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Travel to the Plains[solo]

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Zadi has finally made up his mind on whether to put his goals on the back burner or to continue laying about and pretty much doing the same thing; Zadi has decided that he shall attempt to enter the 9th dungeon that has popped up in the North near Magnostadt in an attempt to either gain more power or to gain more wealth. Both power an wealth will be necessary in order to further his goals of destroying the world of the old and building it up from the ground. From the ashes shall arise a newly formed world, ready to take action against illogical ways of thinking, such as religion. Whether Zadi will be a part of this new world order or not is up to chance.

However, in order to further his general goals, Zadi must first travel to the dungeon's location. Luckily there are quite a few ships heading there, most likely to trade and also gain wealth, but in a different manner than Zadi. Zadi hopped on board a ship with the fees paid and waited patiently for his arrival within the magical country of Magnostadt, more or less. The dungeon popped up near Mangostadt but not within its legitimate borders. Zadi was once a part of Magnostadt's citizenship system so he knew of the tricky business involved. Zadi knew for certain that he didn't wish to be a part of that mess again.

A few weeks passed and Zadi was still on the ship heading towards the dungeon's general location. Zadi's meditation was keeping him "busy" during the trip and therefore relaxed, focused, and keen to his surroundings. Zadi didn't bother with helping the crew of the ship do their paid work for he was tired or doing his share of odd jobs in the past. Swabbing the deck, moving containers, tightening and loosening ropes and sails, and generally anything else involved with menial ship-work. However, Zadi appreciated the effort the ship as a whole was making. After all, Zadi sunk money into this endeavor, too.

Another month or so passed and the ship finally landed on moist land. Zadi's meditation ceased while his appetite for adventure awoke at the site of Balbaddian enterprises all around the forest of the plains. The forest's edge could only barely be seen among the tents and banners that littered the plains around Magnostadt. The large city-country could only barely be seen in the distance, but it was clear as day that the dungeon would be within the forest.

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