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Getting back in the grove [Fanacorp Training]

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The fanalis stood in the stream as the brisk wind blowed by her she was doing simple motions with her body, it looked similar to dancing but it was an exercise to get the body limber and calm one down. While the girl was here in Kou she learned about it and it was helpful for what she had planned to do today, she was here to keep up on her training so that her body wouldn't get weak nor would her mind, after all those were the two things she couldn't let get weak or she would eventually end up dying or maybe something worse.

As she was doing her motions on the sideline her companion Fluffy and her newly acquired buddy Tem the lavatom, the two of them were playing on the rocks, at least she thought it was playing. The lava creature was rolling around while the large canine tried to copy but everytime he tried it would end in him falling or landing on his back, the massive beast seemed as if he was having a good time so the girl had no plans to interrupt them and end their bonding time.  Even though the friend she got from the dungeon was strange by trying to take her stuff or eat her in her sleep he seemed like a generally nice guy, if he had a gender at least.

Now was not the time to focus on those two, she tried to empty her mind of thought and went back to her exercise. She breathed deeply and stepped in the cool water trying to keep her moments fluid enough to stay relaxed. Her body felt more limber and she felt as if she had more control over it, the warrior think it was now a good idea to start putting her body to the test to see how much it could handle at once but there didn't seem to be many challenges in the area, the white haired girl would just have to do normal exercises and try to push herself past what she was normally capable off or at least that seemed like the most logical action at this point in time.

The fanalis opened her eyes looking around deciding what would be good to try and do, she was in a stream so that would make running slightly difficult, maybe she could do some sprints back and forth in the water to try and test her leg strength a bit, it would definitely make running harder when she went upstream, while the current wasn't strong it would still have some resistance and over time it would eventually start to get to the Fanalis, and that's exactly what made this exercise perfect for her.

She stared upward at the stream setting a mark for herself to see where she would would turn around to run back to the rock she was standing next too, about fifty meters away she noticed a large rock jutting out of the stream so she would run to that point.

She put herself in running position and took a few breaths, it would take a bit for her to get into full speed but once she was the fanalis would be running like a powerhouse, she wouldn't stop until she was completely tired. The warrior looked forward with stern eyes and started of jogging, the wind slightly brush by and felt nice but in a few second she was now in a run, it felt nice but she didn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. She had reached the rock now and when she did now had enough momentum to sprint and quickly turned around to run the other way.

"I haven't been able to run like this in so long, this is so refreshing, I feel so free."

She sprinted with all of her force feeling the water every time she stepped and the rock underneath it, it felt so cool and refreshing to her. She continued to run back and forth between the two rocks which felt so invigorating, Merrze truly loved running and was glad she was able to run right now. As she sprinted towards the large rock she felt wind blow her white hair into the wind giving it a slight shine reflecting the light.

She kept moving laughing as she did not focusing much on what was going, she was focused on training her legs and enjoying the run she was on. She showed a carefree and happy expression, it reminded her off her days when she was younger and more carefree, she really missed the days on when she trained with her master, at the beginning it was rough but she loved them since they were very important to her, she was even reminded of how as she group up her and her master would have foot races which she loved so much as a child.

Soon she was getting tired so she decided to stop for a bit to drink some water and continue but then she noticed something strange. The environment around her was the same but the scenery looked slightly different, after she looked behind her she had realised that she had ran farther than the rock when she was caught up in the moment, she was having too much fun to realise that she had gone to far but that wasn't that big of a deal, she started moving towards where her pets were hanging out.

As she approached the two pets she gave them a wave and shouted at them a little to get their attention. The two creatures moved towards her and she signaled them that they would be heading on their way home. She felt that they were out long enough and that her pets would most likely want to eat some dinner, it had been a couple of hours since they arrived there and they hadn't eaten all day so she was sure that the both of them wanted something that they could eat.

"Come on guys let's go home and eat, Tem you're going to help me with the cooking today just so you know."

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Getting back in the grove [Fanacorp Training] BB2kzwq
Getting back in the grove [Fanacorp Training] TXTx1qB
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