker is leaving a message. Looking at the elder with tear stained eyes Hohotaro remembered something she said not too long ago.

Hohotaro's Memory:
"We regret nothing in ever meeting you. And everything is guided by the path of the Rukh no matter what it is. Just remember that."

Hohotaro thought. "she knew that this will happen... She knew..." Hohotaro takes the Elder and the other tribesmen that was hanging by their ankle and lay them on the ground. He then took a large blanket and covered them up. "If this is the path of the Rukh..."

"Awww... How sweet." Hohotaro didn't even manage to finish his thought when he was startled by a voice coming from behind him. Hohotaro turned his head to the side and there he saw the assassin earlier looking over his shoulder with the sick sadistic smile on his eyes. Hohotaro now in full on rage covered his body with magoi, and just in time to block the slashes coming from the assassin. Hohotaro turns his elbow aiming for the Assassin's head but he managed to evade the blow by using flash step. Hohotaro will not let the assassin escape that easily this time. He tenses his legs and jumps toward the Assassin. Hohotaro's maneuver was faster than the Assassin's flashstep. Hohotaro caught the assassin's head in mid jump and bury his smug smile towards the ground. Hohotaro is still not satisfied, he lifts the assassin's head again and slams it towards the ground a second time to completely crush it leaving brain matter all over Hohotaro's hand.

By this time four other assassins appear out of nowhere and charged towards Hohotaro. He doesn't care at all. His body is still coated with magoi and his head is still filled with rage. One assassin slashes Hohotaro's neck but the magoi shield just blocks it and Hohotaro grabs the attacker by the hand after his attack and pulls him towards the ground and stomping on his chest twice until it caved and shatters.

As Hohotaro was doing this another assassin tries slashing Hohotaro's side. The magoi shield blocked the slashes and Hohotaro managed to catch the assassin by trapping the assassin's arms under his arm. And then he uses his free elbow to drive it on the back of the assassin. Hohotaro then throws the lifeless assassin aside as he readies himself for the other assassins.

The other assassins run inside the Hunter's lodge and Hohotaro follow suit. He won't allow any of these bastards to leave alive.

Inside the hut there is someone working the chopping board. It is a stretch to even call it human. The thing have chains hanging all over it's body and it also have a bloody hook that he uses to carve something in front of him. The assassin is on the creatures flank and points finger towards Hohotaro. The creature responds by wailing a terrifying scream and throws it's hook towards Hohotaro. The hook was blocked by the magoi shield and Hohotaro catches the chain. The creature pulled Hohotaro towards him and Hohotaro taking advantage of the situation lets the creature pull him and use the momentum by digging his head on the creature's abdomen.

Seeing this the two assassins attempts to escape. Hohotaro catches one assassin with his leg kicking him towards the back of the hut, but the other assassin managed to escape.

The Assassin that managed to get out of the hut stopped by the exit momentarily and said. "Hehehe... You think you've won? The Black Spiders always get our prey." With this the assassin set the tent on fire.


Name: Can't Touch This
Tier: A-Tier
Cost: 40/20
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Defensive
Range: Self
Cool-Down: 14 post
[size=12]Description: Hohotaro becomes an unmovable being as he covers his whole body with magoi at the speed of 25m/s absorbing attacks up to Ω-Tier of damage by keeping attacks from actually touching him.

Name: Dodging Maneuver
Tier: B-Tier
Cost: 30/15
Weapon Type: Unarmed
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Cool-Down: 5 Posts
Description: Hohotaro does 4 quick leaps up to 3.75m range at a speed of 20m/s for a total range of 15m in an attempt to dodge incoming attacks.


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