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Obtaining Strength [Strength Spec Training/Solo]

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Fēng Xiang

Fēng Xiang
It was a slow and peaceful day for Fēng, a thing that was a rare commodity for him these days with all those jobs and request he was taking .And while he wished he could enjoy the peace he couldn’t when he was in such a bad mood and instead he was deep in thought, the reason was that he felt like he was in a stale state and that he was lacking something important. But the problem was that he was not sure what he was lacking, he had been racking his head for answers for hours already but nothing came up and it was driving him crazy not knowing what it was. Letting out a frustrated growl and along with it a little bit of the tight leash he kept on his anger Fēng stood up and slammed his hand in the wall of his room. Little cracks formed from where the impact of his fist hit the wall and the small feeling of numbness he was receiving from his hand served to cool his head a little bit but not enough to subdue his anger completely. Fēng was well aware that letting his anger out of control was not the most healthiest of decision but he preferred dealing with the intense fire that was his anger instead of the freezing  pit of darkness that was his feeling of frustration, self-doubt  and fear all round up in one. Just as the well of negative emotions were threatening to swallow him whole Fēng had a sudden moment of clarity, along with the surfacing of a distant memory.


Fēng age seven

He was seated on the cold ground and was tracing the sentences of the book, Fong had given him to read today, with his eyes and sourly repeating them aloud. He did not know why he had to do this, it was so boring, there were like a thousand better things he could’ve been doing. And so after adopting a  displeased face that just made him look adorable to the others he voiced his complains to Fong “Old man why do you still keep making read these books, I already know how to read  so it’s pointless to do this. Can’t we do something more exciting?” The graying fanalis could only chuckle in response. “Patience is a virtue my little pupils and beside one day you’ll thank me for making you read so much.. “ he would have continued but Fēng interrupted him with small whine “But I don’t want to “ following that a small thick mark formed on Fongs forehead before he whacked the small boy on the head “Brat, How many times have I told you not to interrupt me when I’m being sagely.” After delivering the punishment he cleared his throat and continued. "And as I was saying you will thank me later now finish this chapter and we will go train.” Giving out an excited cheer Fēng dived in to reading.

After he finished reading the required amount for the day Fēng followed the older Fanalis to the training area that was designated for the slaves. As they settled in the center Fong begun “In today’s training we will be focusing on hand to hand combat, first I’m going to show you the technique we will be practicing followed by a few hours of sparring to get it integrated into your fighting style." After that Fong slowly shifted into a fighting stance next to one of the training dummies he then proceeded to strike it with his knee in the sided and following that he used his elbow to strike where the temple would be, he made sure to only use a fraction of his speed so Fēng could follow the movement and repeat them. Fēng carefully watched his teacher and tried to memorize the moves once it was his turn he imitated his mentor to the best of his ability but it wasn’t perfect so Fong had to correct his stances. Once it was sure he could do them without much trouble his mentor ordered him to begin practicing the move on the wooden post. By the time he was told to stop Fēng was winded and his elbows and knees were beginning to bruise, thinking that this call to stop meant finishing the training for the day he relaxed his body but soon regretted it when  Fong yelled at him “NO time to rest Fēng ,get up we are going to begin sparring now.” With a tired sigh Fēng raised and faced his teachers. Hours had passed since then and he was bruised, tired and couldn’t feel most of his limbs, so it was no surprise when his teacher yelled out the consecutive “Again” Fēng could not stand up, after not responding to a few more shout about getting up, his temper finally got the better of him and made him shout out in frustration. “I can’t keep going you old goat, I am not like you I’m too weak to do it, I will always be too weak.” Following that outburst he could only let out large gasp of air while watching how his mentor would react. He was surprised that when instead of anger he found only understanding and compassion on Fongs face. After a small sigh and a muttering of “Stupid brat.”His teacher looked down on him with a small smile on his face “Look Fēng I’m not the best in speeches but I’ll share the knowledge my master shared with me. Always remember as race we the Fanalis are naturally stronger than most and have a standard to uphold in the eyes of others so that is why we must endure the hardships  be it either physical or emotional and when  it is expected for us to fall we must always stand up.” And as he gazed upon his mentor in a new light Fēng could only say “Wow, Shishō you suck at giving motivational speeches.” An unbearable silence followed that statement that seemed to drag for hours before Fong finally reacted “You ungrateful little brat, just for that I’m going to make you read double the amount for the next month.”

Fēng could only chuckle fondly at the memory, to this day that was still one of the worst motivational speeches he had heard but at least it had gotten the message across somehow. Sufficiently calm downed and motivated Fēng decided it was time for him to stop moping around and do some training so with that in mind he quickly packed enough supplies to last him for a couple of days and set off towards the desert outside of Heliohapt. The next couple of days followed pretty much the same routine: get up at dawn, do the morning stretches and start physical exercise consisting of abusing the rocks and sometimes some trees by punching and kicking them repeatedly until he couldn’t feel his limbs, following that was training with his guan dao and to end the day he would sprint around the desert with boulders strapped to his body. That was pretty much what he did for a week until his supplies ended and he was forced to return in to the city but he didn’t mind it that much, after all he had been successful in his training and was feeling much stronger then he was before .Once he returned to Heliohapt Fēng decided to celebrate his success and so he visited one of the finer taverns there and enjoyed a night of drinking and even talking with one of the pretty waitresses there.

Ability WC: 766/500
Ability Trained:

Name: Twin Tiger’s Fang
Tier: C-tier
Cost: 20|10 Magoi/Stamina
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 3 posts (Sustain+1)
Description:Xiang first uses his knee to strike an opponent in the side following that he uses his elbow to hit the temple, both attacks are moving at 15 m/s and allow him to do C-tier damage if both are successful. Each strike deals D-tier damage.


Obtaining Strength [Strength Spec Training/Solo] Unlimi12

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