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I've got the Huts for you!

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Job Name: Builders Needed!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Imuchakk
Job Rewards: 50xp /3,000 Huang
Job Pre-Requisites: N/A
Job Overview: A few weeks ago several of our fellow citizens huts burned down. We are in need of people to help rebuild them. All we need you to do is go gather some timber to use and help actually build the place. You will need to build five huts that can fit a family of four. Once all these huts are built you will be rewarded.

Hohotaro and Kirara is eating breakfast when Ruririko barges in their house, sits at the table and starts eating nonchalantly.

"So... have you heard about the fire from the next village?" Ruri started.

"Yeah." Hoho answered dismissively. "Must be marauders, those guys just want to see the world burn... Baby steps I guess..."

Ruri finishes her last bite put down the rest then stands up "My father is organizing a group to help rebuild the village, you should come with us." with a bright smile Ruri look at Hoho and reached out her hand.

"Yeah about that..." Hoho tries to avoid Ruri's stare, then looked at Kirara. "I need to take care of Kirara..."

"Brother is lying." Kirara sighs.

"It's fine!" Ruri grabbed Hoho's arms  "We could leave little Kirara with my father like always." she starts dragging him out of the house.

"Besides..." Ruri continued "Father said he would give a reward for those that help with the rebuilding."

Hoho's ear's twitched. "You know Ruri," Hoho stops resisiting "You're right. Charity is good. We should always help our neighbors, it's the right thing to do!"

Hoho starts walking with Ruri.  "Stay with the Chief Kirara I'll be away for a while, I'm going to help people out of the goodness from my heart." Hoho smiles puts a fist on his chest and pupmped it up.

"Brother is still lying..." Kirara sighs as she waves at Ruri and Hoho.

Hoho and Ruri heads out for the burned down village along with the rest of the group the Chief contracted to help with the rebuilding. After just a few hours of travel they arrived at their destination.

"This is sad... why would anyone do something like this." Ruri stares at the villagers' living in their crude temporary tents and the charred remains of the houses scattered everywhere. The lucky ones are mourning for their lost possessions but others are mourning for their lost loved ones.

"Welp," Hoho started looking for good trees to be used for timber. "we can do nothing about that..." Hoho picked up the axe "What we can do is our job, so lets just start building those huts shall we?" Hoho smiles.

"Right!" Ruri  pumped her fist enthusiastically.

First they gather enough timber around the nearby woodland. The people of the burned down village are more than happy to help them in this endeavor since it is their home they are trying to build.

While others are gathering timber Hoho is already scoping out the sites where they could build the houses. He gathers a few men and tells them to clear out the rubble where the houses used to be. After awhile darkness falls and the work needs to be postponed till the morrow.

The next day they start to build the first house. They decide that they would only make simple houses since this is just for emergency use. It's better than living in basically just a cloth propped up by thin poles.

They finished the first house in no time with the help of everyone. The normal energy of the town is slowly returning. The villagers are regaining hope, more and more people are giving their assistance.

"Can you feel it Hoho?" Ruri closed her eyes and let the air flows through her hair. "White rukhs are returning to this village."

"Really? I can't feel anything..." Hoho answers while fitting two logs together.

Ruri smiles "Yeah, but we don't need to be able to see the rukh to notice that everyone is happier now right?"

Hoho wipes his brow and looks around. "Yeap, I can see what you mean. And best of all they're all helping with the rebuilding! That means less work for us!" Hoho gives Ruri the thumbs up with a sparkling smile.

They managed to build alot of houses in a weeks time. Hoho was able to build an equivalent of 5 houses by himself alone. The villagers gives their gratitude to the group and Hoho and Ruri goes back to their village tired but satisfied with the work they've done.


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