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Gold Sand [Job/Solo]

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Job Name:Ambitions as a Thief
Job Rank: C - Tier
Job Location: Heliophat
Job Rewards: 100 XP, 7,000 Huang
Job Overview:
There is a rare mineral known as Gold Sand, a substance known for being a crucial ingredient in making false gold for profit. Suppliers were forced to shut down years ago but rumor has it that there is a generous supply being stored in a supply cart coming into the town from another country. It's not for sale, of course, so you'll have to steal it. Take five bags of gold sand and move after you fend off the men guarding the sand. Your effort will not go unrewarded.

A group of armed men traveled around the desert until reaching an oasis, they were lead by a rich merchant who had hired them to protect his precious cargo of gold sand. After hearing some other travelers, mainly other merchants, and their merchandise keep suddenly vanishing when they crossed the road near the oasis. Could it have been raiders? Maybe bandits? No possibly something more to have frighten the survivors to the point of nearly not using that route for trade any longer. But the merchant didn't care of such rumors he believed that since he had armed men he would be fine that and he was behind his schedule and force to take the fastest route there.

It was the evening and the night was ever encroaching, the desert heat slowly became colder and colder as the sun began to set. The Merchant rode in his caravan protected by some of his personal guards; he turned at the mercenaries and spoke, "Now remember we came here to investigate and if there is anything suspicious try to think before acting." The Merchant said from above his carriage down to one of the mercenaries on their horse while the others were walking on the sand. After a long travel they finally reached the oasis and decided to make camp for the night so they could hydrate themselves as well as the horses.

One of the mercenaries sighed as he walked with the group, he was in of the money for sure, but with all the rumors that had been going around a part of him began to think of what might happen to him and the rest of the unit. Especially from this specific oasis and the more he thought about it the more he began to get nervous about the task at hand. Although there were three of them and they were fairly well armored they could handle a handful of bandits and such but could they take on someone, or worst something, that was making entire caravans disappear? He looked to the other mercenaries and spoke to them with a somewhat nervous voice. "D-do you guys think there is something out there that can make us all umm...Y'know disappear?"

Another mercenary had his sword placed on his shoulder as he yawned, "Baaaah! This is clearly a myth, how come people disappear suddenly like this on the road? its probably nothing, they just get lost often I guess. This a large desert and all. Or the other mercenaries suck at their jobs and had to make up stories so they wouldn't look bad." The other third mercenary agrees letting out a yawn as well while he was building a fire for the night. The nervous mercenary shook his head growing ever more paranoid of what could happen. "The are several stories you know. Not just from mercenaries, the slaves and other folk have been talking about this too!" The mercenary exclaimed with more fear.

The confident mercenary laughed casually at the nervous one. "And you are going to listen to slaves? They'll make up and believe any story." He said while taking a large gulp of ale before speaking again. "Look, this job is paying very well likewise with you, so why are you even complaining?" The confident mercenary asked the nervous one. And the nervous one replied, "No point on money if I'm dead to use it." The confident mercenary sat back with a growing nervous looked before letting out a slight laugh. "If that's the case I'll just use your money for you if you die." He said, his voice becoming slightly more shaken than before. He hid his own growing paranoia with another large drink of ale.  

As the two men spoke and the third finishing making a third fire. The growing tension between the four men began to grow. Hiro sat there quietly, in the uniform they had to wear with a steel mask covering the lower half of his face while the helmet covered his red hair. His fellow mercenaries probably didn't know exactly who he and thought little of it, just another man wanting to make some money. Maybe he thought there was potential in spreading his own influence in the area. Perhaps he had hoped the trade would benefit him in the long term. It could have been because he simply wanted to be rewarded for protecting the merchants. Maybe he was just really, really bored and wanted to see somewhere new. But in truth his aim was for the gold sand and he was the one spreading the rumors in the last village to cause nervousness among the other man. And by the looks of the other three men, his little ploy worked.

"Heh, maybe. Or maybe there really are ghosts here! Or monsters. Or monster ghosts! It's possible." Hiro said with his low stern toned voice in a somewhat mocking fashion. "In fact, I kinda hope'd help with the boredom anyway. Man what kinda merchant thinks trudging through a desert of all places is a good idea? With all these heavy goods he's lucky none are sinkin' into the sandy abyss..." He said, the nervous mercenary blinked at Hiro for a moment. "Did you say ghost?" He asked Hiro, his voice was shaking even more than before. The other two looked at each other and shook their heads.

"There are no such thing as ghosts." The more confident mercenary said. "There are monsters in this desert that could eat us in one bite and people who can shoot fire from their hands and you don't believe in ghost!?!" The nervous one argued. From there an argument between the two commenced. While they were distracted, he pulled the other man to the side saying that they should take care of the perimeter. While away Hiro grabbed the man and choked him crushing his atom's apple with arms giving the man a quiet death. Hiro swiftly moved and stabbed the confident one in the back with his spear then punched the other in the throat. Giving them both  quick and silent deaths. He walked into the caravan to the sleeping merchant and cut the man's throat in his sleep and took the bags of gold sand and leaving the rest of the merchandise. "So, the legend continues..." Hiro whispered before leaving the site with the goods making sure he didn't leave any tracks.


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