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Guiding the Caravan

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Kirby leaned his back against the well. He was back in Heliohapt for the first time in two years... Thinking back to the ritual of the Crimson Garloen, he smiled slightly. He had successfully learned how to survive in even the most harsh of deserts. The locations of a variety of oasis', the means of navigating through them and the changes in the seasons. They were all important things to learn, if he wanted to become self-sufficient.

And the guardians themselves had a unique way of living their lives. It was not very easy to live their way of life, but it made him tougher out there.

Shaking his head, Kirby pushed himself up. The Fanalis placed his water skin into a bucket, filling it up and taking a swig of it before continuing to walk. I need to find work... It wasn't a desire for money, but a desire for more experiences in combat that he was looking for. Kirby absentmindedly grasped the hilt of a dagger he had received as a gift from the Desert Guardians. Moving on, he found himself where those who were looking to find work often milled about; the job boards.

There was a job that he could take, available for many people if they wanted to join up on it. A caravan from Heliohapt moving to a city in Reim for trade. While there were plenty of positions for guards, there seemed to be an even better position for guides; they were rare, after all.

Taking the poster, Kirby steeled himself for both combat and treacherous navigation through the sandy hell of Heliohapt's Desert of Forgotten Souls...


Profession word count: 276/500

As a reminder, this is 18 years ago from current time.


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Kirby looked towards the distance. It was the second day that they had been traveling throughout the desert land, and as it was encroaching upon being noon everyone had set up a resting camp. Poles were firmly placed upon the ground, and a canopy of canvas gave animals and people both a means of respite from the wickedly hot sun. The plan was to stay here for another three to four hours; traveling during the hottest time of the day would only force them to go through their water supply much more quickly. While they sat and rested, the caravan master approached Kirby and sat down beside him. "Kirby, at this juncture what can we expect from the desert?" A couple of the other mercenaries saw this, and approached as well to listen in on the situation.

The truth was that these mercenaries were novices, similar to Kirby, and while they could handle a fight they all imagined that it wouldn't be harmful to know a bit more about what they could expect.

Kirby nodded his head thoughtfully. "In this area, mostly coyotes. Not a very difficult opponent, if they decide to attack. We are a large enough group, though, that they may not see us as wise prey. The thing to truly worry about isn't the coyotes, though; it will be the sand worms. Their migratory path shouldn't take them across ours, but it doesn't erase the possibility of one moving earlier than others." Those around the table shuddered. Facing up against a sand worm was dangerous business, especially the older ones. Kirby continued to advise the mercenaries what to do in the eventuality of a sand worm attack, and what kind of signs they could use to look out for such things.


Profession word count: 570/500


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After all was said and done, the Fanalis mercenary-guide continued eating his lunch. The other mercenaries got together in groups as well, and the merchants had their own cliques they gathered in. All that remained around the small table was himself and a single other Fanalis mercenary, who let out a large yawn and leaned against the table. He seemed ready to sleep at any moment. "Hey. You gave us some tips on fighting the things, but are you a warrior yourself? Figured you were just a guide..." The man betrayed Kirby's expectations, and questioned where Kirby's skills truly lay.

"Yes, I am skilled in the use of the spear as well. I have lived in these deserts for the past two years, and life within the desert proper is no easy task. It is what has qualified me as a guide, after all." Kirby deflected the man's suspicions, but with a lack of other things to do figured it would be wise to continue the conversation. "And yourself? You seem very lethargic, even though you're supposed to be assisting the other mercenaries in guarding the caravan." A man on the team who did not pull their own weight could threaten the entire balance of their caravan's fighting force; as Kirby had said before, the desert was not an easy place to live in. Underestimating it was the height of folly.

"Ah. That is nothing to worry about. I may look this way, but you and I both know that our kind's senses are a cut above the rest. You couldn't ask for a better shield-bearer than me." The man boasted of his own skill sets, though calling himself 'the best' seemed a bit far-fetched. He flipped his thumb to one of the caravans behind him. Resting against the side of it was a rather large tower shield that seemed capable of taking quite a hit. "That's my weapon, and I've made it through plenty of jobs protecting my charges with it."

Kirby could see that it was well-used, and no longer doubted the man's expertise. Grunting approval, Kirby spoke. "The name's Kirby." he held out his hand, offering it to the other mercenary to grasp.

The man accepted, smiling lazily. "Kyle Vorgoth's the name. My comrades just call me Vorgoth." The shake was a firm one, and the two began talking to each other of past jobs they've done. There was no sudden camaraderie between the two, just simply two mercenaries getting to know each other a little bit better.

Another two weeks had passed, and though the group had fought off a small handful of coyotes, there wasn't much action that truly occurred. Kirby continued guiding the group from the front when the sudden feeling of a tremor passed through the ground. It was so short, that it almost seemed to not even exist.

Yet it was enough to raise Kirby's suspicions and provide a sinking feeling in the man. Still, he did not immediately call anything out; if it was a false alarm, it would cause unnecessary worry. Even so, it seemed as if one other had felt those tremors; Vorgoth. The Fanalis road forward on his horse, approaching Kirby from the right hand side. "Was that what I think it was?" The giant tower shield on his side showed that the man was ready for an attack.

Kirby looked to the road ahead, and then back to Vorgoth. "Could be. Could not be. Not sure yet." Even so, the two kept their eyes peeled and their senses strained.

A larger quake was felt, and the fear was confirmed as a rather large beast shot out of the sand ahead of them. The caravan leaders panicked, and some of the mercenaries were showing their own fear as well; a few were novices who were working on their very first mission. Kirby didn't hesitate, however. "QUICK! RALLY ON ME! LEAVE THE CARAVAN AS IS! IT HUNTS BY TREMOR SENSE!" Kirby immediately jumped upon the back of one of the desert stallions. He learned equestrian skills from the Desert Guardians, and would put them to use here. He immediately lead a group of the mercenaries off the road even as the beast sunk back into the ground. A few veteran mercenaries joined the group, and one or two of the novices managed to break through their fear and join in as well. Kirby didn't know if those who were too terrified to move at all would ever recover from that fear in the future; the reality of the business sometimes hit novices harder than they could handle.

Kirby glanced to his right. From the beginning, Vorgoth was by his side. Looking forward he could barely hide the smile that was forming. The tremors beneath the ground betrayed the beast's location. Knowing how they hunted, he had a small advantage he could grasp, but only if they followed the right timing. Judging by the size... The feel of the tremors getting stronger... It should be... Now! Kirby pulled back on the reigns of his desert stallion. "STOP! HALT!" Most of the mercenaries managed to stop in time, but one of them could not react fast enough. One of the novice mercenaries.

The beast shot up from beneath the ground as the novice shot past them and bit down on both novice and horse, ending their lives in a heartbeat. The blood that fell from the sky bathed the mercenaries in a crimson shower as it bit down a second time and finished off the two. It let out a powerful screech, even as it finished off its snack. Kirby, being the one closest, felt the full brunt of that screech crash against his ears and disorienting him for a brief moment; that moment was all the creature needed. It began moving its vast bulk down in an attempt to crush Kirby and the horse beneath its beak. Before that could happen, however, Vorgoth rushed forward and bashed Kirby and the horse he was riding out of the way with his shield, bringing it up only just in time to guard against the attack from the worm.

The pressure was incredible, and the horse buckled beneath the worm's might, falling to the ground. Vorgoth struck a stance, one that was natural from the position he was in; a horse-riding stance, it was called. The weight and might of the beast began pushing Vorgoth's feet into the ground, slowly, but it seemed that without the acceleration of its initial attack it was no longer strong enough to continue pushing him down. It opened its beak and closed it shut on Vorgoth's shield, intent on flinging the Fanalis into the air and eating him whole.

Kirby saw this interaction, and just as the creature opened its mouth to bite down on the shield he used all his might to perform the Dragon's Leap, jumping straight from his saddle and up into the sky above the worm. Brandishing his spear, Kirby drove it down, sliding it into the eye of the beast just as it lifted Vorgoth into the air for a final attempt at killing it. The spear drove into the beast's eye, and the creature missed its chance to finish off Vorgoth. The rest of the mercenaries, finally snapping out of the trance, quickly surrounded the base of the creature and hacked away at its body.

Kirby kicked off the beast again, landing beside Vorgoth as the creature screeched again. It's life force was gushing out onto the desert sands. Even if it retreated now, it would not survive for long. The Fanalis mercenary held his hand out to Vorgoth, who was coughing up a storm. "Thank you. If you hadn't moved at that time, I may not have survived."

Clearing his throat, the man rubbed the back of his head. "Don't worry too much about it. You also kept it from killing me. I think we're even." He smiled, coughed a bit, and then let out a hearty laugh as the best completed its final throes and fell to the ground, defeated.

Setting the butt of his spear into the ground, Kirby looked to Vorgoth. "I intend on creating a mercenary group in the future. It would be an honor to have mercenaries like you to fight alongside. What do you think?" It was too soon for Kirby, now, to create that group. He was still immature. Not only as a leader, but also as a warrior. Even so, he was impressed by the work he saw today.

Vorgoth paused at the question, hesitating. "... Yea. That doesn't sound so bad. But at that time, I hope you will have proof of the skills needed to run such a group. If ever such a time happens, look for me. I'll consider it." There were too many groups who were formed before disappearing, whether due to a falling out of faith with each other or the annihilation of a unit. It was true that Vorgoth was in search for a mercenary group he could call home, but at the same time he did not want to fall into the trap that so many others before him had.

Their losses were minimal, and the rest of the trip, including the return to Heliohapt, was uneventful. The survivors were paid for their work, and they split their ways up afterwards. Kirby and Vorgoth shared a final handshake, the Fanalis warrior memorizing Vorgoth and the sight of his shield before they, too, parted ways.

Unknown to both, the string of fate had already been tied.

Magoi/Stamina: 60/80
Word count for training Dragon's Leap: 800+/500
Abilities trained:

Name: Dragon's Leap
Tier: C
Cost: 20/10
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Supplementary
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 3 posts or sustain+1
Kirby pushes off the floor with his feet, allowing him to jump and cover a distance between 1 to 5 meters in an omnidirectional trajectory at 15m/s. If Kirby lands a foot onto solid footing, such as a wall, he would be able to repeat this movement one more time.


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