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I'm Hungry....[Solo/Job)

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Hiro was traveling through the south, he was looking for work, he had hoped to run into some more interesting people along the way. Unfortunately there weren't many people on the road. It seemed as if today would be another uneventful day. Hiro didn't mind it, the last couple of weeks were, as one could say, interesting at the very least. He wouldn't change any of his experiences despite having met the two overly-friendly youngsters. The sunny sky flowed quietly over shoulder then darks Clouds began to gather above him. "It look like its about to rain, I seriously have the best luck ever, looks like I'll have to find shelter soon." He thought sarcastically to himself. He spent the next few hours on the road keeping an eye out for any place he could use to hide from the rain.

A lit building with smoke coming from it's chimney came into view and he nodded to himself showing his readiness to get out from the rain. Hopefully he could find a place to rest and hopefully get a nice warm meal. The rain began to fall, He lifted his shield up over his head to block from the in coming rain. He gripped the hilt firmly with his left hand, to hold it in place. He began to jog toward the building. A small girl came into his view she was running historically through a field of crops. Hiro hastened his pace from jog to a speedy trot. The young girl collapsed face first into the dirt just A short distance away from Hiro. He dashed wildly to the girl's side. There was not wounds of any kind on her be she looked exhausted from working in the field. He sighed, trying to figure out why she would work so hard despite the pouting rain. He looked at her hand, they were reddened from working so hard, the poor young girl. He raised his shield over her to keep the rain from hitting and got a better look at the girl; she looked like she was in her late teens, maybe early twenties. Hiro lightly picked the girl up and brushed her cheek. "Hey, you have to wake up!"

The girl opened her eyes weakly, she stared up at Hiro confused and quickly thought that he was a bandit. "W-who are you? I-I have to.....Don't...Hurt the children." After finishing her sentence she passed out once again. He didn't say a word but merely picked her up and took her back to the building. From her words it sounded like there were more children inside. He walked in quietly and saw a number of children, orphans from what it looks like and it seemed that the girl was in charge of their care. He looked at the children and quickly moved to the corner fleeing from the large elder man. He rested the girl near the chimney so she could rest and looked back to the children, their eyes filled with hunger.

"Tch." He said placing his shield and spear from the doorway. He looked outside to the field and saw that there was food ready to be harvested, he assumed that was what the girl was doing. He lifted his shield once more and took and rope and fastened it making a make shift hat then walked out and pick the food from the field; He went over to the building barn after having spot it and found a small horde of farm animals. "She does all this and takes care of the children?" He thought to himself letting out a sigh. He rangled up some eggs and couple chickens having to knock them out since they were picking a fight. For whatever reason this felt natural for the warrior, as odd as it may have seemed. He shook his head from the thought of it and continued back inside after gather enough for all of them. He looked over to the exhausted girl still passed out where he left her but with a blanket over her, most likely from the children. He then looked at them, their eyes filled with amazement but still not enough for them to go over and speak with him.    

He sighed and moved around looking around until her found the kitchen. He place the food down, went to set his shield to the side by his spear then moved back to the kitchen began prepping the food. He kids peeked from the door wondering what the man was doing and watching him closely. He plucked the feathers, chopped up the meat and veggies, and he cook them in a pot and made a warm stew for the cold weather. After counting the head of the kids, he took out the pots and spoons enough for all of them and the care taker and filled each one. He looked to the kids with a stern look that made all of them stand up straight then waved his head.

Instead of screaming or running away they merely went to their dining table and being good kids ready to eat. He blinked at the kids wondering if this was how they reacted  to all strangers but he wouldn't question it for now and moved to serve them. He placed a bowl next to the caretaker and when he went to get his own there was bowls left for him and the children already craved seconds. The warrior sighed quietly and fed the orphans more til they were content. After the act of kindness, they swarmed him hugging him tightly and calling him an older brother. The man grunted slightly before smiling a bit and patting them on the top of their showing heads as a sign of affection. Then pointed to the the caretaker, "Thank her she told me to do this. It's about time for bed sleep with her." He said. The children asked if he was leaving, the man nodded yes, which made their heart sadden some and they asked if he would return. The man took a pause and sighed then he nodded yes. The children cheered and he waved them off. "Take care of her as she takes care you and be good." They all nodded and went then Hiro went to pick up his gear and made his way.  

The caretaker woke up to the smell of food and her hunger took over and ate the entire stew. She looked around as she saw the kids sleep happily around her. Curious of what had happened and remembered the large red haired bandit looking man. Was he the one that did this for her? For them? Who...Who was he?


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