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For the University. (solo job)

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The deserts of Heliosept filled with a whole lots of sand and bountiful with old pyramids and the like. As there was as much sand as there was knowledge, all kinds of scrolls and tomes could be found that it seemed endless. Hence the reason he made his way to the uni. Before arriving himself, Hiro, acting as a seeker for the university, had looked into the country's history. It helped to know any and all places of interest during his visit. The nature of the visit itself was droll but necessary. As Hiro, himself would say "droll but needed". Hiro let out a great sigh as he made his walk to the ruins and pyramids. Hours of travel he came across an old ruin library similar to that of the current empire. A lot of the older histories were stored here, dating back to the time of the from minor things to old wars and possibly further but nothing the scholars wouldn't know already.

While there were places like this within the Helio's territory he felt it helped to look into any and all aspects of it. One would never know if the histories written within one tome were different compared to another, especially when based on a sensitive subject such as history. Keeping his hooded robe over her head before finally entering another large dark building. He'd wandered around aimlessly where he could look into any accounts of anything of value, after a while of searching he found a trail to the proper direction. From there he began to stride her way through the halls to find something note worthy himself.

It had only taken a moment for Hiro to find a tome on the accounts of the generals of old who served closely with both with the Pharaohs of the past. A perfect piece of reading material needed. It would help to know how they felt or what they felt while being in the presence of some of the greatest Lords to have ever existed. From there were chances to discover and possible secrets the lords had. Hiro was an ambitious man after all, at least in a sense, wanting to recover his old memories little by little and doing this. He felt right reading old things like these as thought it was taught to him to do so.

With the tome in hand Hiro finally lowered his hood, his red hair finally showing as well as his scarred face. He looked around before finding a seat, dusting off an old pillar he sat down and began to read the noteworthy tome quietly. For hours he read what he could of the old tome but he could not get as much as the scholars back at the universe could. He closed the tome and put up his hood once more standing up quietly. The warrior went around to look for a note worthy artifact and it seemed that it wasn't going to be in the library. He placed the tome into his bag and placed his mask on his face and moved quietly to the next ruin.

He then spent the next hour and a half looking for something notable. He then found an object covered in dust after further inspection and cleaning. It turned out to be some kind of jar with an eagles head as a cover. The jar itself was black but colored with gold wording too old for him to be able to decipher. But it did seem have its own worth and he placed it into his bag with the tome. He made his way back to the university to return what he had found in hopes it was needed knowledge for their future. After doing so he let out a sigh and made his way to the next mission.


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