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Cache Finding

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Siririn Tenebre

Siririn Tenebre

Job part 1:
Job Name: In Search of Caches
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Imuchakk Village - Imuchakk
Job Rewards: 50 xp, 3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:
Job Overview: You have found a Cache that was likely disturbed and uprooted from the avalanche that turned over much of Imuchakk, bringing it back to the town, it holds details about a number of other cache's it seems this could be used to try to locate more of the abandoned caches, though each have slight details that some are more risky to reach but may lead to greater reward.
The sun poked out from the clouds and cast a welcomed heat over the village, the light shone in the window of the inn hitting Siririn in the face blinding him as he sat on the small bed. Letting out a yawn and stretching he let the grogginess of sleep fade from his thoughts and body. Siririn stood, looking at what little armor he had that lay on the ground next to the bed in a pile. Letting out a sigh he readied himself for the day fitting his gauntlets over his hands and pulling the cloak over his body, as he thought about what he would take on today he remembered hearing about a recent avalanche somewhere near the village he decided to take a look around and see how much damage it had done."Better get going, daylight won't last forever."Picking the sword up and strapping it to his back he began his walk out off the village.
Passing others as he walked, watching as young Imuchakk followed what could possibly be their father off into the village.His chest felt a sharp pain within it as he watched them, memories that he was unprepared to have at this time during the day flooded into his heart, making his sturdy frame become tense and begin to shake slightly. Clenching his fists to stop them from shaking, he allowed the feelings of anger and pain to subside pushing them down as his speed increased. He tried to think brighter thoughts but the images of the gruesome day flashed in his mind. His thoughts were a stream of pain as he tried his hardest to focus on something else but to no avail, his eyes burned as he fought back the emotions feeling them swell inside him,as he felt his eyes start to water he found as focus point, his hunger. “what should i have to eat when I get back?, I think I have some jerky stored somewhere or maybe I’ll get some fish on my way back, yeah I think fish would be nice.” His mind filled with the menial task of picking his breakfast distracting him as he took his steps outside of the town, taking a deep breath he centered himself gaining his bearings on where he was. He headed in the direction that the avalanche was said to have been, even though he had yet to see the so called destruction it had brought to the nearby villages. As he walked he enjoyed the solitude and silence the tundra brought with it, the only noise was the wind whispering in his ears. The whispers spun around in his head,many voices coming from the wordless sound. As he listened intently to the voice of the sky he felt the strange need to stop and appreciate his surroundings and he probably would have had he not come across a rather odd object in a snow pile ahead of him. He approached the object and squatted down in front of it running his hand over the covering, from what he saw it looked like a small chest covered by the snow. He brushed off a small layer of snow and pulled the cache from its snowy grave, pulling it over his shoulder.”Well we’ll see what we can get from it back at town.”
Siririn had dragged the box back to the town and into his room setting it by his bed. He lit a small lamp at set it nearby on a table, enjoying its small warming aura. Opening up the box it was filled with maps and notes folded and bound together some of the maps had markings on them possibly signifying a location of importance. His eyes scanned over the papers absorbing the information before folding them up and slipping them back into the box, closing it in the process. He had to prepare for an adventure.


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