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Zadi vs. Ninjas! Part 2 [Job;Solo]

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1Zadi vs. Ninjas! Part 2 [Job;Solo] Empty Zadi vs. Ninjas! Part 2 [Job;Solo] on 15/03/14, 01:34 pm


Zadi had recently finished off some Zou Empire ninjas rather easily. However, it seems that his troubles weren’t over. Zadi got a message from the requester that had put up the other ninja job sheet, letting Zadi know that he was wrong about the ninjas being from the Zou Empire. That was a relief for Zadi Medmar. He thought that the Zou Empire would start a war! However, that was not the case it seemed. The ninjas were rogue and not meant to have come here in the first place. They were supposed to have been imprisoned for some crimes.



Anyway, not only was Zadi told that the ninjas were rogue, but also that the ninjas were part of an organized crime syndicate of sorts. Now, currently Zadi wasn’t in the mood to be reading a long message nor even hearing of one. He just wanted to fight so this next and final part of the message was going to get Zadi’s juices flowing just fine. So, as it turns out, the boss, leader, head-honcho, whatever you want to call him is coming after Zadi for defeating his two best pupils. Zadi was happy for another fight. He wanted action!

As chance may have it, Zadi was getting this message right next to the Zou ship that the boss of the ninja syndicate was stowing away on. Yeah, he wasn’t supposed to be on that ship. It showed misrepresentation on behalf of the Zou Empire after all. The boss stepped out of the storage of the ship and introduced himself as “The Zad-inator”, as in, the “person who will destroy Zadi Medmar”. Simple enough. However, Zadi was ready due to the grand announcement. This ninja boss didn’t seem very ninja-like, strange. Anyway, Zadi was ready for whatever the boss threw!

So yeah, Zadi was about 20 meters away from the boss when he gathered Rukh into pure force. He would use them for something…but what? Zadi would just have to wait. But not for long! The ninja boss threw a projectile towards Zadi at 15 m/s. It was slicing through the air at such a vast speed! However, Zadi just sidestepped out of the way, as if letting the projectile get past him to an important meeting with the wood of a nearby pole. The ninja boss kept throwing random projectiles at Zadi until he got a little too tired.

Zadi then used this chance to use his Rush spell, jumping at a 45 degree angle in order to get the maximum distance! The ninja boss was stunned, unable to move due to how beautiful the moon looked behind Zadi. Zadi then used his Blunt spell, his normal finishing move! He hit the ninja boss upside the head and knocked him out cold, sending him back to his syndicate! Zadi got a rather random reward for defeating someone of such caliber. It was strange to get a reward like this, but Zadi accepted it gratefully all the same. Zadi was happy that he wasn’t going to be targeted anymore. He did defeat the three best of the syndicate after all, hahaha!

120 Magoi


Name: Rush
Tier: D
Cost: 10
Element: Strength
Class: Supplementary
Range: Caster
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description: The caster orders the Rukh to gather into pure force underneath the caster's feet. The force allows the caster to push off the ground with greater speed, in turn allowing the caster to either jump 10 meters into the air using both feet (5 using one foot) while traveling at 10 m/s into the air or just bursting on the ground ONCE at 10 m/s using either leg or both (no difference). This force is not constant, only one burst of speed or greater jumping power, even when using just one leg. Only increases burst speed/jumping power, not overall physical speed. Also does not increase the damage of any attack due to the extra speed.

Name: Blunt
Tier: C
Cost: 20 | 10
Element: Strength
Class: Offensive
Range: The Medium (staff/wand)
Duration: Until Broken
Cool-Down: 3 Posts
Description: The caster orders the Rukh to gather 1 cm around the medium and turn into pure force. This force acts like a shell and in turn allows for the medium to be used as a melee weapon, specifically dealing C-tier blunt damage. The caster is not hurt by simple wielding the medium. However, like any shell, the force can be broken. The force is destroyed after being hit by 1 C-tier or 2 D-tier attacks. If the force is destroyed, that does not mean the medium is destroyed unless the attack applied to the force was greater than what was needed to destroy the force. The shell around the medium can be seen, to those specialized in Intelligence, as a slightly transparent shell of black energy while those that are not specialized in Intelligence see the force as a completely transparent blur around the medium.

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