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The Pied Piper of Heliohapt (Mission/Solo)

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Lestacia rocked back and forth in her chair. The staff she had laid right beside her as the rocker creaked. It was silent in the room as the children had filled in and sat down legs crossed onto the floor.

"Who is this lady?"

"I don't know but doesn't she look a little too young to have awesome stories?"

"Yeah I know right?"

The crowd of orphans started to murmur and then there was nothing but silence. Lestacia had stopped rocking now and started speaking.

"Long ago, there was the legend of wonderful musician. He was known as THe Piper. He once had a lovely wife named Elizabeth. They lived in a cottage, from within the village of heliohapt. He loved his wife, and she loved him. Their love seemed unmatchable. Everything changed when the fire nation attacked. Only the avatar master of all four elements could... wait a minute? Who messed with my story book?!" She could hear the kids giggling but Lestacia knew the story by heart so she closed the boo and continued. "Well then where were we? Oh yeah thats right! After a while he had a child by the name of John. John was a naiive child, and questioned everything. When John turned 6 he went out to play with his friends but never returned. His parents obviously worried went to go search for him but they found nothing. Days later they found the boy in the desert, robbed, and beaten to death. He had been dead for a couple days. The piper and his wife were in sheer agony! Elizabeth who was in so much distress that she committed suicide. The piper who had witnessed his wifes death, vowed to kill whoever caused them this grief. He had never found them. On his death bed he asked. 'Why my boy! Why wasn't it someone else's' He died with a vengeful spirit that day. The spirit was so strong that it Manifested itself and called out to the children every full moon and led them into the desert. The piper would lead these kids to the ruins and kill them in an act of vengence for his boy. The piper is said to come out every night like the moon is tonight." Lestacia looked out the window and spotted the full moon and heard the sound of a beautiful flute player.

"Nice try lady but that won't work on us!"

"I-It's not me I swear."

From outside the window Lestacia Spotted a glowing figure coming from the side of the window. She quickly shut the lights and told the children to stay quiet. She alerted the nursemaids to lock the doors and windows and keep quiet with the lights out. They did as they were told and as Lestacia and the children were unseen , they could all see the face of a spirit known as the pied piper floating past their window in a blue glow with a troupe of kids following him Zombie like. THe kids were all scared and shivered until the spectre passed and the flute playing faded. There was more to this story than she thought.

"I think that wraps it up for tonight I have work to do."

WC: 538


The Pied Piper of Heliohapt (Mission/Solo) 6ouumjD

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