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Necromaniac pt 2 (Training)

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Lestacia had been training her Necromancy in the desert, practicing the same spell the old lady had taught her while she was in Magnostadt. Lestacia dripped with sweat channeling her Magoi until then but she wanted a weaker version of the spell so that it wouldn't take up so much of the Magoi she needed to conserve to stay alive. She had attempted this type of magic however and failed miserably. She used up way to much Magoi that day anyways so it was best that she rest for now.

The Next Day Lestacia was up and about Practicing again. This time she envisioned what she wanted to happen. 'I want a skeletal hand to swipe things away for me. Keep them AWAY!' With her eyes closed and all her emotion put into it the ground rumbled and the words came to her lips. "Reveria!" Immediately the skeletal hand shot up from the ground and swiped away piles of sand that stood around her in 180 degrees. Lestacia smiled. "Woah that was cool. It has the same effect as Field of Famine but it uses MUCH less Magoi." Lestacia continued to practice her new spell, attempting to improve upon it's casting time. Sometimes nothing came and other times the Skeletal hand would sprout up like her Sapreisa spell. Lestacia Practiced the spell for days upon a time until finally she got the hang of her new spell. She was now able to call upon the singular hand as much as she wanted. She also didn't have to use dark Magoi to do so. She hated the feeling of using it, the Dark Magoi felt creepy to her and sent chills down the girls spine. Her work for today was done however so she went back to the city to wander.

Words: 302/250

Trained for:

Name: Reveria
Class: Offensive
Cool-Down:2 posts (Sustain +1)
Description: The caster of this spell lifts a hand up, and a skeltal version of said hand shoots from the ground. It then swipes everything away in a 5 meter radius as it goes 10m/s dealing D-tier damage to anything it hits.


Necromaniac pt 2 (Training) 6ouumjD

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