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Crash Course! [Solo/Job]

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Kaveh Issa

Kaveh Issa
Assignment Details:
Assignment Name: Expanding Horizons: High Society
Assignment Rank: D
Assignment Location: Heliohapt
Assignment Rewards: 50 XP and 3,000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Researcher Profession
Assignment Overview: In all of your studies of the Torran Civilization, some of the more basic rules of the Heliohapt culture has slipped from you. Spend an afternoon with some of the sociologists of the Historical Society and get a small refresher course as to why the higher ranked members of society don pet snakes around their shoulders. Also get a reminder of the reverence of the Pharaoh compared to other monarchs.

It had been a couple of months, but Kaveh finally found his way back to the Historical Society head quarters. The members there asked him to come and settle a dispute about how things were run in Heliohapt. As Kaveh neared the building, a frightening realization began to hit him. He had been so caught up in his findings about the Torran culture, that he had forgotten how to live in his own environment. Sweat started to pool around the back of his neck as he started to feel a sense of shame. His walk to the headquarters seemed to be shorter than usual. The reason was simple, though. He was so busy with worrying about how he would explain the sudden blank of Heliohaptian customs, that he didn't pay attention to the entire walk. By the time he returned to reality and escaped his thoughts, he was at the door of the building.

With a hesitant gulp to force down the growing lump in his throat, Kaveh opened the door slowly and entered meekly. Kaveh felt a little odd, not being met at the door. The society were usually anticipating his return and would see him before he was even able to enter the building. Today, they all seemed preoccupied with different things. Kaveh walked through the hallways, nodding and waving to those who would look up to catch his eye. However, the magician was looking for another. He was searching for his mentor in the society: Akmet. The man didn't seem to be anywhere to be found and it caused a bit of distress for the heat magician.

It took almost ten minutes, but Kaveh found his way to his mentor. The older Heliohaptian was in his study, reading up on old texts. The tomes didn't seem to be written in the Torran language, however, so Kaveh was a bit puzzled as to why the man was reading them. With two firm knocks on the opened door, Akmet looked up from his books somewhat startled. The elder researcher looked towards the door and gave a sigh of relief to see it was none other than his student. "Kaveh! Where have you been? We haven't seen you for almost a month."

The red magician smiled and scratched the back of his head. "Well... Things have become quite interesting..." Kaveh went into the events of the past month or so with Akmet. Kaveh also brought up to his mentor about his sudden... lack of knowledge of the Heliohapt culture. The older man laughed and patted Kaveh's shoulders. "I see! I see! I had that exact same problem when I initially became a member of the society. You are learning so much about other cultures and civilzations, that you tend to forget the one you began with. I advise keeping journals and documenting the things that you learn. That way you can refresh yourself ever so often, and even pass them down to those you would like to share your knowledge with. But now... let us get you back up to date with your home."

The elder society member and Kaveh spent the rest of that afternoon reviewing. Kaveh was reminded that the snakes being draped around certain people in the country designated their importance. Those of high stature donned the snakes, and the larger the snake, the greater their importance. The pharaoh's snake was brought into example, as it was almost as large as he was. The talk slowly took that and migrated to the Pharaoh. How the man was ordained by the gods Anubis and Ra to be the man who speaks for them and acts as their proxy.

Kaveh absorbed the information as much as he did when learning the Torran culture. The man was always like that when it came to learning anything. It had to be his strongest trait. After the refresher course, Kaveh thanked Akmet the best way he could: a drink. After a couple of rounds of ale, Kaveh left the headquarters and returned home. There was still more that he had to learn about. The two briefly spoke of the Black Temple and the Pyramids that surrounded the great city. Kaveh noticed that his hunger began to grow again. I guess... I can take a break from the Torran culture. It'll be nice to spend some time in the now. He thought as he entered his home...
Word Count: 720/500


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