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The Crossing of Ways [Chimera]

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The heinous winds of the desert sands did nothing to deter this young man from strolling through the markets of the rich city. He had been here quite some time now, that is, he had been in Heliohapt for an extended period of time and by now, he had adapted. Surely, his training throughout the desert had served his purpose as never had he ever felt so physically capable of enduring through the toughest of menial tasks. A sack of eastern rice was lumped over his shoulder from an oriental merchant stand. It was pricey, but well worth the costs.

The door to his lodge creaked open eerily as it usually did when he entered. Tenma, by the looks of things, was most likely out yet he called out anyway. "I'm back!" A couple seconds passed with no answer. As expected, Tenma was a busy man as well so he wasn't surprised at all. It made no difference, he would continue his day normally until they met again.

Out on the streets again, the door behind him creaked closed before he surveyed the area before him. Once satisfying his eyes, Yushin proceeded to lock the door and set out towards the markets once more. He had glimpsed a fair amounts of elegant fabrics that caught his attention and he was curious to see where they were from.

Upon hearing the familiar chatter of the merchant road nearing closer, Yushin felt a stern bumb from behind that almost made his trip forward. Spinning around aggressively, one hand on his geom, Yushin met eyes with a startled easterner in chains. The chains merely symbolized the slaves' stature, but by no means did it really restrict movement immensely. After a quick surveyance with his eyes, Yushin concluded that it was merely an accident.

"M-my apologies! It w-won't happen again!" The voice sounded familiar, familiar in the sense that...hmm maybe he was just hearing things. Then, he actually looked into the eyes of the slave, and his own eyes widened.

"You-!" He gasped.

The slave noticed it too and gasped as well. "Y-young....PRINCE?!" The slave was not alone of course. His chains rattled as he turned toh is side to view his master. Yushin's eyes followed as he cocked an eyebrow. Now, what was going on here?


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Farid Issah

Farid Issah
The chain in her hand that were attached to her slaves shackles were jingling from tension and fear of her slave. "Well, why don't you introduce me?" She turned to her slave momentarily to give him the courtesy of letting him know he had the spotlight, as her gaze turned back to the stranger. Her optics fixated on his as her countenance froze with a smile. "Uh... -um. Good morning, Prince Yushin. This is my master, Chimera. She's a slaver in Heliohapt currently. Master, this is a young lord I'm am serving as a retainer." The slave bowed his head in respect to Yushin, knowing how to show respect as well as discipline in the presence of others.

Chimera extended her right hand, having discretely swapped the chain to her left. "It is always a pleasure to meet some of the clientele. There are certain jobs I allow my slaves to handle during training, this one is doing quite well. Everything seems to be in order. Did you need some help with anything? If you'd like we could talk it over a meal."

"Serb, if the gentleman has no use for you, at the moment, will you head home for the night? We have plenty to speak about tonight." Which hinted at a lot more than the words that were actually spoken.


Exitting since I haven't seen Yushin in a week. :)

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