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The Boy Who Would Be King[Job|Solo]

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Job Name: Son of the Land - I
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Kou | Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards: 100xp | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Yakuroro
Job Overview:
You encounter a young man being harassed by bandits on the mountain pass. The expensive looking armor he wears does not match his amateur skill with a blade. Clearly he is some kind of noble. Rescue him from his attackers and ensnare the boy in your debt.


Enemy Name: Bandits x 20
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: A group of mountain bandits clad in furs with poor equipment. Each wields some kind of blut club, rusty axe, or chipped sword. They run at 6m/s, but six are mounted and can move at 14m/s on horseback.
Wild Slash - The bandit lashes out with his weapon at 10m/s dealing D-tier damage.

Yakuroro's time in Kou had been relatively short compared to his last visit to the far eastern country. While here he had stirred up a fair bit of mischief. Marax would be proud. But it was time for him to depart, Kou was simply too dangerous right now as temptations to get involved in games larger than himself were great. Yakuroro needed to leave in order to find a country that was more fertile in opportunities to grow his strength.  Never before had the Imuchakk desired power as he did now, so he hadn't really given much thought as to how to go about it previously in life. At least he knew that the location of choice was an important decision that was not to be made lightly. There were two places that came to mind however.

In the great plains there was Magnostadt. Yakuroro held a bit of a grudge against the administration of the magician academy there. For some reason his applications to join as a student were never accepted despite several attempts on Yaku's part to be admitted. He could come and go from the city freely, but for some reason he was simply never granted rights as a full citizen and student. Perhaps his submission had simply been lost among paperwork, but Yakuroro thought it more likely that he was the victim of discrimination for being an Imuchakk. But the blue haired magician could put such grudges aside if it meant that he could successfully get into the academy this time around. Access to their libraries and magic tools would allow Yakuroro a great deal of insight to act as a foundation upon which to build up his power. The magician he was now made the one he was back then seem like an ignorant child. Surely they wouldn't be able to turn away such a skilled wielder of the rukh...right?

The second option that Yakuroro considered was Balbadd. The trade nation was centrally located in the world and so there was always goods from all over flowing through it. But more important than goods was the people who ferried them. It was a fine place to meet important people and build global connections. Yakuroro had only been there briefly but it had been a long enough stay to know that the government there was stable, albeit very new in comparison to the other world powers out there. This arguably meant that it could be a more beneficial home for Yakuroro. At least to start out his accumulation of power. Sitting in a library in Magnostadt could improve himself, but Yaku felt that he was already close to his peak. There was not much room left for growth in the ways of magic. However in a bustling trade harbor, Yakuroro could gain allies of all kinds. Adding their power to his own could be a much faster way to build himself up.

The Imuchakk still felt undecided as he came upon an unexpected sight. Yaku had been traveling on a mountain road heading west through the Jade Dragon Mountains when he came to a nice vista. The mountain range stretched for what seemed like forever, covered in rich greenery that teemed with life. But the interesting bit was the movement going on down below on another larger road that ran through the valley. There was a large number of men on horseback and a dust cloud was being kicked up from the chaos of a battle. Some kind of engagement was taking place. Curious, Yakuroro began descending the slope to get a better look.

By the time the Imuchakk got to a decent vantage point, he could see that the fight had been all but finished. Three guards were huddled around a boy in fancy looking armor as almost two dozen bandits circled around them on horseback. The bandits were giving out battle cries, cackles, and mocking noises as they took turns moving in to strike at the guards and their rich-looking charge. The guards themselves seemed capable enough, but the boy they were protecting could barely manage a proper parry from the looks of it. It was almost comedic seeing such a well armored person be so terribly incompetent with a blade.

One by one, the guards fell until only the boy remained. The bandits seemed to be taking their time with him, not sure if they were better off taking a prisoner for ransom or simply slitting his throat to sell off that armor of his. The bandits likely would have made a pretty penny with either course of action...were a scheming Imuchakk magician not watching nearby with intent to get in the way of their plans for the day. Not because he felt particularly generous or had delusions of heroism. No. Yakuroro took action purely for self benefit. After all, it wasn't every day you get to rescue a wealthy looking noble boy from certain doom. It was a good chance for Yaku to get someone important indebted to him.

Yakuroro leapt from his vantage point and landed with a thud but he could hardly be heard at this distance of 30m, nor seen through the trees. It gave him enough cover to accelerate to a sprint and approach the encirclement of bandits. By the time he was spotted at 15m away from them, it was already too late. Yaku pointed his staff at the group and created a Flood Domain in the way of their circular movement. He then manipulated the sphere to whip around in a circle catching the bandits, horses and all, in a whirling ball of water. With all the troublemakers caught up in a churning current, Yakuroro lifted the water ball into the air and then fired a Bubble Burst into it. The resulting cavitation bubble caused the entire flood domain to explode.

The Imuchakk slowed his run to a walk and smiled as he introduced himself to the boy. "Looked like you needed some help! My name is Yakuroro." His greeting was accompanied by a rain of burned bandit bodies falling to the ground with bone breaking crunches. "At your service."

Magoi: 240 /300
WC: 1030/1000
Name: Flood Domain
Tier: B
Cost: 30 Magoi | 15 sustained
Element: Water
Class: Supplementary
Range: 30m
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 5 Posts; Sustained +1
Description: The caster uses water magic to produce a large 15m sphere of water around them. This sphere can be moved within a 30m radius of the user at a speed of 20m/s. In order to move this massive sphere of water, the caster must be standing still. However if they are happy with it's location they are free to move around in the water at will. Inside this sphere of water the currents are constantly spinning and churning which toss around anyone unable to move faster than 5m/s under water. This disorientates its victims rendering them unable to tell which way is up and which way is down as they are tossed about at 20m/s. Non-Imuchakk caught in the spell can only hold their breath for two posts before blacking out and will drown if they are still in the water for a full third post. B-tier abilities and higher can be used to break free from the currents and displace enough water to take a breath, however so long as the caster has their staff and is sustaining magoi, the water sphere will fully reform the castors next post. Lightning magic used on this ability will hit anyone inside the water as if it were a tier higher.

Name: Bubble Burst
Tier: B
Cost: 30
Element: Cavitation Magic | Water + Sound
Class: Offensive
Range: 15m
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: The user commands sound rukh to create a sudden increase in force and pressure by creating a powerful sonic boom. This forces the phenomenon of cavitation bubbles to occur on a large scale. The result is an under water bubble that produces an incredible amount of heat and force upon bursting. Anything caught in the range of the bubble will suffer B-tier second degree burns; however lingering burning does not occur as with normal fire damage of the same tier. In addition to the burns, the shockwave produced can break bones and cause deafness to those in its effective range which is 15m moving at a speed of 20m/s. Being hit with this shockwave can send a full grown human back 3 to 5 meters.


Thank you all, for everything.


Yakuroro had expected some sort of surprised look on the boy's face in reaction to his sudden entrance. Not only had the magician tossed around some decently high level magic like childsplay, but he was also an eight foot tall blue haired giant. Yet somehow there was almost no sign of shock reflected in the boy's clear blue eyes. He looked at his savior with a stoic gaze, unmoved by the dead bodies of his guards or the charred bandits that had fallen around them.

The Boy Who Would Be King[Job|Solo] Tumblr_nmc346b4R81rhndafo3_500

There was a moment of silence between the two as Yakuroro stared at the young stranger whom stared back in kind. A breeze blew past and at last, the young man broke his silence. "A bit opportune, wouldn't you say?" Yakuroro smirked softly at hearing this and rose an inquisitive brow. So the boy had been weary of Yakuroro as a potential enemy all along. The thought tickled the Imuchakk magician. It wasn't often that he met people with such keen instincts. It was as if he already knew that Yakuroro had stepped in to exploit the situation. Although the context of his words told Yaku that the boy was more concerned that this was somehow all part of the bandits plan. Sadly he wasn't all that sharp in the realm of using evidence to act on his gut it seemed.

"Indeed, it was good timing that I arrived when I did."

The conman inside Yakuroro immediately went to work as his face took on a gentle and endearing expression as he spoke to the stranger with a kind tone. "I'm sorry I was not fast enough to save your friends though...sadly this large body of mine does not have particularly nimble strides..." Yaku's eyes briefly became downcast, a false grief for the dead guards showing like a blazing beacon to distract from his unjust intentions. The ploy seemed to work as it squeezed on the boy's empathy. He smiled, glad to find that his rescuer was a man with a conscience, and dismounted from his horse to approach Yakuroro with an extended hand.

"Worry not, I hardly knew these men. They were simply escorting me. I had no love for them."

Yakuroro smiled back and reached out to clasp fore arms with the boy, the greeting well met. When the two parted limbs, Yakuroro looked down the road and towards the sky. The sun was beginning to set now which made for a good chance to pull this boy into a casual chat where he might learn more about him. "The sun is setting soon. I was about to set up camp when I saw your peril. If you'd like, we could share a fire and exchange stories. I'm a wanderer you know, I've been all over the world so I'd like to think I have quite a few good tales to tell." Yakuroro said jovially. The boy had an ever better reaction to this than Yaku had hoped. His eyes lit up like shining stars and the boy eagerly accepted the proposal.

"I've seen the rest of the world before...I would love to join you. Although, I have little in the way of stories to give in return."

Yakuroro slapped the boy on the back lightly as he walked past him, "Worry about that later. The one who decides the value of a story, no matter how small, is the listener. Not the teller." With a hearty chuckle, Yakuroro moved on with the boy following close behind as they set up a campground in the woods, off the main road. They sat together and shared in water from Yakuroro's gourd as well as rations pilfered from the fallen guards. During the night, the boy named himself Rashim, and asked Yakuroro if he would be willing to be hired as a body guard.

"Could you accompany me to the great plains master Yaku? I would feel much safer with someone like you at my side. You tell such interesting tales! It's much more enjoyable than those stuck up statues I had to deal with before."

The request itself brought on so many questions. Why did this boy choose to travel with people he wasn't close with at all? Why were stories of the outside world so captivating to him? Yakuroro would ask about these things, but not now. He'd need to build a stronger rapport before delving into Rashim's past. So for now, Yakuroro accepted the job and decided that there would be plenty of time to extract the information he wanted during the weeks it would take to reach the end of the mountain range and the great plains border.

"Of course, I was heading that way anyways. But I do expect payment if I get put to work as a guard."

WC: 779/500


Thank you all, for everything.


An agreement was made between the two. Yakuroro would protect Rashim during his journey to the great plains and in exchange, the boy would pay the Imuchakk in gold upon their arrival. Apparently there was a party of people waiting for the boy to arrive but so far, Yakuroro didn't pry into the matter so that was all he knew. Admittedly, it was something that piqued Yaku's interests greatly since the guards that had been with Rashim earlier were clearly Kou soldiers. Who could be waiting for him in the plains? More Kou troops? If so, why would they be in territory that their emperor had only just recently given back to the plains people? This and many more questions bubbled on the surface of Yakuroro's brain as they traveled together, but he did not let it show. Always being mindful of his social mask so as to present the image of an unobtrusive and friendly traveller.

The first day of travel together went well enough. There were no bandits on the road and things proceeded without incident. Yaku suspected it was because they were still in the territory of the thugs he had disposed of the day prior. Even so, it was not cause for the Imuchakk to let his guard down and he kept his awareness on the treelines and mountains surrounding them. He did not feel like falling prey to an ambush on this trip and while he would be safe from a surprise attack thanks to his borg, the same could not be said of Rashim. He was but a normal human as far as Yakuroro could tell.

Aside from his good instincts and bravery in the face of danger, there was little about the Rashim that stood out as exceptional. He held his sword like a child without training and he lacked the physical strength to wield on well with all the armor he wore on. It was a wonder why he even wore the garb. Perhaps the equipment made him feel safe. But there were two things Yakuroro had noticed about him that was of some interest.

The first was that Rashim had a kindness about him and considerate personality that Yakuroro had not seen in some time. Throughout the first day, Rashim offered to let Yakuroro have a turn at riding the horse numerous times. Yaku declined at each chance not wanting to injure the beast. When it was clear that the Imuchakk wasn't going to accept the gesture, Rashim dismounted and began walking alongside Yakuroro while leading the horse. He claimed it was to let the steed rest, but in the following days, Rashim hardly ever took to the saddle again. He only did so when exhaustion took its toll on his body.

The second thing about Rashim Yakuroro noticed during their first week together was that he had a remarkable natural aptitude for horsemanship. Despite claiming that he had only ever ridden a horse twice before, Rashim commanded a strong bond of trust between himself and his stallion. Not only that, but he handled him well enough to traverse the rocky mountains with ease when they ran out of rations and needed to hunt for meat. The way Rashim was able to lead his horse on a gallop across slopes, darting in and out between trees, had left Yakuroro astonished at first. It was as though Rashim had been born and raised in the saddle.

Yet, after a week, Rashim remained mostly a mystery. They talked much during the days, but it was mostly Yakuroro speaking. Rashim was particularly interested in stories about the great plains. Despite it being their destination and him having a name fitting for one from the plains, Yakuroro could tell that the boy was eager to see it as though it would be his first time. When Yaku spoke of the endless stretches of land that rolled on like waves of the ocean, Rashim's eyes would gaze into the distance. Like he was trying to imagine the sight, and a smile settled on his lips as he did...then he would laugh at himself realizing that he didn't know what the ocean looked like. Then Rashim would ask Yakuroro about that. The stories jumped around like this from one land to the next as one tangent led to another. Yaku was grateful that he had travelled the entire world, otherwise he likely would have run out of stories in no time at all.

As night fell on the first day of the second week, however, Rashim finally opened up to his travelling companion. They were sitting by a campfire roasting a boar they had caught earlier in the day. While waiting for the hog to cook, Rashim spoke up suddenly. "It's strange..." Yakuroro looked up from the fire curiously and waited for Rashim to elaborate. "I've been wondering what the Plains would be like since I was a that I'm almost there, I'm beginning to wonder if I should just return to the palace in Kou...if I would be better off remaining a prisoner." Rashim was smiling to himself, but his uncertainty was clear to Yakuroro from the way his body sat rigid, hands clasped together tightly and eyes distant as they gazed into the flame.

"What do you mean by prisoner? I had thought you were some sort of noble..."

Rashim looked up at Yakuroro upon hearing his words and then chuckled softly at the thought. "A noble? Me? Hahaha, no. I was an..."important guest" to the previous emperor. I suppose there is no point in hiding this from you any full name is Rashim Bey. The rightful heir to the Bey clan." The boy looked up to the night sky as he proclaimed his identity. Yakuroro had never heard of them before, so he tried to pull a bit more information from him with an educated guess. "Now that there is a new emperor, you are allowed to return to the Bey clan?" Rashim nodded and went on to explain his situation in a bit more detail.

"I was born in the plains, but I was kidnapped by Kou when I was just a babe. The Bey clan had been causing trouble for Kou's expansion efforts for decades. So they raided the village with a small team in the dark of night and made off with me as a hostage. It was so long ago, my earliest memories are of growing up in the Kou palace. I was informed of my situation, but I was never allowed to leave the walls. Despite being treated well, I always felt trapped. Now I'm finally free, but life outside the palace is so different...I'm not sure if I belong in the plains anymore."

Yakuroro could see the mixed feelings on Rashim's face and offered a bit of advice before the boy started to talk himself in circles. "The way I see it...fate has thrown you into a life that was not meant for you. The way you handle your horse? Those are the movements of a natural born plainsman. Seeing the plains and being with your clan is your birthright. One that was stolen from you before you were even old enough to think. I can only guess at one reason why you'd be sent back to the plains. The new emperor Yoshiro likely means for this to serve as a showing of good will. But this act can't undo what his empire has done to your people. You should return home and see what your clan thinks. If you are indeed the heir, you have a responsibility to at least meet them. Perhaps even lead them some day." When the Imuchakk finished, he used a small knife to cut of a piece of the pig's meat and handed it to Rashim.

The boy accepted it and nodded as he thought on the matter. He said nothing else for the night and the next day Rashim was mostly quiet. It seemed like Yakuroro had given him a different perspective on things and he was thinking it through. The Imuchakk accepted the silence between them and let Rashim think on it for the next few days. As the days passed, Rashim began to strip off the armor he'd been given by Kou, as if he was gradually deciding to no longer accept help from the country that had raised him. When they had finally reached the edge of the Jade Dragon Mountains, Rashim stopped on a plateau. He turned around.

The Boy Who Would Be King[Job|Solo] Tumblr_nqjgzzgody1qjcz1zo1_500

He stared back at the land that had been his home all his life for a long while. After a few moments, Rashim seemed to make up his mind and turned to face forward ascending the last mountain to see the plains for the first time. The boy's jaw dropped as he laid eyes upon the land of his birthright. It was unlike anything he'd ever seen before in Kou. Tears began to stream down Rashims eyes, although he didn't understand why he was crying.

"Thank you Yakuroro...I was thinking of turning back. But you being here gave me the strength to come this far...I do not regret it."

Yakuroro was truly happy for Rashim. He'd bested the fate that was going to have him die without ever knowing him homeland. Knowing that he helped in that also brought joy to Yakuroro for himself. It felt like a small victory against an impossibly large foe. Insignificant, but sweet. Unfortunately, that feeling would be short lived. As soon as they began descending the mountain, trouble approached. A group of raiders from the plains that had been lying in wait for traders had lost their patience. Days went by and not a single caravan came. So when two travelers approached, they had little reason not to attack and see if they had any valuables.

Rashim was surprisingly the first to notice the riders galloping towards them at a distance. He pointed out the movement through the mountain side trees bringing Yaku's attention to it. He had been lost in thought, but now he was focused. Telling Rashim to stand back, Yakuroro insisted that he didn't worry. A pair of Plains Skirmishers popped out of the tree line to fire a Mounted Shot at the magician, but he simply stood still and let the arrows clash against his borg uselessly. The fools had merely given him an idea of where to attack. Raising his hand into the air, Yakuroro summoned his djinn equip by pouring magoi into Marax's metal vessel. The Imuchakk transformed in a flash of light and held out Marax's greatsword to the side.

"Marx Divide!"

The greatsword grew to massive proportions and became a glowing blade wreathed in light. The plainsmen didn't stand a chance. They were all riding up the mountain thinking themselves safe in the tree line. But that merely let Yakuroro know where to strike. With a single horizontal slash, Yakuroro cleaved across the entire mountain side. Countless trees were felled and among them, the bisected bodies of nearly a dozen would-be-thieves lay burned.

Yakuroro disengaged his djinn equip following the attack and sighed at having to waste his magoi on such vermin. Well...shall we go then?" He asked to Rashim who was simply staring, mouth agape. The boy asked to know what that power was, but Yakuroro would simply tell him that it was the "power of a King" and that some day Rashim might find himself with a similar strength if he led his people well. From there, they went on to the meeting place where Rashim was met by his clan. Apparently his father and mother had both passed away, but the clan had always been hoping that one day he could return. Reunited with his people, the Bey clan heir felt an odd sense of joy and nostalgia as an old woman hugged him and spoke of how she used to rock him in her arms when he was "this" small.

Yakuroro would have simply left without saying good bye were it his old self. But currently he had an agenda so he waited for Rashim to notice the lingering Imuchakk. "Ah yes, your reward! Here, take this." Rashim reached into his clothing and retrieved a pouch of jewels. "It isn't much, but it should be worth a good deal of money at market. And also, I wish to express my gratitude. I'd be dead twice over were it not for you. Your guidance has also led me here." Rashim took out a small dagger and slit the palm of his hand before handing the dagger to Yaku. He took the blade and copied the gesture before allowing Rashim to clasp their bloodied hands together.

"As the life juice weeps, it mixes and so too does our wills. I, Rashim Bey, swear to help you should you ever have need of me. As of today, I now call you brother."

Yakuroro put on a fake smile to hide the sinister one held in his heart. This was a much greater reward than he had been expected. Not only did he endebt the young Rashim, but he had managed to get the boy to swear a sacred oath to willingly assist him in the future. That day was surely far off, but it would come and when it did, Yakuroro would make good use of this pawn.

With that, the Imuchakk took his prize and bid the Bey clan farewell. He was headed west and decided on Balbadd as his destination. After all...he needed to find a lively market if he wanted to get a good price on these jewels.

Magoi: 180/300
WC: 2290/1500
Djinn: Marax
Type: Longsword
Theme: Perfect Illusion | Light + Sound
Chant: "O' Djinn of Mischief and Deceit! Let my will bend reality and grant me the power to fool even the wise! Dwell in my body and let your power be unleashed!"
Flight: 15m/s
Cost: 20 on cast; 10 per post
Cool-Down: 8 posts
Appearance: The full Djinn Equip of Marax gives the user a rather menacing visual appearance. Their skin turns blue like that of a djinn and their body becomes clad in a dark purple armor. The head is covered in dark purple shadows making it impossible to see ones face save for six glowing eyes turned 90 degrees like the third eye most djinn possess. The weapon that comes with the djinn equip grows to be a total of 7 feet long with 1 foot dedicated to the handle. The illusory haze that was once surrounding the blade is replaced by the dark purple shadows covering the user's head. These shadows rise off the edge of the sword which now has jagged bits sticking out almost reminiscent of the branches on a rampaging unicorn horn.

Name: Marx Divide
Tier: A
Cost: 40 magoi | 20 Sustained
Type: Perfect Illusion
Class: Offensive
Range: 25m
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 7 posts; Sustained +1
Description: When cast, the blade of Marax's weapon equip grows to be a massive 20 to 25m long sword. This blade takes on the appearance of a brilliant shining great sword of light wrapped in a glowing aura. This massive blade can then be swung at 25 m/s for a single attack. This sword deals A-tier cutting and burning damage. The wounds left behind by this attack are cauterized from the intense heat of the false light leaving behind 3rd degree burns.


Thank you all, for everything.

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