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Nothin' News [Plot/Private]

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It has been ages and Zadi had not seen a thing related to the Black Pyramid's destruction since, well, its destruction at the hands of, well, Zadi. Zadi assumed that the Black Pyramid was simply folklore within the peoples' minds on Heliohapt, but it was still ridiculous that Zadi's deed hasn't even made the other temples blind with an extra guard or two! Not that he was complaining, but he was just a little frustrated that something of such a scale not only didn't give him a noticeable flicker of black rukh but also didn't convey Zadi's new message of change through destruction. Zadi, currently standing in the middle of a busy crowd of shoppers within a bazaar, got out the special pouch of special coins given to him by the dusty old man who is probably older than just "dusty" with his shriveled body and cringe-worthy smile. The coins were to be used to complete his desires but what was there to destroy that would make not only the country of Heliohapt notice but also the rest of the world? The other temples? People's decrepit homes that needed some serious renovating? Or perhaps simply the entire capitol of Heliohapt? Nah!

I may need an ally with all of this destruction. I need to forget about the monk who's name now slips my mind and think of someone more worthy of helping me change this world's structure.

Sadly for the guy who's name probably started with a "j", Zadi had almost completely forgotten about him due to Zadi's new-found perspective on black rukh and the people behind their existence, that is if the very dusty old man had anything to do with the existence of black rukh. All the same, the "j" guy would need to find a way to adapt without Zadi around.

So, the ally...maybe I should use these coins. Seemingly simply to just walk into a bar and ask for a drink inconspicuously while also inconspicuously flashing the coins as some sort of currency, inconspicuously. But what if they expect me to have a goal or target in mind? I need to keep thinking about this...

With that thought in mind, Zadi put away the pouch of coins and headed off to a certain location in hopes of finding some new news that he'd been not-complaining about earlier.



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