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Kitty! [Job/Solo]

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1Kitty! [Job/Solo] Empty Kitty! [Job/Solo] on 18/07/15, 03:52 pm


Job Name: Zoo Trouble
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 100 XP / 7,000 Huang
Job Overview: Local animal protection place was having a trouble with several rampaging Leopard that escaped out from their cage. Catch all the leopards and take it back!

Enemy Name:Leopards (x4)
Needed damage to take down:C
Description:Leopards can sprint at 10m/s
Claw attack – Leopard can send a sharp claw attack at 10m/s and deal C-Tier damage
Bite – Leopard can bite the target at 10m/s and deal C-Tier damage

This desert was thick with the sand and vast, seemingly endless; though it also seemed lifeless but that was far from the case. The country was filled with roots of massive ancient buildings and ruins and in those ruins was filled with researchers, mercenaries, beasts both small and large. Worst of all, tourists like himself. He found himself a combination of all those things in one. Where all roamed in the same area and most of the wild beast were caged to be "protected" and learned about. The Zoo. It brought back old memories of before he was the man he was now, the zoo felt familiar as if he was here before.

He let out a sigh, there was no point on looking back on anything on this, the only time the memories came more intensely was when he was fighting. For whatever reason, he the zoo was only so interesting when one was alone. He looked to the leopard cage and saw that it was the only area that was empty. His mind wondered to asking himself why that was but then realized, he didn't really care. It was a shame but not a huge loss in his day. He went into a zen or trance like mode while he made his way out of the zoo. His foot fell heavy upon a pile of sand but there was a squish and a light snap from where he stepped. "Eh?" He thought as silence overwhelmed the area and he leaned down to examine what he stepped on. He noticed the uniform, a former caretaker of the animals and quickly pieced it together. "Crap." He thought to himself realizing why the leopards weren't displayed in their cage today.

Then the silence of the sand broke, an echoing growl filled his ears. He dropped his spear and clenched his hand with his shield. He light out a sigh as he looked up to the stout and teeth of one of the leopards as it bared its fangs and growled. Hiro smelled the breath as the beast growled, fresh blood matched that of the caretaker it was so potent he was surprised that he was able to miss such a thing. Stupid Zen mode. Also gross. He quickly thought to himself, the leopards with just escaped animals due the the ignorance of the caretaker, they were still a large attraction for the tourist. So....If he didn't kill them he could get a reward right? This will be interesting and possibly fun.

Hiro let a small grin appear under his mask and let out a short and quiet chuckle. With his shield hand he let loose and hard but uppercut onto the beast's jaw. Sending it backward and knocked out before it could try to bite into him. "So much for cat-like reflexes." He thought to himself with his grin fading quickly as it came. He let out a sigh again and he stood and heard the growling of the other Leopards. Well this was new, leopards weren't known for hunting in packs but seeing all their mouths they all had blood meaning they all had a turn on the caretaker. This was an interesting behavioral development on the beast. It seemed like since they all lived in the same cages they treated each other as a pack, as a family even though they were known to be independent animals.

Not that he really cared, this may prove to be more fun than when he first thought. He clenched his shield and his battle-like smile came back onto his face and charged the beast and they charged him. One leaped at him aiming to claw him, he spun to the left did a hard side kick to send it flying towards the others. It's body hit one and sent those two back while the other dodged. The one that dodge came at him leaping from side to side trying to get an edge on him and fumble on his own feet. To it's dismay, he was just as agile as the beast. Hiro copied it's movements and punched its head into the ground. He then kicked it to the side and watched and the last one got up pushing it's sibling to the side and growled at him. Hiro merely stared into the eyes of the beast as it growled at him.

He got into a defensive stance with his double crescent moon shield in front of him. It went into a pouncing stance. He continued to hold his stance and stared at the beast waiting. The two had a stand off until the beast began to circle him, watching him, hunting him waiting for Hiro to lower his stance just a little. Hiro's eyes darkened and continued to stare down the beast until it looked away and looked to it's siblings. It's ear lower and it turned to run away. Hiro gave chase and grabbed the beast by it's tail and lifted it and slammed it into the sand. Hiro cracked his neck and laughed. This was the first time he made an animal turn tail, literally speaking. He leaned over the leopard and punched it until it was knocked out like the rest.

He picked up the beast with great ease and began walking the nearest caretaker. "Wha?" Went the caretaker and Hiro told him to hush and told him to take him to the owner, the caretaker did. He dropped the bodies of the animals in front of owner telling them that they were still alive just hurt and demanded payment. After a bit more intimidation the owner caved into his demands. He took the pouch of currency and let it hop lightly from his palm and back. A tourist he was after all and he needed the money for tourist things like drinking; drink was something all the tourists like to do here, he would might as well join the crowd for that. And so, he set off for that venture.


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