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Migrating somewhere (Travel/solo)

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The early morning start left a bit of an easy time when it came to travel in a the couple years of experience Kasumi had of it. She knew without the use of sight it was that much harder to safely travel and with that she seemed to be a little more cautious about it as well, using that as a means to be able to use the most of a daylights travel or more to walk from place to place. Traveling in something always made her feel uncomfortable, as the shaking and rattling of the transportations she took had always made her feel extremely awkward and unfamiliar, but walking seemed much more natural and collective for her, so it was a lot easier to do that rather than anything else. Though the idea of letting a mode of transportation safely take her to the location she had wanted to go to, it made it just as hard not really knowing where she could do as far as places. Then again, Kasumi never had ever any idea of a place in mind she had wanted to go to, just that she wanted to go somewhere she hadn't gone before. As long as she knew it wasn't, she was fine with it and should it be a place she'd been before there's always the hope to meet new people there so there's no reason why there shouldn't be too much of a problem going back and forth in places.

After a bit of time collecting a couple of things into a small backpack, Kasumi got herself dressed up and her weapons on her side. Though weatehr where she was had been a bit against her choice of clothing it had never stopped her from wearing it before and today was going to be no real different story either. A long sleeved black jacket that cut of right at her diaphragm and a white tank top underneath with a pair of black skinny jeans usually had been something for slightly cooler weather and less sunlight, but this was a more commonly worn and type of clothing that was comfortable for her to wear, so she decided more for wearing it whenever she didn't care to do much for looking different for whatever reason she may have done so. Though the only thing for the hot weather she had done was tieing her hair up into a ponytail midway up the back of her head and a bobby pin pulling her bangs to the side so she didn't have to have them bothering her constantly as she walked around places.

Despite her entire knowledge of how Heliohapt looked to her and how she could get around, somewhere a little less.. hot sounded like a much better place to start, and coming back here was something she could find herself doing sooner or later. Though it took her quite some time to travel around, she came to find that nature was a very useful clock to her in that different sounds from the forests had been from different animals and insects being awake and active. As the sounds of human voices neared her, she cautiously headed toward it and was very much so a bit nervous of the large volume of noise around her. She walked around, her hand out and using nearby -what felt to be buildings or walls guide her along until she bumped into someone and flinched for a second and tried to speak up a little through her bit of nervousness. "Excuse me, might I ask what the name of this town is? I.. k-kinda just got here and I'm a traveler so I don't really plot my own courses... hehe." The person looked her up and down and sighed, shaking their head. "This is Reim, young lady. It's a large city, so be careful not to get lost." The voice was feminine and gentle, it gave a small smile to Kasumi's face as she gave a nod and bowed to her. "I appreciate it ma'am. I'll keep that advice in mind too, thank you." She slipped on past her, headed off slowly through until she could find somewhere a little quieter in the city to relax from a long walk.



Migrating somewhere (Travel/solo) Ftoeon

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