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Drunk Sailors Today

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There wasn’t a lot for him to do in these streets right now. It was night time, and he didn’t want to go spend his money in the bars, or to have a couple of girls pleasure him for the time being. He decided that he would answer someone’s help. It was interesting to see that he would aim for something like that, but there was Huang involve which shouldn’t have been a surprised. He was looking for a couple of guys that were walking around Balbadd. He knew it wouldn’t be hard to find them because they were drunk, and it seemed like they were out of control.

He was told that they were causing trouble, and that was exactly what he was looking for right now. He kept walking around the streets now as he could hear noises of people shouting, and arguing. He could only continue his pace as he was getting close to the problems. He knew that there were just three of them, and he knew that they were locals. It seemed like they weren’t the happy drunkards that people enjoy to see. He had turned the corner, and you could see a girl was arguing with them because one of them tried hit on her.

He sighed at this scene as they looked pathetic, and knew this was how some people were when they drink. ”You guys should leave her alone. She doesn’t want anything to do with you guys, and come on you are drunk. Just go home and sleep it off. You enjoyed your night already,” he spoke to them pleading with them to go home. They looked at Yuurei and let go of the girl as they were not happy with what he said. ”You don’t tell us what to do boy. Why won’t you go back home, and sleep with your mommy,” one of the drunks said as they all started laughing.


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Yuurei shook his head at the sailors’ right there. They were drunk, and he could only imagine how they acted when they were aboard their ship. ”It seems like you guys needs to be treated to some ass whopping, if I say so myself,” he said to them as they cracked their knuckles towards Yuurei’s words. It seemed like things were going to get serious now, but it didn’t bother Yuurei. It was three versus one, but it honestly felt like there was one guy and a small kid fighting him. He just noticed that one of the sailors had rushed towards him, and threw a punch at Yuurei.

He didn’t take his weapons out, and instead he moved to the side, and turned towards the man. Yuurei grabbed his arm, and tugged him towards his direction. While he did that he turned again, and this time having his backside to the man while still pulling his arm. Yuurei used his power to slightly bend down, and tossed the sailor over his back, and onto the ground as the man was knocked out from the slam. He sighed as he didn’t want to do that. ”Well that wasn’t bad now was it?” he said knowing the man couldn’t answer him.

He looked at the other two guys, and just wondered what they were going to do. ”You guys can go home now if you want,” he offered the sailors another opportunity to leave, but he knew they wouldn’t take it. The both of them looked at each other, and rushed towards him. They looked funny as they were both drunk, so their movements were a little sloppy. He moved his head to the side as they were trying to attack him, and he slapped their wrist down when the attack was right on its mark. This was annoying, but he had to get the job done.

Word Count: 638/500


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Yuurei grabbed another of the sailor’s hand, and brought him closer to him, and he had presented him with a chop on his neck. He had hit him hard enough that it would knock him out. He wasn’t trying to break his neck. The other sailor had punched Yuurei on his chest at that time, which caused him to stumble back from the surprised hit. He didn’t think this guy would hit him, but he did which wasn’t a good thing for the drunken man. He just looked at him as he was going to pay for what he had done, and he just cracked his knuckles right there.

The sailor was preparing himself for a fight it seemed as well as he got into a position. That was when Yuurei took his bow, and arrow, and shot it towards the man. His eyes open wide as he was surprised that this man was using weapons to take him out. ”No way,” he said as he noticed the arrow coming to him. ”I Got You,” he whispered as the arrow broke into five, and hit the ground around the sailor. He noticed that it was a trap, and he was stuck with nowhere to go. This irritated the man, and he was trying his best to escape from this crap.

Yuurei had gotten close to the trap, and when the sailor tried to tackle the net, Yuurei punched him square in the jaw. The sailor was pushed back from the force of the impact, and was unconscious from the blow. It was not something he expected coming from this guy. He sighed when he had done that, and he had looked around to see that there were people who were watching the whole thing. He could only smile at them, and wave. He was done with this job now, and he was going to continue patrolling to see if there was any more trouble.

Stamina: 20/150
Word Count: 500+/500

Technique Used:
Name: Got You
Tier: C
Cost: 20
Weapon Type: Bow
Class Supplementary
Range: 40 Meters
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 Post
Description: The user take out a special arrow, which is thicker than most arrows. This arrow has 5 smaller arrows within it, and contains a durable net that can only be cut down by 1 C-tier technique or higher, or 2 D-tier techniques. The arrow moves at 20 meter per second, and goes as far as 40 meters. When the user shoots the arrow it will pick up velocity, and release the five smaller arrows. Each arrow is spread out revealing a special chain net. The trap has a 10 meter radius catching anybody around where the trap is shot at. The arrows will hit the ground, and sticking to the ground, and from above revealing a pentagon seal. The arrows being used are about 30 inches long from the shaft. The fetching on the back of the arrow is that of a yellow color.


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