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Sinisa  Ca7ALAl


Country Affiliation:


D-Tier (Novice)


Age + Birthdate:
19 (Age) - June 3rd



There is never a moment in which Sin is not smiling. Her happy-go-lucky attitude consistently tends to make her lips twitch into a bright beam - a floodlight of utter bliss that regardless of the situation always exposes the urge to put comfort onto others. Her smiling tends to come from her being not only happy, but, at peace most of the time. She is a regularly relaxed indiviual, never showing displays of stress in a vexating or possibly enraging situation. Although her limits of serenity can be broken, it usually comes in the harm of very close friends.

Despite her being a bundle of all smiles and laughter, she is actually very sensitive. If a group of children were to bully her, she would very easily begin crying as if she herself is also a child. This is why she tends to hang around places briefly if there is something fun going on - something positive. Sin never sticks around if something negative is floating about, infact, she avoids conflict as much as she possibly can. Although, as usual it depends on the situation, and if her presence is much needed, she will appear in the clashing of brawl. Because of her habit of constantly traveling, she has no affiliation with anybody - or at least she states that. She has a habit of appearing at the most unexpected of times, and shows a great deal of sympathy towards those that she sees fit.


Cramped Places - for some odd reason, she likes to hide in very enclosed spaces, like a closed barrel crowded with fruit or a small hole (that she'd be able to squeeze into. She feels very safe and at peace in places like that.

Dark Places - not that she doesn't enjoy daylight or light, of course she does - but, she really likes the evening or spaces that are entirely void of light. Which is why she tends to find cramped and dark places to escape from the noise of or civilization of people.

Napping - finding almost anywhere to doze off, you could call her the Queen of Naps if you knew her well enough to label her with such a title. Because she is regularly relaxed, finding a cramped or dark area tends to make her want to sleep - although in this case she can nap almost in the most bizarre of places.


Vegetables - a child-hood dislike that just stuck around. Sin will pick out everything else from her meal and desolate all forms of veggies - which is surprising as she looks quite healthy most of the time.

Conflict - bullying or harrassment, she not only grows overwhelmed by this and eventually teary-eyed - especially if it is directed towards herself. Usually, while caught or around situations like this, Sin only becomes anxious or treads off ignoring it as she is not a very huge fan of any of this.

Violence - as much as she hates conflict, she also does not like violence. People that are violent and tend to lash out on others because they are "hot-headed" frightened her and therefore cause her to eventually dislike them to the extent she will intentionly avoid said person. In battle though, if it is directed towards her, she will only defend herself and try and flee.

There are two things that Sin aspires to reach with her own two hands. To find her sisters if they are even still alive, and to become very powerful. As a child and even now, she considered herself weak and cowardly as she disliked the form of violence so much that all she could do was cry and wait for somebody to save her. And on a consistent daily basis, her sisters were the ones to always embrace her and tell her everything was alright. They were the ones that saved her, but, they were also the ones who took everything away from her. And, not out of revenge, but mer query, she searches for them all. She searches for them in the hopes of oneday becoming as strong as they were.

Her most largest fear, is drowning. She never learnt how to swim, nor grew up around a large body of water to at least teach herself how too. It was only recent that she actually discovered this and barely escaped death by the hands of the ocean. If it hadn't been for the current of the waves that pushed her closer to land, she wouldn't of been alive today. Sin does find the ocean to actually be quite beautiful, but, she will not step into it regardless.

Zero - Drakengard

Hair Color:
Flawlessly White
Eye Color:
Ruby Red

168cm (5.5ft)

55kg (121 pounds)

Visual Image:
Sinisa  GSiuvgX

From the way she talks, dresses and acts, Sin carries a captivating and rather peculiar semblance about herself - one that easily catches peoples attention if she were but a stranger treading on a busy street. She has very full, lush lips, not as boldly pink as most, but remarked enough that it would be noticed at first glance - and a smile - a perfectly arrayed set of white teeth that is as striking as the blade of a sword. Her eyes are an alluring ruby red, or could be similiar to the tint of blood - they are large and alluring, and despite one being concealed by a pink flower, the mystery hidden behind it is what draws those towards her - like a moth to a flame. Lengthy snow-white locks descend from her crown and span all the way past her arse - unkept but surprisingly falling in all the right places, not one would tell that a brush had not been run through the strands for awhile. Sections are seized back by a ebony ribbon, a bow that despite all hectic situations, never seems to fall apart.

It is obvious that just by looking at her, she is physically fit. Sin works herself hard, and even despite being a laze most of the time, her travels tend to push her stature to the limits in which most would not be able to reach. She has a slender figure, and a medium sized bust that shows along the layer of clothing she consistently wears. Her arms and legs are slim, and despite the fact she doesn't portray much muscle on her figure, she is actually quite strong.

In conclusion, Sin is a very beautiful young woman.

Rukh Alignment:

Special Traits:
Her red eyes could be considered a bit special if you'd like to call it that - as her family did not bear them nor her white hair. Although, the most interesting characteristic is the flower that is pinned along her right eye. After the incident with her sisters (which will be explained later on in her history) - she received a scar that started from the mid section of her eyebrow, over her eye, and ceasing at the upper range of her cheekbone. Because of this, she is somewhat blind in that eye now, and uses this light-pink lily to both cover up her scar and desolate her pointless optical. Although the eye itself looks the same, she figured there was no point using it, if she could barely even see from it.

Originally, Sin, as a little girl, came from Reim with her Mother, Father and two older sisters. She was the youngest of the family, and because of her peculiar white hair and red eyes, her Mother and Father seemingly payed more attention to her than her other sisters. This caused an arise of jealously with not the oldest sister but the second oldest - which didn't appear until much later on. Infact, Sin had a very good relationship with her sisters - they would rescue her from the neighbourhood childern that would bully her often because of her hair and strange red-eyes. They would teach her things that their parents never did, and tell her stories when they all lay in bed - supposed to be sleeping.

It wasn't until the age of sixteen, when they moved just outside of Reim, that the second oldest sister - Alala - started acting more cold toward Sin, while Erika acted more distant, as if she were sad about something. No matter how much she reached out to the two, they rejected her each time, and she could never fully understand why. It was almost as if a gloom had consumed them both, a mysterious evil to this day she still tries to figure out. But, because of this, Sin grew accustomed to being alone - she even learnt to enjoy it, being independent and not having to yearn for protection all the time, despite truly missing the comfort of her sisters.

At the age of seventeen, was when it all started. In the middle of the night, her home was set in flames, and she barely escape unscathed from the heat of fire, her parents already killed - their corpses scolded in the colour of red. She was afraid as she looked back at her home, crying out for her sisters or parents, wondering if they were still alive. To her surprise, her sisters were entirely fine, but, they did not look as frightened as she was that day. Alala's face was a mixture of darkness, void of all light in her once shining eyes while Erika seeemed as though she were guilty of something. Immediately, Sin questioned them, perplexed by what had happened - while they only answered by beginning to walk away. Of course, she grasped onto Alala's wrist, in the hopes of stopping them both - but instead, the blade of a sword met her eye, and she tumbled back belched with her own blood.

"Don't follow us if you want to keep your life." she said, while crying. The both of them did. And so, as they walked off, Sin did not follow them, and sat there, till the sun rised and a passing traveler discovered her there wounded. She was taken back to Reim, and her eye was tended too, but unforunately, she could no longer see. Her personality stayed the same as it had orginially been before, and she was rather perplexed than hurt on what had happened that night, brushing off her sisters threat as nothing, and immediately leaving Reim to go and look for the two.

Till this day she has not found them, but, of course, has not given up even after two years.

Role-Play Sample:

The memories that came in a floodlight of dreams, splintered her mind back into reality, muscles tensing at the sudden rebound as the feeble stature tumbled from the root of a tree and onto the ground with a loud thud. Leaves fluttered upward with her fall, and she hesitantly arised with a soft grumble of discomfort, hand kneading the back of her skull as various pieces of bush and wood prodded from the length of white locks. As per usual, the youth exposed her odd behaviour in the resting place of a tall tree, one that did not turn out well by the fall that seemed to urge a form of tears by those ruby red eyes. Puny little beads that wavered and then vanished by the batter of ivory lashes - long and perfectly thick - she lastly stood to her feet, disregarding her unorganized display.

"Ahhh, I'm so hungry." a remark to only herself, the girl clad in white, treaded back onto the main trail she had previously been walking on, intrigued pools of crimson peering into the distance of woodland that barely concealed Balbadd, a place that would evidently be flocking with food and civilization. The current of wind faintly brushed by, disembarking a hint of salt water that recoiled a sudden reminder of the ocean - one place she would not dare advance by. Sin rattled her crown, continuing the motion of feet along the barren path that was barely masked by the shade of trees. Excitement teased, and her lips raised into a smile.  

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Specialization: You didn't list what your starter magic is so please add that in.
Special Traits: What you listed her would be something you have in your appearance since these are no special traits. Special traits include tails, animal ears, eyes that glow etc.


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