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Tangled Silver and Lots of Soap [Plot/Private]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos grimaced as he ran a hand through his silver strands, his fingers catching on knots. Too much time had passed since he had bathed, and now his hair was becoming a nest for birds and tiny insects. How long had it been since he last bathed? A couple of days? More? The filth that tarnished his beautiful mane was disgusting to feel and needed to be eradicated before it drove him insane. With each knot his slender fingers caught on, pain shot into his scalp to the point his brain pulsed and throbbed against his cranium. The tangled disaster had no end despite the number of times soap had to be scrubbed furiously into his scalp. The threads of silver clung to his fingers with each passing stroke, dropping suds into the still water his body rested in, tainting it with the dirt his silver hair had accumulated over the days.

Adrastos closed his eyes tightly to avoid being blinded by soap as he filled a small bucket with the bathwater and poured its chilling contents over his head, washing out the soap used to clean his hair. His fingers continued to run through his long hair, often snagging on knots that failed to untangle themselves. He gently tugged against them, a tiny nudge at a time, until the knots relented and came undone, leaving behind torn silvery strings that stuck in between his fingers. The magician brought one hand up to look at the hair that had been pulled out as his other hand maintained the task its opposite had momentarily abandoned. More strands lost to the merciless tangles that resided in his mane. More tugs from knots. More hair lost. Adrastos frowned when he scrubbed his head with more soap, lathering his scalp. Shorter hair was easier to care for. It didn’t tangle as easily as this long mass that now hung from his skull and offered little resistance when being cleaned.

Another downpour of water was dumped onto the magician who slid his hair back and out of his face. His fingers met no resistance as he combed his silver hair back, causing the young man to smile with satisfaction. He stood to wring the excess water from his hair, then he wrapped a towel around his waist as he stepped out of the bath. Droplets cascaded down onto his flesh and the floor, but Adrastos paid it no mind as he walked toward the window and leaned against the edge, allowing the sun to dry his damp hair and skin as it glistened with water from his bath.

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Tangled Silver and Lots of Soap [Plot/Private] 7kZv0Du
Tangled Silver and Lots of Soap [Plot/Private] AmCJaPN Tangled Silver and Lots of Soap [Plot/Private] Ltg0RVb Tangled Silver and Lots of Soap [Plot/Private] VjD0Py3

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