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Travelling to Buer. [ Solo / Travel ]

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Farid Issah

Farid Issah
There had been a lot of chatter all over Heliohapt over the last few days. She hadn't enough connections to get the details about it, there were several rumors going around since not many people knew exactly what was going on. However after careful study and some patience, the rumors began to clarify. It had seemed as though there was a dungeon that had been erected, and it was across the ocean between Magnostadt and Balbaad on an island.

"A dungeon..." Chimera was quite hopeful and she felt she was considerably strong than the average person, perhaps she would have a shot at conquering it. She definitely had a unique subset of abilities that many people had never even seen before. Her thoughts also were fresh of new ideas, new techniques to implement as she had been training with her bodily manipulation. Also, travelling across the ocean would help her understand the anti-slave sentiment she heard spoken about. It was hard to imagine a life without slaves, how could everyone truly be equal? It hadn't made sense to her, but discovering that could definitely lend itself to her plans.

Chimera clearly knew there was only of one way of getting to Balbaad, and that was on a boat. Chimera spent the rest of the day packing her possessions. The hardest decision was having to leave her slaves in Heliohapt, she had grown accustomed to bossing them around and she was almost paranoid that without her constant guidance and manipulation. However, if she were able to conquer the dungeon, it would make her a much more viable business option to many other people. To have the slaves of a dungeon conqueror was quite the advertisement.

As she finally made it to the western port of Heliohapt, she boarded with bare minimal essentials, her coin, some food and her garments. She had never been on a ship before so it was quite interesting. To be aboard a vessel, for so many people to be floating and travelling over water. She could fathom a boat floating on water, but for it to be able to sustain people was just such a huge wonder.

Week after week passed by and she had grown accustomed and gained her sea legs, it was almost amusing to see some of the other passengers still unable to keep their meals down, and as she saw another passenger lose their meal, she saw land. Finally, over a month of travelling and she was finally there.... at Magnostadt. It seemed counter intuitive, but according to her information it'd be easier to get to the dungeon island from Magnostadt instead of Balbaad, despite Balbaad having taken the opportunity to take up shop around it.


[Travelling to Magnostadt for Buer.]

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