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Cult conundrum, EVENT/Mission,SOlo

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1Cult conundrum, EVENT/Mission,SOlo Empty Cult conundrum, EVENT/Mission,SOlo on 25/08/15, 09:56 pm


She woke up in a room full of Men. Most of them Beefy, and strong wielding their swords and staves. Most of them were cute, with there many scars, and tatoos and... *SLAP* Lestacia smacked herself. She was getting mesmerized by the men around her. It was just infatuation not love. IT WASN'T LOVE! No matter how much she blushed and how hard her heart pounded. She yearned to be carreessed by their rippling muscles. Enveloped in their arms, Carressed by their... *SLAP* "Keep it together Lest, you have a job to do." She said to herself after slapping her cheek once more. She needed to wash off her face. She was getting all hot and bothered. She was on a mission to defend a couple Nobles. Those said nobles didn't think to give the girls a seperate tent so they slept mixed. Some wore a lot to sleep others were basically wearing loin cloths which weren't helping Lestacia's hormone induced body. She walked out the tent and immediately got a face full of muscle. The man looked down at the girl and smiled. Lestacia looked up to him and blushed. 'At least her was wearing pants, but where is his shirt?' She blushed as they stared at each other for a bit. The man brought Lestacia out into the moonlit sky to talk.

'So what's wrong? Couldn't sleep?'

"Y-Yeah." She said sitting down next to him. "Apparently these cultists are causing problems again. A Priest from the Temple of Ra has gone missing. Tomorrow after we get back into town I'll be heading straight to the temple with a claravoyance magician."

'Really? It seems like you have a long day tomorrow. You need your sleep.'

"Sure, I guess. But these Cultists are getting annoying."

WC: 316


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