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Sound of Thunder [Training; Private]

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Dynatos had come up to the mountains again. This was his normal hang out spot, but today he was here for something different. Dynatos kept walking through the dense vegetation of the Jade Mountains until he reach a giant oak tree. Dynatos cracked his knuckles, popped his neck and rotated his shoulders. Since he was alone he did not have to stay composed and could let loose. He could let out the 'Fanalis' in him at this moment. He only did this when he was this far into the Mountains cause he knew no one would be way out here to see him act outside of himself. Dynatos let out a slight grin as he reared back his right hand and clenched his fist. He slammed his fist into the tree. He paused with his hand to the trunk of the tree. The sudden impact to the tree caused the birds that were perched on it too scatter flying away to find a more peaceful place to rest their tired bodies.

Just as soon as they flew off, Dynatos began sending a flurry of punches towards the trunk of the tree. Luckily for him the tree was giant and sturdy otherwise his attacks would have caused the beast of a tree to topple down like a stack of paper cups. Dynatos smiled and jumped high into the air. He raised his left leg, turned his hip and sent a kick towards the trees trunk. That is when gravity wrapped its arms around Dynatos and drug him back down to the ground. While returning from the ground Dyantos began to flip and twist his body. He landed on the ground with a loud crash as some of the earth below him crumbled.

Dynatos jumped back about twenty meters; doing so in the form of multiple back flips. He grinned and in one giant lunge jumped towards the Tree with a clenched fist. Dynatos slammed his fist into the tree again this time leaving a print of his fist. Dynatos began another flurry of punches, each leaving a print in the trunk of the tree. Dynatos was feeling good he felt like he didn't have a care in the world; of course that wasn't the case, but even if only for a moment Dynatos felt like he didn't. The tree part of the tree were Dynatos had been punching was starting to break well the bark at least. Although they were sturdy the hands of the young Fanalis started turning red.

Dynatos did not stop his assault, but instead began mixing in kicks. Although the sky was clear the sounds of thunder rang throughout the mountains, but it was no thunder, no it was Dynatos sending wave after wave of attacks at the giant tree that stood before him. Dynatos began letting out all the frustraion out that he was feeling. The uncertainty about his parents, the fear of losing Amira. Everything was being taken out on this tree. With one last mighty punch Dynatos stopped is assault and stood there looking at the damage he had caused to such a small portion of the tree. He sighed a deep sigh and closed his eyes. The sound of his heart beating inside of him was all he heard. He began to slow his breathing as the loud thumping eventually subsided to its normal sound. Dynatos regain his composure before turning and walking off.

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