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Venom of the White Lotus [INT/Solo/Spec Training]

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The night was closing in as I hurried along the streets to the main hospital of Heliohapt. Why might I be going somewhere like a hospital, one might ask. You might think the reason was a sickness or an illness, but you'd be wrong. No, after all my time as a Water Mage, I was finally ready to learn a new type of magic. However, limited as I was, I only had the option of Life Magic, or so you would think. That must be the reason for my heading to the hospital, no? Well, you would be wrong. The reason I was headed there was to learn one of the only other types of magic that was very well known in this city. A magic not usually found due to its strange nature; it was not one of the eight principle types of magics. No, this magic was unique in that it was completely different from the rest, and its name was Poison Magic. Poison Magic can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from using its acidic properties, to damaging an opponent over time through poison itself, but the reason for my interest in it were its powerful side effects. It could definitely be deadly, but I didn't care for that side of poison. No, what interested me was the non-lethal capabilities that would allow me to subdue enemies without killing them, allowing me to gain the upper hand in practically any battle without having to leave any permanent marks. Whereas water was tangible and often could be lethal, poison worked in the same way, but its effects were internal and less damaging overall, if applied correctly. My interest also applied towards antivenins, but I desist.

As I approach the large complex, I follow the instructions to where the building was. Made for treating snake bites and such, it was also the home to the world's most toxic and deadly venoms, poisons, and acids. With our affinity for snakes and large availability to the world's most poisonous species, it was only natural for our center of poison control to be very large and have a lot of funding. Part of this funding, unbeknownst to most, went to funding into information on Poison Magic, which while only accounting for a small number of cases each year, was still something of major interest. I'd found out about it from a friend who worked in this wing of the hospital, and who'd studied at Magnostadt back when he was younger. Now, however, he'd invited me to learn a little about the art, and I was beginning to feel a bit nervous. But there was no turning back now; I needed to learn more about it if I was going to be able to non-lethally bring fights to an end. It would also serve as a way to defend myself from this strange magic if I ever came across it, which I had a feeling I might.

I entered, finding myself in a mostly empty waiting area. The hospital's emergency room and even its other research centers had more visitors than this place; instead, this place seemed nearly empty, save for a receptionist.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for Dr. Theth," I say, smiling to ease the awkwardness.

The receptionist, however, seemed very unwelcoming, and after a moment looked up at me without a word and pointed at a map. It seemed his office was on the third floor, and that was all I needed to know, since the signs would be able to easily lead me from there.

"Thank you," I say quickly, heading towards the stairs. I quickly make my way up, breathing a little hard by the time I read the correct floor, although I'm not sure if why - I was used to walking, so why was this any different?

Heading inside, I walk down, the hallway eerily silent as well. I knew it was a laboratory, but did it have to be so creepy and quiet? I pick up the pace and look around, finally spotting the door with his name written on it in a thin metal sheet. Opening the door, I find him standing there, standing next to a beaker of black liquid. Grabbing a petal of what appears to me to be of the barrel cactus, he crushes it before putting it into the solution. Eyes narrowing, he finally notices I'm there when I cough to get his attention.

"Oh, Ivris, excuse me - I'd almost forgotten you were coming. Welcome to my laboratory. I'm afraid I have much work to do, but please follow me to the back room, its where the cots will be for the next few days. "

"Next few days?" I wonder to myself, not realizing what I'd gotten myself into.

Early in the morning of the next day, he began to teach me about Poison Magic. Its powerful properties were thoroughly explained, and the way it worked theoretically became second knowledge to me once he was done at noon. After a quick lunch, he told me he had to get to work on something, so I sat and watched as he mixed poisons from different snakes with herbs from as far away as Kou to produce mixtures that he said were highly potent, stronger than just one of the poisons on their own. By the time he finished, it was midnight, and he said we would work on the practical part tomorrow.

Waking up, he informed me that he needed my help with mixing an especially toxic mixture, and so for that morning he explained as he worked as to how different chemicals within the solution would react to create a stronger and better poison. He told me it was also possible to reverse the effects of the poison to create an antivenin, and went on to speak about how certain snake's venom combined with this or that herb could accomplish that. We finally took a break for lunch, and it was Sunday afternoon when I finally learned all I know about Poison Magic. It was strange indeed, and he went well into the night and even into the morning speaking about spells and the effects they could have. As I walked back home, my brain still trying to place all the information I'd learned, I wonder if I'd be able to control the new magic I'd been introduced to, or if it would taint me and destroy me instead.

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Venom of the White Lotus [INT/Solo/Spec Training] 2014-09-06-korra

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